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  1. But if I'm hitting 120 experimentation with gear and stats, wouldn't the stat hands be the better choice to try and eke out more exp points, especially if it doubles as your profession's exp success chance stat?
  2. Assuming it's not a UI bug, this definitely wasn't crafted, because Craft discs don't have corresponding soul drops. Found one myself.
  3. The real question is how much benefit would I get using Maestro VS Lich/Brawler for the experimentation point boost.
  4. If the changes end up being that significant, and they retain the testing servers, it seems like that would a good time to have such potions reimplemented IMO.
  5. It is possible to avoid taking essence damage as an arch druid if you have Barkskin active. Friendly allies who are down pending rez/release also absorb health orbs despite the fact they are dead thus wasting them.
  6. @Pann Would you be able to check into this for us? Maybe they can reintroduce the potions to the test server? There are a few things I really want to look into but simply cannot without a means of freely adding or removing passive points on the test server.
  7. Bug or legit? Found it in a shop for cheap, any reason this would happen? Has no indicator of anyone having crafted it so... yeah.
  8. Grave goods were apparently intended to be sacrifice items, so we'll see more use from them soon, but definitely there should be hearts, lungs, and eyes in the loot table. They could really expand on it and each grave at each site could get a chance to spawn a class's grave available to that race type, so you could find a Champion human grave, or a Templar monster grave, and guarantee an additive or two catering to that class, or even a grave of a peasant or grave of a craftsman to get other non-combat additives.
  9. I somehow "used" a raw milk without using it, getting the debuff and I thiiiink the extra food. I was at an outpost campfire and put the milk into the Pasteurized Milk recipe then removed it and suddenly I had the Queasy debuff, I never used any of the raw milk (had 6, still had six after suddenly debuff).
  10. Still have desiccated body parts, and you still get additives. I'm not aware of any other harvest profession that has to rely on a non-harvest activity to get its primary and secondary materials.
  11. First, Gravedigging doesn't get critical harvest amount in the passive tree. Second, graves do not provide eyes, lungs, or hearts. Intended or bug?
  12. Didn't the test servers used to have vendor or recipe potions to buff crafting and the like for purpose of testing? Or am I missing something? They don't seem to be there. I want to confirm a few things and I kinda can't like this.
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