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  1. GR mats and drops should be limited to R5 equivalent, Infected R7 equivalent, and that would fix plenty of the issues related to the safety of either. Infected definitely needs to keep graveyards and should probably have Chaos Embers drop there, but that's open to debate. Embers probably should be campaign only, but Infected also feels rather slapped together in its current iteration.
  2. The ease of leveling in this game asking for only a couple hours of white vessel grinding will be made even easier as they further improve and streamline the leveling process and you gather artifacts/binds for sacrifice for future characters and crafted vessels. Its all part of the NPE and making sure it is clean and approachable (prior to God's Reach and Wartribes and the level/talent system it was atrocious).
  4. Deioth


    Off the top of my head, some good options for VIP might be... 1. EK cosmetics and "VIP included" aspects of EKs that must be purchased ala carte otherwise (larger parcel max for example) 2. Monthly real money shop currency bonus with VIP only sales, deals, and even freebies. 3. Veteran rewards. Free players could have these, too, but VIP would unlock additional rewards. Like, a 3 month reward might give you 5 extra Vault slots, but if you're VIP you get 6, a 6 month reward might be a cosmetic helm but being VIP gives you the whole set. 4. Extra inventory space, one row (maybe two?). In a full inventory loot PvP game, this comes with risk. The convenience factor is you take 5-15 minutes recall and walk back a bit less often. This may allow players to also mule a bit more, but they won't be able to import/export more, and with guild banks eventually happening I see this as a relatively minor thing. Pay for convenience for the small stuff is a reasonable compromise. 5. Faster vessel leveling. With the pending improvements (sacrificing a vessel to gain xp in one, overflowing xp gains to next level from sacrifices) and the ease of leveling we already have this would be a very appropriate convenience feature to VIP given this game isn't won by out-leveling (or even to a point out-gearing) your enemy but out-playing them with comp, game knowledge, and smart calls. 6. Increased character slots where the default is, like, two. More can be purchased 7. Higher passive training cap. If non-VIP get, say 3 or 5 days worth of daily points before capping, VIP could be 30 days. Alternatively, or in addition, auto-training where I can decide what gets points and at what point I want it to allocate points to another passive. If I know I intend to go straight through to a particular node and max each one on the path, I can just set auto-training. 8. Campaign hopping. VIP can freely move vessels and their equipped gear between a "Main" campaign, Eternal Kingdoms, God's Reach, and "Alt" campaigns. They cannot equip or unequip anything while on anything other their Main campaign, but they can now freely move between worlds. Inventory would have to be banked first. This avoids exploitation of "free" imports and exports or exploiting overflow. 9. VIP players, up to, say, 50 in total, take up reserved VIP slots, allowing VIP to expand max guild size. Basically, your first 50 VIP players would be "free" player slots from the perspective of the guild itself. 10. VIP only merchant stall slots in temples and free cities. This would NOT replace existing slots, there would simply be extra slots only a VIP player can utilize. This would expand market places while also ensuring VIP have a few extra opportunities to make a stall so it would be a win-win. They should be interspersed or be their own section that isn't given special treatment to convenience of location, but they would be more clearly marked. Upkeep could also be cheaper for VIP (gold is easy enough to grind out I doubt this would matter much) or similar convenience factors. 11. Priority access at times of population cap outs. 12. VIP Only cosmetics simply from being VIP.
  5. I can't imagine why even the Frostweaver would have to remain locked behind some kind of marketing wall. I feel like we're owed at least that much after a rather wanting Q&A. The backers are the ones who want to see the final class. A single class isn't going to wow the masses the marketing would reach, the feature set will.
  6. We desperately need some real, material example of progress that isn't just (a certainly time consuming in its own right, but not major feature set) screenshots of UI and traits and talent/passive tree changes. Can we at least get a gameplay video of the Frostweaver, or a break down walkthrough of a caravan and barracks build up or something? I feel like the January Q&A left a lot to be desired and we could use some boosts of confidence and set expectations. Hell, even some information on just how stable the engine and optimization has gotten (all the new stuff notwithstanding) would be nice. Even 1v1 the camera sputtering is simply unacceptable.
  7. They seriously need to reveal some stuff. There honestly is some doubt growing about where things stand right now and it is killing interest even more than the pending wipe.
  8. If even a 10th of their pending invites become consistent players, both Dregs and Faction will be busy. I imagine plenty of people will start in faction, in fact, and it certainly will be a good place to go for newer players, newer guilds, and solo players.
  9. I'm sure they'll introduce something to tag ownership in the future, but only for same faction. Lacking a means to punish ninja looters you can't kill to take the stuff back isn't very enjoyable, but at least there's very little out there legitimately good/worthy of stealing outside of high rank kings or chiefs. Definitely fun to ninja loot opposing faction, though... did it to a 4G once, took his ancient drops and stealthed away haha.
  10. The plan is to allow older vessels to be invested into a new one's experience level, and they'll be putting overflowing experience points from sacrifice pits into the next level so you don't waste anything. My guess is that in the end they'll intend to balance it such that on average you'd only spend about as much time leveling a blue as you would a white because of the exp boost from the white vessel, then the same time from blue to purple and then purple to orange would be comparable to a white vessel from scratch. As it is now, without a metric ton of purple binds it can take a legendary a couple days to hit 30. Not terrible, but certainly not their intended end design, especially for a game where PvE is a supplement to the core game loop rather than the featured one.
  11. Logging out and back in to the free cities moves you over here citing it being a dangerous place, despite it being neutral territory. Really inconveniencing.
