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  1. Gimme some time baby and I can find a good one showing what it's like for us to fight WHoA
  2. Not sure if this is just the UI or if this actually is occurring on the back end, as well, BUT... At maximum crafting and spec seal craft gear, you can readily hit max cap of 120 with Techniques minor disc. If you unequip the Techniques, it reduces to 100, but if you reslot Techniques after that it appears to ignore your spec seal gear. You have to unequip and reequip one of your armor pieces in order to fix it back to 120.
  3. All in good time. The 5.110 update is slated to be huge so I'd fully expect some fixes to your concerns to come with it or soon after. It'll effectively bring the game into Alpha status and then they can focus hardcore on bug fixes, QoL, optimization, and balance.
  4. The numbers on the other factions (mostly Chaos) have been ridiculous this campaign. More people should join Eldritch on Order to even things out. As soon as we can match 1 to every 3 of them I think we'll be good *sagely nod*
  5. Deioth


    If you guys change anything while we're waiting on Dregs... please remove the ability for Ballistae to shoot inside the keep, or at least the tree room, because it is obnoxious how much of an I Win button they can become. Their freedom of aim with the AoE damage they put out simply makes them too powerful, as well as the ability for attackers to build them offensively. They need to be defensive only and should not be able to hit tree rooms.
  6. I mean, the Centaur were called Legionnaires up until they split race-class locking, and their lore and culture are Roman inspired, too. I'd be shocked if a guild called "Rome" doesn't end up fielding mostly Centaurs hah. Feel free to say hello to Eldritch. If you're a brand new guild and new players, we and Spectre Legion will be happy to help introduce you to Crowfall. Nice to see Player 3 finally get some more attention. We should have an active discord invite link in our guild post here if you care to say hi.
  7. Definitely a lot of directions they can take minors and passive slots in general. They can offer something baseline with more bonus when slotted, they can expand slots available dramatically and mix and match perks and drawbacks or creative restrictions, such as having three "offense" flagged might reduce your armor caps and three "defensive" flagged reduce AP/SP, but a good mix has no drawbacks, and more. Personally, I think they should give everyone a Major/Class only passive slot with the three existing general slots (so everyone gets effectively 4), introduce a minor exploration discipline slot, and something like a perk/benefit system for overfilling a certain kind of passive (offense, defense, utility, support). I'd also love to see them give everyone an extra hotbar button, but shrug. I certainly would like to see weapon disciplines be a thing, however. I'd be very hard pressed not to run a two handed mace myrmidon.
  8. Is this a bug or intentional? Has anyone else come across ANY kings in Infected or the last three or so Campaigns? There has been a serious king glut.
  9. In my suggestion thread regarding the new guild experience, I pointed out two key problems. One was Crafting, partially exacerbated by harvesting, needing to be maxed out to make anything useful. If players could actually transition into stop-gap gear with only minimal to moderate skill investment rather than needing maxed crafting and blue+ materials to make anything worth the time and material cost, this would go a long way towards improving an overall sense of progression. But, the passive tree itself is a massive detriment as it currently stands. One idea I proposed is similar, by including an active method to skill point gain players will feel more incentive to play. The idea, of course, would be to even it out such that all activities feel equally rewarding. Ultimately, no system we can come up with to fit the game's vision is likely to be free of means of exploit, but that can be tweaked and adjusted with data. We need player retention right now and a big reason why new players don't stick around is because they're not given an incentive to play. Like it or not, people want a grind, even if they claim they do not, when it comes to RPGs and MMOs. Unless they decided to just make this game Fantasy Planetfall, we're going to have a grind. For people who just want to become known as great harvesters or crafters, they need a reason and incentive to play as their skills go up, and right now they don't. Players that engage in victory condition activities, war tribes, PvP, harvesting, and crafting, all the various activities of the game, they should be able to generate additional skill points to their currently active trees. I think ideally the way to do this would be to eventually cap out per day and the most active contribution methods get to that cap faster, which would be risky PvP activities. It could even bring in diminishing returns. Maybe every capture point is worth, for sake of example, 5 extra passive training points. But, if you end up only capping all day, it eventually diminishes significantly to as low as 1 point. Engaging in other activities, or engaging in a balance of activities, will keep the diminishing returns at bay. Those who might try to skirt it with "safe" options like war tribes would then be at risk of PVP because they would become more active in PVP as players fight for mobs or come to fight the "safe" grinders, and harvesting would be another "safe" option to create emergent PVP gameplay. Crafting would probably have the most immediate reward, but feature the strongest diminishing returns and be based on rarity of things created (balancing around particular crafts, too, as some would tend to make far more things more often like Runecraft or Alehcmy). But, with a system like this players would be able to engage in the whole game and feel rewarded for it. The most significant problem with a purely passive training system is that it isn't engaging and players need to feel like their engagement results in progression. Fix that, and we'll have a much stronger and more rewarding experience for new players.
