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  1. Given Crowfall is action combat, it would effectively be impossible to multibox actively, but the unfair advantage multiboxing gives in Crowfall is through the passive training system and embargo system. You could have every possible crafting and harvesting need covered this way with one "account" as your main focusing Combat, get around Import/Export and bank restrictions, and unfairly give yourself a level of self sufficiency. I think there are a variety of things they could implement to help track for potential multibox abuse. It may not always be worth the resources, but I'm sure they could track IPs for example quite easily, as well as who trades with who, log in/out events, what accounts show what kind of activity (such as, do they only ever seem to be on more than a minute of passive allocation and only harvest/craft?), and so on that could together point to multiboxing versus merely multiple people on the same internet connection. I'm sure they could find out who is doing it if they wanted to and the resources for it.
  2. For at least the "softcore" campaigns, allow use of B so long as you are on Temple grounds or within range of a safe friendly fort/keep. If you are not in "zone" of a friendly keep or fort, or it is vulnerable, you must use the chest. The reason I think B should stay, at least in a setting such as I suggested, is for QOL. Thoughts? Also, while in Temple only (not in the entire Temple map, the Temple specifically) turn off the chicken ticker. This is another QOL request and I think a reasonable one.
  3. It feels like to me that minor disciplines are just overshadowed period by more valuable Majors that give better passives. What should probably happen is that Minors give you a small base line effect while equipped with an option to slot them as a passive for a bigger effect. Maybe Furious as an example would give you 10% while slotted, but as a passive it becomes 20%? This and/or a minor only passive slot could potentially be an idea. Many of them do have value, but not enough to slot compared to others.
  4. There are certainly ways to implement it all. I, for one, hope it winds up thematic to each class that has a tank spec, because regardless it definitely feels like they could use a means of making consistent value out of their survivability mechanics. Enemies would want to fight you, making a strategic choice to deal with you (at least enough to counter certain tank mechanics). But, they also need to be as active as possible, or at least not innately passive (as in, always on like an aura), with as few additional active powers as possible depending on implementation. There are still a lot of FX in this game that aren't fully implemented (not a clue what hits me and CCs me 99% of the time cuz the FX are just that limited) so it wouldn't be that hard I imagine for them to implement clear F/UX. They could also make various debuff and buff categories more distinct as they continue to iterate UI. If, say, purple debuffs were due to a tank effect you'd know you were under one of their effects, and then game knowledge will help fill in the rest on how best to handle it. Some of it can be baked into basic attacks, such as, perhaps, generating a stacking slow and AP debuff on an enemy actively causing damage (so you can't "tank" a healer who only or mostly heals) until they've attacked you with hard CC or a full combo chain (this implementation would help give some extra value to Spirit Whip for example). Alternative bake ins could be a stacking AP buff for yourself the more you damage an enemy that isn't damaging you. Kick Sand on Pit Fighters could blind the enemy to everyone except the pit fighter and last a couple seconds longer; they could get really creative! And, as already mentioned, Guard style skills could still work well (and probably be a discipline). Maybe it would work that you'd target cast Guard on a friendly player and that skill refreshes its buff time after taking in so much damage and if you stay within range consistently, and the effect is half the damage they take is instead passed to you and your improved mitigation. Other mechanics could involve using certain skills such as your ultimate (in Pit Fighter's case, the self heal Q) that could apply a debuff to nearby enemies on cast lowering their attack power against anyone not you until they damage you enough or escape the radius. In large scale PVP, these various buffs and bonuses and the like would have significantly less impact, but the scale itself would lend towards value to our survivability because we lead the charge and become the target by default. But, in smaller scale, we'd have a consistent means to make good use of our survivability and not feel like we're just a very very thick wet noodle.