  12. Start by experimenting with different classes and find one or two you really like. Then, figure out the spec you like (the branching part of the talent tree) that fills a role you enjoy be it DPS, healing, tank, or utility/CC. Then, experiment with different disciplines to define your build by shoring up where your class is weak or exploiting strengths, and find out how you want to specialize that character to maximize your spec's role or expand/hybridize/specialize it. Next, you'll want to try and get a set or two of decent blue or purple wartribe gear unless you can luck out and trade for something really good with an established crafter. Joining a guild is your best bet ultimately, this is a player driven game and likely will never be all that solo friendly. Well crafted gear, good vessels, and runic weapons are expensive propositions and gold isn't very valuable at this time, so until the game is further along its dev cycle there won't be much economy to engage with unfortunately so it'll be quite difficult to get really good crafted gear without a guild. A solid blue/purple wartribe set will get you started, though, and since vessels are a bit easier to make than gear you could feasibly upgrade into a blue, plenty of us necromancers offer our services for modest fees depending on what resources you can provide us.
  13. Depending on how much you can tolerate the increased CC and decreased survivability you could consider swapping for something AoE/CC disruptive like Scarecrow or group supportive like Runecaster, but you've a solid enough spec as an initiator anti-heal front line using Plague Lord.
  14. Until we get a balance pass during 5.110 Siege Engineer as a dedicated part of keep groups is not worth it. Their abilities simply don't get good value with how quickly siege equipment is destroyed right now. Depends on how you want to specialize. Your primary role as a pit fighter is initiation and front line as part of a hold or a push and you're able to push deeper than most with your survivability. Your disciplines should specialize the role further. You aren't meant to DPS as a tank spec so you should avoid damage oriented disciplines unless it is a very specific fit to maximize a group comp. You're better off mixing and matching CC, buffs/debuffs, and survivability in a way that is fun for you and can contribute well in any situation.
  15. If it should ignore CC immunity, player attacks shouldn't get canceled. This would greatly improve combat flow. This means physics (at least from player skills) would not cancel skills like block or auras, either. That would make it more sensible to not have a way to be immune to them.
  16. Higher Discipline rarity is required for higher rarity of vessel. A blue vessel, for example, cannot equip white or green disciplines which means higher quality vessels are more expensive to kit out, meaning you should know the precise spec you intend to play before leveling one and slotting disciplines. As far as "training differently" I am not certain. Higher quality vessels level slower but get more base stats and more stat points per level to allocate. You just need to make sure you know exactly what talents and disciplines you want first. There are the artifacts that mobs drop which you can turn into binds to help level faster since you can sacrifice the binds for lots of experience, maybe they meant that?
  17. I'll be more than happy to craft ya a vessel or two for a modest fee of Chaos Embers depending on how good you want the vessel to be and save ya the trouble of mineral harvesting (just one ember if you want a basic blue with no additives). You most certainly should be considering joining a guild, though. New and returning players are always welcome on the underdog faction of Order and Eldritch is always looking for more peeps. As for siege strategies themselves, if you're on your own you're going to want to try and keep a close eye on where the bulk of the defenders or attackers are and move with them, depending on your class you'll want to try and support based on your role. Pit Fighters are great initiators to pull enemy attention due to their survivability and inquisitors should be in the back line laying down damage.
  18. I mean, a 50% reduction in damage/heal output would certainly be a potential stop gap as well. I missed out on those orbs and heard good things. Hopefully we see a reintroduction of those weapon discs because I'd love to play a myrmidon with a two hander, but I can't so I'm settled on champion.
  19. Lacking the instruction manuals for those games (because hell if I know where my aunt got them, I think her neighbors' kid) made playing them impossible because I could never figure out the right context words.
  20. It certainly does strike me that if physics abilities are intended to be CC, there needs to be a way to properly mitigate them. If they can ignore immunity states, they're quite arguably too strong given how the interactions work, especially if they're attached to an easily accessible ability such as Centaur charge (rather than being a build choice like Force Mage). If they're intended to be strong CC, they should be relegated to disciplines only. But, as I mentioned, I'm of the mindset it isn't so much the skills as it is how the character controller reacts to them. The fact that I have my attacks canceled just because shrinking down at the end of Mighty Warrior leaves me airborne for a split second suggests to me it's much more a character controller bug than an intended interaction in the current state (IIR when watching from the sidelines, the physics stuff just never worked out right and was dialed back). They could still have physics abilities do what they do now, that is ignore CC, so long as they don't cancel active abilities. That way they can have a use and a role to fill based on the ability itself and still lack a counterplay.
  21. The idea is to see if the desire to remove is strong enough they can just pull them from Live. I can't imagine it would be a significant effort to make such a simple change to remove them from inventories and remove the recipe. They've got all those wonderful knobs, afterall
  22. Since it'll still be some time before we get 5.110 and its fixes/improvements, I'm curious if anyone else would like to just see the Ballistae removed from the game for now. It is a seriously overtuned mechanic right now. The ease of placement, the size and amount of the damage and healing skills, they are an absolute mood killer when it comes to sieges. Lots of people want fights, lots of people come for sieges, but with there being little reliable counterplay (without simply having the numbers to control the walls) since they can just be dropped again right away and can even be fired while destroyed they are an objectively broken mechanic. Even a small number of people running highly evasive builds can just drop ballistae repeatedly to cheese people off tree room. I'm curious how many other people agree that they don't have a good place right now given the state of the game. Thoughts? Since we can't expect a balance overhaul on them right now (like a "Siege free zone" around the tree), removing them would presumably be a simple act for ACE.
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