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  1. #6 on your list is inaccurate, FYI. CU will not only have seasons, but will have mechanics affected by them.
  2. Players having the ability to switch allegiance is pretty much the only GoT analogue that can be counted on here. And honestly, that's enough. You can't really make other elements meaningful in a mmo when the source content involves dedicated, specific character interaction that is based upon pages and pages of exposition. There is no way to simulate that in this medium at this point.
  3. Great stuff, Osegrim. Thank you very much for the insight.
  4. Sure, when I am in the presence of the person in question. However in a medium of pure discourse, I don't really think using others as an excuse to "vent" is a justifiable reason to sling poop. Not so much because I am a happy-go-lucky sugar-pie, but because I think it is counterproductive to meaningful discussion.
  5. The thing is, if you have a problem with someone's point, you can address that point. You don't have to insult the person. Not only is that needlessly rude, but is diminishes the quality of the discourse itself by shifting the focus from the thing being debated to the conflict between those debating it.
  6. To be fair, we are all generalizing here because that's inevitable in a medium that involves hundreds of thousands of people. THAT'S what the developer has to do as well. However, I will give you the brown-nosing reference. I just happen to be on board with them on this issue. My bad.
  7. Fair enough. What is "normal trash talk," then? Is it impersonal or can it be directly hurtful? Is the range of what that can possibly be make arbitration so problematic that it's a better idea to err on the side of decency and go from there?
  8. All you have to do is not be rude. It's not hard, especially when you have an open warning. I, for one, am happy about this policy. MMO players are generally toxic and petulant, especially when there is PvP involved. I am a fan of any effort developers take to address this directly instead of acting like the situation doesn't exist.
  9. Pros and cons. In regard to the mechanics themselves, it will probably serve very well. When you introduce how all those things are communicated through netcode and thus presented to the players... it's a new engine so we don't really know. It's a very good engine in and of itself, so there's that. Handling hundreds of players on-screen? Who knows? The strengths and weaknesses of an engine in regard to that cannot really be known until it's tested. As far as adding content goes, from what I know of U5 adding on to it should be smoother than it would be for most from-scratch engines. It doesn't lack for modification potential.
  10. I guess if it's a specialization-only thing it might be ok. My problem with pet classes is that the pets either need to be weak enough that the other aspects of the class don't have to be toned down accordingly, or they are strong enough that you have to account for the pet when balancing the other abilities of the class. They are therefore either useless or required. 'Required' is fine if it's supposed to be a pet class, but I just... well... hate pet classes. I guess I feel that assigning a portion of a character's power to a (usually) dumb mob is just boring gameplay. I (selfishly) hope Rangers are more self-sufficient than that.
  11. This is why I plan to assume everyone is an enemy. In the beginning, it will be cute, and people will assume I am just being paranoid or RPing or something. As time goes on, however, I will alienate myself from everyone I was once allied with. I will be as a ghost who speaks in nonsense and gibberish, frantically ganking stragglers in this or that Dregs Campaign, racing against myself for kills while seizing any opportunity to betray anyone and everyone in an effort to stockpile my empty shell of an EK with macabre decor. My quiet kingdom will be festooned with pastel pomp and sad, untouched instruments leaning against lonely walls, and I will sit there in the self-imposed solitude of my silent sanctum with an empty wine glass in my hand whilst reveling in the complete and total invulnerability to betrayal I have so cunningly cultivated. Can't wait. Good times.
  12. Losing is all part of the fun. It's not exciting if you never do. In this scenario, however, I would think that the nature of the prolonged Campaign would probably give rise to some allegiance and power shifts that might not happen in more traditional game types. I think we might see a lot more allegiance-shifting as time goes on, and deals being made between rival underdogs to unite against dominant teams/guilds. They are really sort of encouraging it, seemingly, which is perfectly in line with the "throne war" approach. I plan to form ties with players whose play styles I respect, and if that means being a bit... fluid whilst finding them, so be it. Got no time for turd-polishing.
  13. Ranger: If there is a specialization that is more melee-based, this seems like a cool archetype to use as a versatile survivalist/skirmisher. Duelist: I just love the idea of duelists. I like getting stabby, and I like sabotage. Hopefully there is a dps-focused option. Druid: I always have a support alt, and Druids seem like "it." Hopefull there is a CC-based specialization.
  14. Excited about: The possibilities for Campaign World variety. I really like the ideas going on here and think the Campaign Worlds could be very exciting if the variety is such that Worlds offer truly dynamic gameplay in regard to resource control, territorial advantage, and coordination of players based upon the Hunger and its effects on the map. Concerned about: Eternal Kingdoms. Right now, they sort of just sound meaningless aside from being a really in-depth, glorified player housing system. I am not seeing "the point" mechanically, but I am giving the benefit of the doubt and assuming that forthcoming info will alleviate said concerns.
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