  5. "Respectable contribution to most scenarios" is basically what I am getting at. To help clarify I'm also definitely of the opinion that every class should bring value to every scale of PVP, though not necessarily every PVP situation. A templar can't bring much value against a bunch of kiters any more than a confessor can bring much value against melee divers and that is the balance of the base classes. But if a templar prestige or confessor prestige can't bring the same consistency of value in scale as other prestige, that could be a problem. A balance of roles on your side is always ideal, but won't always happen, that's part of the fun of it. Not enough ranged support could leave you overwhelmed to kiters. Too little front line means you're overwhelmed by melee. That's all well and good. The point is, every class should bring value to every scale and that's where it feels like thus far that tank specs feel lacking whereas others seem to have more consistent value. Granted, I still have a lot to learn to get better at the game in general, and I definitely am getting better, and I am definitely bringing more value as a player the more I play, but it still feels like I cannot fulfill my tank role unless there're enough bodies and chaos of battle that I simply need to present myself as a target. In those instances, yes, I see the value. If the enemy learns I can be ignored, though, I'm not fulfilling a role, which makes me wonder what tanks like Pit Fighter are actually meant for. If you have actual suggestions, give them rather than continuing this pretentious "L2P" perhaps? I'd love some further confirmation from them, then. Do they feel like tanks can play a consistent role? Because that is what I am arguing for and seeking feedback or advice on: Consistency. If the Alpha Warrior and Barbarian specs are consistent at all scales of PvP but the Pit Fighter is not, how much of that is actually intended? All three can engage, all three can do some level of damage and CC, but the AW can always cause damage and the Barbarian CC when they're Can the same be said of the Pit Fighter? Also, scale does NOT equal situation. No Champion is going to be useful if they don't have the support to get into melee and stay there or break up the middle/back lines. No ranged spec prestige will be useful against lock down divers if they lack a front line or their kite is countered by chasers. Situations are one thing and are in no way what I am having issue with. It is scale. If I can't make use of my survivability consistently across scale I'm not bringing nearly the level of value AW or Barb would in the same situations, and that should absolutely be seen as a problem of balance. It strikes me that the clear intent for the tank prestiges is to soak damage. They need a consistent means to do so or they are simply underpowered. Would anyone actually saying this please actually offer advice then!? Cripes, people... you give this minotaur a serious disappoint ]:8\
  6. Either we're talking about two different things or we've gotten entirely different interpretations of Todd's spiel. The point I am making, and the thought process I'm coming from, is that every class should have value in every scale of PVP. Their core value should always have a positive impact, a role to fill. That's what I am getting at. If the Templar isn't good at chase, they must rely on others for lock down which is acceptable in a game like this, and they can punish if allowed to stay glued. Alternatively, they can protect back lines or punish divers if they lack mobility. I do not know what Templar has as a tank spec, so if they have one (as in, skills and talents built towards self sustain) I would hope they bring something valuable that is consistent in value. If they do not (or the Templar in general underperforms) then that needs improving. That is all I am saying. Every class and prestige should have consistent value in all scales of PvP. That is what I am really getting it. It's one thing to be in a bad spot if you or your group is getting out kited because you lack chase, dive, or lockdown or are simply on a class that is not good at chase or dive against an opponent that can exploit that weakness. That is NOT what I am saying I have a problem with. What I have a problem with is that DPS/heal/cc utility has consistent value at all scales of PVP while the tank kinda does not because they lack a means of making value out of their survivability outside of the largest scales. The tank's general purpose is survivability. If they can't bring consistent value to that, then there is a problem with their design. I'm not sure what ACE's current thoughts are on what role a tank should play because in their current state they don't seem to bring consistent value. But, one thing is for sure, there is room in the game's design to have a "tank" role and there have been many implementations of tanking in PVP of various levels of success. Crowfall completely lacks them at this time. This really points towards tanks lacking a purpose. Their survivability is where their value lies. If they can't consistently apply that value, they are underpowered, because any other build can bring more CC or more damage. Ideally, they should get mechanics that allow them to punish enemies that focus their team too hard or ignore them too long because right now a tank effectively can be ignored. Ignore DPS, they burn you down. Ignore healer, you can't kill. Ignore CC utility, you get peeled. Ignore tank... shrug? Am I making sense or are we still talking past each other?
  7. I clearly stated my take away from what Todd was saying. The question you time stamped suggested to me that they want players to have roles they are good at and simply not being as good in other situations, but in no way does it sound like he's trying to suggest that your role means you're only ever good in that one roll. DPS is useful everywhere. Peel/utility is useful everywhere. Healing is useful everywhere. Tanking is useful... just in sieges? The example he gave even suggested more of a one-on-one situation. There is a problem with the design of the tank if they can't make their survivability consistently valuable. Every other class build/archetype is valuable in every situation and if tanks aren't then that needs to be addressed. That is what I'm asking for feedback. They obviously do not intend for builds to be good only at single situations and I doubt their intention of multiple slots is for people to swap characters just for specific roles (more likely it's because, like every other MMO, people like playing alts and seeing what they like). Sure, you can have a set of characters all meant for a specific activity, but most players will stick to their "main". I think you're reading too much into the semantics of the chosen word. There needs to be reason for players to want to attack tank specs in PvP at all scales, otherwise they are a broken class that has only situational value rather than consistent value. As you put it, players should be "strongly encouraged" to attack tanks and have a strategic choice in ignoring that encouragement just as there's a strategic choice to ignore that ranger or confessor nuking you from afar or ignore the healer keeping a squishie alive. Lots of great ideas to pull from other games already listed here. I was a big fan of how SW:ToR handled it as well. IIRC taunting causing a damage debuff unless fighting the tank, plus there was a guard buff that shared damage between that character and the tank if the guarded player was attacked.