  10. When you make it, though, it feels so good. It's just a damn cliff. Hopefully you stick it out, the game needs players. I certainly hope they're willing to pull a couple folks to revamp the passive tree and get an active system in to supplement things for us to test for a while before Dregs hits. It'd really help.
  11. If you've not read my NPE post in the suggestions forum, you'd do well to. You'll understand my perspective because as things stand progression hardly exists. To summarize, the current state of crafting and the passive tree in general makes it effectively impossible to feel a sense of progression whatsoever. Being so time gated and lacking an active means to influence passive skill training is a significant detriment to a sense of progression. The crafting system as it currently stands effectively requires maxed out trees and blue mats at minimum to make gear that's even worth the dust. These two issues coupled together rather effectively destroys any sense of progression. I won't go into detail regarding the economy and player trading and the like here, so suffice it to say, this game is currently a massive cliff rather than merely an uphill climb. New players are severely time gated by their capacity to harvest rare mats and craft at maximum possible experimentation points (which means crafting vessels and crafting armor). From the perspective of a passive tree wipe, introducing an active system to supplement it and help give players that sense of progression (obviously nothing so fast as approaching leveling a white vessel) would be a huge boon to new player retention and a sense of achievable goals for new players. Coupled with a revamp to crafting--such that white and green materials are worth using and experimentation points are heavily front loaded--that allows low and mid level crafters to make stop-gap progression gear on their way to master crafted blues and better is something that needs to be worked, implemented, and tested ASAP.
  12. Apparently, they have not, because Order has become something of a mad scientist theorycrafting faction and we keep finding poorly made socks they say no one submitted before. I specify exactly what I mean by active system in my post. Performing various activities nets additional training points for the passive tree. This would be huge to help give players incentive to play, especially new players and the harvest/craft focused players so they don't feel quite so time gated. Knowing they can play the game to progress would be a huge improvement. Darksun with no chill, as is tradition. This is a great day for Canada and, therefor, the world.
  13. The only way I'd support a wipe at this time prior to Dregs is if the following occurs: We get a crafting/harvesting overhaul to vastly improve viability of low/mid tier training and test stop-gap mechanics for crafted gear. As things are now, the only way to get worthwhile gear from a crafting perspective is having the entire tree at max and at minimum blue mats. While harvesting isn't nearly as bad it's still significant how much a difference finishing a line in Excavation/Reaping can make, let alone specializations. Passive training gets a catch-up mechanic to test, along with ideally some manner of additional active mechanic. Players should feel like actually playing the game advances them somehow, and an active system that gives additional points to allocate simply by engaging in Leaderboard, harvest, or wartribe activities (and maybe sacrificing, as well) would go a long way to help retain new players as they can participate more actively in the game and feel like they're progressing. Mechanics to reduce the pain of leveling crafted vessels, such as sacrificing an existing vessel and allowing experience to bleed over to the next experience bar when sacrificing. This all would be very well worth testing and we need something good to test out between now and the Dregs. We've tested about as far as we can, so unless ACE plans on restricting the mid October-November campaign by not allowing Alpha Warriors, Archers, or Crusaders to join it for sake of testing other classes/specs for bugs we're kind of dead in the water with a demotivated player base uninterested in any more Uncle WHoA Bob and their heavy meta focus.
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