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  1. I feel like the mini keeps are supposed to fulfill this role as intended to be claimed by guilds fielding <10-15 players at peak, the medium keeps 15-30 and the larger keeps more than that (or something to that effect, at least at current population numbers). If there were disincentives for larger guilds (some algorithm to base it off players in campaign weighted more than players in guild total) to go after smaller keeps (and maybe even we get small and large forts, too, for similar purposes) that could help. The ideal situation in Dregs would be only a handful of large keeps, a healthy
  2. The bare minimum they need to implement for now is a bare bones system that declares guilds allied for that campaign without any scoring changes. How scoring gets handled and other related rules and mechanics can be tested and even have different rulesets for how alliances work over time, and the first thing they should probably have are guild victory conditions and alliance victory conditions, probably have an Alliance specific set of Glory Cards. Heck, with rulesets, have it so Shadow is for Alliance victories and Dregs is for Guild victories, but you can still have allies in Dregs for sak
  3. Deioth


    There is a crap ton of optimization they still need to figure out, sadly. Playing with culling settings and shadows as well as disabling motion blur seems to do the most for FPS boosts for me, and there are tons of instances in which higher than Medium will just be massive FPS drops in certain areas and camera angles. It's pretty annoying considering I am on a system that can handily max Witcher 3 or Mordhau at 2K and still clear 60FPS without even trying and yet I am consistently 25 FPS in temple. Hell, while I've not played it since getting my 2K monitor, I was pulling well above 60FPS 10
  4. For classes with a Block RMB, holding shift and then tapping Block should trigger their dodge/move skill. For classes with only a dodge RMB, consider hold shift+hold RMB to trigger the lunge at the expense of a dodge pip.
  5. Personally, I'd have sooner preferred right click to be a real iFrame that costs stamina, put retaliate on a short cooldown and remove its link to stamina, make a pass on the Resolve system so CC immunity makes more sense, and make a pass on CC balance in general (roots in particular are way too low risk for way too much reward atm, they simply last too long). Make it so the length of time of each CC greatly diminishes by the 3rd time the same CC is used on you, let the resolve bar fill in a recognizable way, make it fill faster from knockdown and stun, a full resolve bar means full immunity
  6. Removing war tribe won't fix the problem and will only reintroduce another problem war tribe was fixing in the first place. The issues facing crafting and the ability to make good even great white and green gear has remained the issue from the start. While tweaks to the crafting disciplines will help to a point, time investment still needs to matter, but the crafting trees themselves coupled with basically everything surrounding how crafting and experimentation works atm is all contributing heavily to a system great on paper but failing in practice. There needs to be a multi system approach
  7. Is it somehow not coming through? I editted the OP, spoiler hid the first write up, and wrote out the better one.
  8. Went ahead and reorganized the OP and cleaned up the idea to make it more succinct and understandable.
  9. Hence why a simple ruleset change that can lock out or dynamically cap stats or reduce chances of higher rarities would probably be the ideal choice. They could even reduce node armor with this sort of thing so for the first couple months after launch they can make it easier to harvest R8+ with novice passive trees. Since they are going to have rulesets anyways for each CW that can differ from the base operations of 3-faction and GvG (Shadow and Dregs) this could give them a lot of power to experiment and control variables from a simple bird's eye view rather than needing to go in and manual
  10. Something tells me things may have been tweaked since then, a lot of versions have come and gone since that post.
  11. Your proposal would require reworking a lot of math and passives. The higher your stats, such as from passives, the more you can get and the more likely you'll get higher rarity. Ideally, a ruleset check would be easy to implement by comparison where it simply restricts rarity based on what world you're logged into. This way, players know what to expect, and then they can more easily balance out how much of a difference lots of passive training and gear should make for each rank in campaign worlds. Such mechanics for the whole ruleset feature honestly needs to happen anyway since they coul
  12. Something should be done (hopefully 5.115 if it can't be done sooner) to address the nagging concern that even though GR is restricted to the rare R4, Infected is at risk of becoming the new "safe" option for harvesting. Given how all the calculations and everything behind the scenes plays out, you can feasibly harvest epic and legendary at high enough training/stats/gear even from R6/7. Either the node ranking system needs a pass or there need to be ruleset restrictions on a world basis. That way Infected can hit R7 but you can only harvest up to green. While it is less of an issue now, i
  13. Just keep it manual and improve the interface interaction of it all. It is finding the three pixels on the body to open the damn loot window in the first place that is annoying. There are certain "convenience" aspects we've taken for granted in far too many games that are intentionally not in CF to ensure for a certain kind of gameplay. The removal of ninja looting on GR is all we needed in that respect. What they COULD maybe do is have a type of area looting, just for PvE, that consolidates each nearby mob (say within 10 meters of the one clicked on) into a single loot window, that wo
  14. Each song should have value in and out of combat. Song twisting should increase the potential of each song twisted in (giving value to using all four) rather than the last one cast. Recasting only one song after being CC'd should retain the twist and keep all active songs going or some other comparable mechanic so one CC doesn't completely break your toggles (Toggle recasting is incredibly unfun). A couple tweaks around the passives may help along perhaps with one that gives even further bonuses when using Troubadour at the same timel. They have their value and have their place, but they d
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