  8. I don't think they're trying to differentiate roles in this, I think they're trying to differentiate what a character builds for as their base class. If your class build is mostly AoE utility, a class build focused on single target damage will outclass you in a one on one, but your utility will have value in small and large groups both. My experience thus far with a tank build is that I'm not really a tank, I just take a while to die after everyone else is killed because they pose a threat that I simply do not. A tank drums up images of taking the brunt of your enemy's attacks, so in PvE they hold mob aggro. However, in PvP a player can simply ignore the tank. That's why in PvP a tank needs mechanics and a natural game play loop that allows them to force that focus. Crowfall currently feels as if it is lacking that. Every single class spec should bring value (damage, utility, healing, or protection) in all situations. Yes, tanks shine in sieges, but if they aren't effective anywhere else then there is a problem with their inherent design. I'm pretty sure they intend for balance in this game to mean that your class has value in all situations, but they have a certain situation they are best at in every case. Coleman seems to be inferring that rather heavily. If a class is only good in a specific situation, then there is a problem with that class's design, and being good at only one thing should come from discipline specialization rather than the base class and a chosen prestige.
  9. 1. All movement skills inflict damage and effects at the end of their animation. It's very easy to slide past a player. This is made even worse given the current stability of the camera with how often and randomly it "snaps" where nudging the mouse a millimeter suddenly turns your camera around a full 180 in one frame. They are difficult to aim reliably in the current state of the game because of this, rather than having the benefit of actual "activation" on actual impact. 2. Since focusing a healer is an important strategy, a lot of my current experiences involved having little else I feel I can reliably do to make important plays. Given the game's design, yes, a dedicated healer spec should be able to solo outheal a single DPS reliably, so it's understandable I am worse off not being one, but that further lends to the problem. Even if I could reliably hit my soft and hard CC with consistency, it's only so impactful against a single person, and if there are multiple targets to peel (which is common in skirmish and small scale) I feel that much less valuable given how counterable CC is with how good chase skills are, the state of Retaliate, and the high cooldowns on control abilities. Since I am not focused as a tank given there's no value in focusing me, my survivability is made meaningless. Since peeling provides value, I'm better off going the CC class route to peel or the DPS route in hopes I hit too hard for them to want to continue to commit. This is where I want advice and feedback. To be blunt, your attitude and response to me are not either of those things. If a tank's job isn't attacking the healer, but the CC prestige class peels better, what IS a tank's job other than collecting dust between sieges where the survivability actually has value? 3. It's true that practice makes perfect and I fully respect my current noobishness (folks I'm playing with are just as green despite us being good PvPers generally, so no disagreement on learning the game). I've only really just started playing Crowfall seriously (as previous iterations just felt far too clunky, and at the time I wanted to play myrmidon which was garbage given its resource management issues). But, that's the whole damn point of this thread. You again aren't actually answering my queries or offering help. Champion does not have a KD ability at all other than Neckbreaker if you're building a Pit Fighter tank. If you're referring to the Barbarian focused Warrior skill and I have to use that to feel useful as a tank (as opposed to, you know, the one designed for Pit Fighter) then that is a problem. At that point, I'd just play Barbarian, but apparently CC is not in a good spot because Retaliate is so good, so I'd just play Alpha Warrior. At either point, I am not playing a tank. Either offer real help, offer real feedback, or kindly find another thread.
