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  1. The bare minimum they need to implement for now is a bare bones system that declares guilds allied for that campaign without any scoring changes. How scoring gets handled and other related rules and mechanics can be tested and even have different rulesets for how alliances work over time, and the first thing they should probably have are guild victory conditions and alliance victory conditions, probably have an Alliance specific set of Glory Cards. Heck, with rulesets, have it so Shadow is for Alliance victories and Dregs is for Guild victories, but you can still have allies in Dregs for sake of friendly fire.
  2. Deioth


    There is a crap ton of optimization they still need to figure out, sadly. Playing with culling settings and shadows as well as disabling motion blur seems to do the most for FPS boosts for me, and there are tons of instances in which higher than Medium will just be massive FPS drops in certain areas and camera angles. It's pretty annoying considering I am on a system that can handily max Witcher 3 or Mordhau at 2K and still clear 60FPS without even trying and yet I am consistently 25 FPS in temple. Hell, while I've not played it since getting my 2K monitor, I was pulling well above 60FPS 1080p in BDO at high settings even at the Heidel storage ffs. They have a long way to go. Still better than how bad TERA was last I played... Shouldn't be that hard to beat TERA's optimzation lmao.
  3. For classes with a Block RMB, holding shift and then tapping Block should trigger their dodge/move skill. For classes with only a dodge RMB, consider hold shift+hold RMB to trigger the lunge at the expense of a dodge pip.
  4. Personally, I'd have sooner preferred right click to be a real iFrame that costs stamina, put retaliate on a short cooldown and remove its link to stamina, make a pass on the Resolve system so CC immunity makes more sense, and make a pass on CC balance in general (roots in particular are way too low risk for way too much reward atm, they simply last too long). Make it so the length of time of each CC greatly diminishes by the 3rd time the same CC is used on you, let the resolve bar fill in a recognizable way, make it fill faster from knockdown and stun, a full resolve bar means full immunity (any CC only slows or staggers for a split second) and it lasts for a few seconds. Let the defensive disciplines that give special retaliates fill resolve faster, maybe even a slightly shorter retal cooldown depending. Retaliate in this way can have a 10 or 12 second cooldown. One hard CC, they retaliate out, they get hit by two more CC and their resolve bar is full, getting hit too much and too quickly with CC can then mean normal retaliate is available again within a second or so after the resolve bar empties completely and they're vulnerable again. There is plenty of tweaking that can be done to make it feel right in a system like this. A place to start could be knockdowns, stuns, and roots being ignored completely with a full resolve bar (at most causing a brief stagger that interrupts a combo and/or causing a quickly fading snare of 50-100% move speed ending in 1/2 or 2/3 of one second) while other forms of CC would either be reduced in effectiveness (a 40% slow might be reduced to say 15%) or in length of effect (a 5 second blind would become 1 second). Furthermore, CC classes could then have one skill in particular that breaks resolve bars, giving them real value in a fight. These abilities would themselves be CC, but if used against an opponent buffed by Resolve from a filled bar, they would cleanse the Resolve buff, allowing that target to be CC'd again as normal. Or, they could affect how quickly resolve builds, or how quickly it fades. The Templar CC tree, Divine Light could significantly reduce how quickly Resolve builds, as an example, making enemies prone to CC effects longer. Or, it could ignore certain soft CC resolve protections, such as applying a full length and full power slow regardless of resolve. There is a lot they can do to make all of this more interesting, more impactful, and more viable while also making CC feel fairer and its application (and that of Retaliate and Dodge moves) more rewarding at higher skill levels.
  5. Removing war tribe won't fix the problem and will only reintroduce another problem war tribe was fixing in the first place. The issues facing crafting and the ability to make good even great white and green gear has remained the issue from the start. While tweaks to the crafting disciplines will help to a point, time investment still needs to matter, but the crafting trees themselves coupled with basically everything surrounding how crafting and experimentation works atm is all contributing heavily to a system great on paper but failing in practice. There needs to be a multi system approach to this because wartribe must remain a viable option for new players but pushing the crafting tree should mean they can make better with white and green materials fairly quickly. The other issue affecting this is the fact that we have no real value to gold at this time. We need good gold sinks to also help promote crafting and economy in the first place or it is always just going to be staying within the guild.
  6. More input options are always welcome. I would personally prefer classes that have block simply hold shift then tap RMB in order to dodge move. I feel like that would be the cleanest implementation to start with. I still want to see what they come up with for these lunge moves but we'll definitely need mutliple ways to interact with it. I highly prefer hold down my LMB so I'd need something different to match how I interact with my M+K.
