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  1. Sorry to necro but with me planning to try and go linux exclusive again with my next build I thought I would search for this . As someone else said if it's unity based there is little to no wall for OSX and Linux other possible bugs on these platforms (which I imagine many of us would be willing to deal with and report as opposed to have to dual boot or hope WINE works).
  2. Log horizon while capturing me the first season these most recent episodes have me worried with the direction they're going.
  3. I think a great middle ground is a very long campaign. Like I mean a year and it offers a guild title for the rest of the game that changes every year.
  4. I'm ok with what you guys are saying. Most of my WoW stuff was minimizing it more than anything. But, with in depth crafting something as advanced as WoWs would be awesome for crafters I imagine.
  5. I think an awesome stretch goal would be having a UI system as flexible as WoWs. If there is one thing Blizzard got right it is that. Sorry if it's been suggested before but wasn't sure how people would describe it and UI is to short for the search function.
  6. Started at $150 decided 5 extra years of VIP would be worth an extra 65 if I liked the game so ended on the $215.
  7. It doesn't make them faster though. Your character can be just as strong as all 3 of theirs. They just have more options that are on par.
  8. The thing is 1 year after the launch it won't matter. Since it's an MMO and will hopefully last like one 5 years when some noob questions it people will simply say it means nothing now .
  9. You could be dead before the day ends too. I don't think this possibility is going to change anything though.
  10. Maybe you should be focusing on a proper diet before helping fund a game .
  11. KS had paypal originally but paypal threw a tissy and well ended that relationship. Sadly there aren't many good guaranteed ways of pulling money out of accounts that works internationally other than credit cards. Do you guys not have debit cards that can be used as credit cards?
  12. Well if you back the game is only $30 instead of 50. And, they announced VIP system before KS even started so you shouldn't be surprised.
  13. If it offered stock option I might have done it .
  14. I would imagine it's only going to be NA servers. As that's all they have guaranteed in general so far.
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