  10. I can get some low AoE damage and a low damage stun out of one I've tried but I feel like I'd give up a lot not taking a retaliate buffing disc for other possible damage buffs/skills (and the hotbar only has so much room). Meanwhile, the healer outheals my efforts anyway no matter how on point my blind from combo or slow to suppress combo is (of which the cooldowns mean I can't keep much control going at all). But, spammable KD? What? Where? It seems well worth keeping Neckbreaker for smaller scale given the ease of targeting healers and squish DPS and avoiding tanks, sure, but what spammable KD? Also, minotaur rush is clunk as custard to use even in ideal conditions as all offensive/utility movement skills are, especially so in close quarters (this and all melee made all the worse with the camera spin issues and their current hit detection system). If you have advice, try giving it rather than a condescending L2P, eh? For sure, I hope they bake in a few things for tanks so there's value in targeting them rather than ignoring them completely, either that or we need more reliable peel or other utility.
  11. So far, after finally having a chance to give Crowfall some proper play time, I'm trying to figure out the best fit for tanks. Having done a lot of skirmishing, small-to-medium group forts, and a couple sieges my Pit Fighter feels great in siege but near worthless elsewhere. People tend to focus healers hard and my Q feels worthless a lot of the time in smaller group PVP--so I can always use Neckbreaker outside of Siege--but the fact still remains that I feel like I lack utility. If the enemy also has a healer, I can't seem to generate value outside of Siege. I've also got a Battle Rager but only did some 1v1 and small group fights in an EK. I'd need more time to experiment and learn him (if I bother, thematically I prefer a 2h mace tank) and he plays quite differently, but I only have moderately more utility (that is, more consistent value utility) with the net pull. He similarly feels unfulfilling. The survivability is up there for both when played right, so it's not that I have an issue there, but it does feel like I cannot "tank" very well. With an apparent lack of taunt and protective abilities for me to make good and consistent use of my survivability, I feel really lacking outside of sieges where it can shine to initiate a push, cause panic, and actually draw fire. What are everyone else's thoughts? I'm aware that the consensus seems to be that the CC classes are in a similar boat given how strong Retaliate can be. I want to be able to skirmish with my pit fighter (granted the group I am in right now isn't the best comp for synergy but still) rather than need him for siege and an Alpha Warrior everywhere else. Is there a good discipline I can take to get me the damage and utility for skirmishes and small scale?
  12. Feels about right to me, blazzen. Too many crashes in earlier alphas for me to get much of a feel, tried again over the weekend, Myrm still feels as gimp as it did then. I can appreciate the game is about group play but I feel like I can't do anything effectively at all with Myrm thanks to chronic (lack of) anger issues
  13. I feel like I am instantly out of fury. I can't use any skills, can't even basic attack because that spends fury. Am I missing something? I do one combo skill, use bull rush, use pulverize, any single one of these things aaaaaand I can't use any other skills, just completely out of fury. I'm finding it extremely clunky and frustrating, makes no sense that basic attacks at the very least don't spend fury. If I have to rely on being damaged that doesn't fix the issue that I feel gimp if I'm not taking "enough" damage.
  14. I dunno, there's the no risk facerolling the keyboard today but back then you could do everything right and still crash and burn because of a hogwash respawn, aggro range, or because the game's RNG decided "No, not today" as the enemy evades every crucial attack. And besides, think about it, the end game is where people play the most, and WoW in any iteration has never had a very engaging leveling process.
  15. lol I remember being a pretty damn good warrior in PVP. There was Rock-Paper-Scissors back then, and also Mushroom, which everyone could beat. Warriors were rock and I was a damn good rock. Mace spec with Malowne's Slam was some epic arms/fury stun locking hogwash, especially if I'd crit on the charge or intercept auto attack so I could follow up immediately with a mortal strike or whatever it was called and that would crit, stun, another auto, stun, and then execute for kill. Malowne's stun proc also buffed my strength so I'd hit like a truck after. Tauren racial stun for the extra interrupt if I needed it, hah, I was such a prick, shame my server had like 5 healers on Horde at level 60, like, at all. 3 to 1 A to H ratio on vanilla Earthen Ring. When the Honor System came out I knew what it felt like to be an NPC endlessly farmed (you HAD to mute attack messages), and holy CRAP were Alliance TERRIBLE. One fight in particular I recall, friggen raid geared dwarf paladin got stomped by blue geared undead rogue, was pretty sad. While you may find its PVP better in ways compared to modern WoW (can only speak from Warrior perspective), trust me, while challenge took a nose dive the rose-tint everyone has for its PVE is covering a system that felt deeply flawed. Having to slowly crawl one mob at a time was a slog, ANY extra mobs, dead 90% of the time.
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