  7. Is it somehow not coming through? I editted the OP, spoiler hid the first write up, and wrote out the better one.
  8. Went ahead and reorganized the OP and cleaned up the idea to make it more succinct and understandable.
  9. In light of Frostweaver being an everything class and retaining a lot of its range and its damage going Ranged Defense spec, it feels like Confessor Sanctifier needs a pass, especially in light of the improvements to melee range. I'd like to see their current class cap node expanded upon in some way to expand its build potential so that Mail and Plate have meaningful uses (even Leather, to an extent, for the weird people out there). Here is what I propose: - Adds a 20% damage bonus to targets within 10m of the Confessor. This bonus reduces by 2.5% per meter above 10m. - Each piece of mail armor equipped reduces range of all skills by 7.5% to a minimum of 10m, but also improves Power Efficiency and cooldowns on all skills by 2.5% - Each piece of plate armor equipped reduces range of all skills by 15% to a minimum of 10m, but also adds 50 Resist All and 50 Elemental Resist. The added resist effect is doubled while channeling any skill. I think this would make Sanctifier a much more interesting spec with a lot more wiggle room and a far more straight forward description on how range is affected compared to now. Leather has its use by pumping in tons of extra damage potential due to damage bonus from leather, Mail has value over Plate by retaining some range (with innate damage bonus helping compensate for loss from range) while increasing potential to cast more abilities more often, and Plate gains more survivability and rewards risking use of channeled skills while in punishable melee range. 10m minimum allows for some potential to kite melee, as well, which all ranged should have to some extent, since basically all melee is 5 or 6m now.
  10. Hence why a simple ruleset change that can lock out or dynamically cap stats or reduce chances of higher rarities would probably be the ideal choice. They could even reduce node armor with this sort of thing so for the first couple months after launch they can make it easier to harvest R8+ with novice passive trees. Since they are going to have rulesets anyways for each CW that can differ from the base operations of 3-faction and GvG (Shadow and Dregs) this could give them a lot of power to experiment and control variables from a simple bird's eye view rather than needing to go in and manually tweak things.
  11. Something tells me things may have been tweaked since then, a lot of versions have come and gone since that post.
  12. Assassin Q suddenly uses up your entire stamina bar (or, at least it does for Blackguard). This clearly must be a bug as I've not noticed that on other classes. Assassin Blackguard skill Spirit Dart (like similar abilities, such as Throw Hurlbat from Champions, and now many movement skills) doesn't aim at reticle but instead is character facing when used. This needs to be changed. The 2nd part of Disengage is similar, as are many other movement skills, whereas before they were camera based rather than character facing based (meaning to move in the character's faced direction rather than camera/reticle direction). For move skills, at least that could be a player option, but others like Spirit Dart it needs to be camera based. Escape Artist discipline's Free Action skill (and presumably other discipline skills like it) does not clear Retaliate from your screen on use. With Retaliate never removing itself from the screen even when there is no CC left to retaliate, and its current bug of superseding all other combos (can't even use your left click combo), this is growing rather frustrating. At least retaliate is always on screen when you need it now though? We're so close to fixing it! Enemies are not reliably knocked down by Expose exploiting skills. Expose also remains on the target for duration, allowing for multiple KDs from the same Expose status. To knockdown an exposed enemy with Diffusion, it appears to require you to be 1m away, otherwise Diffusion triggers but the KD doesn't. Blademaster discipline's Blood Strike costs one pip per use on an assassin, but the 3rd hit of the combo requires at least two pips remaining even though it only uses one. Toxin vials seem to be using a point of durability every single attack rather than degrading over time like other equipment. This appears to be a bug (though in 5.100 it felt like it never used durability at all). High health and low health combat bonuses trigger while harvesting. A neat idea, but surely a bug (but one that should absolutely be a feature for harvesters!). In fact, any talent given (possibly skill and stat given but can't be sure) perk related to combat appears to apply to harvesting. Even Blackguard's lifesteal with a toxin equipped seems to be causing it. Using the last of an item stack, or removing an item from inventory, that is on the ALT bar keeps it on the ALT bar but no longer is usable until replaced. The interface doesn't update to reflect that the slot is now empty, while the Skill Book accurately shows an empty ALT slot.
  13. Your proposal would require reworking a lot of math and passives. The higher your stats, such as from passives, the more you can get and the more likely you'll get higher rarity. Ideally, a ruleset check would be easy to implement by comparison where it simply restricts rarity based on what world you're logged into. This way, players know what to expect, and then they can more easily balance out how much of a difference lots of passive training and gear should make for each rank in campaign worlds. Such mechanics for the whole ruleset feature honestly needs to happen anyway since they could restrict rarity of not only what can be gathered but also imported, or cap out at certain nodes in your passive tree, so that veteran players can play on "new player" faction campaigns without an obnoxious advantage as a means to help introduce them to the game and recruit new players. Honestly, that idea is a whole other post lol.
  14. Something should be done (hopefully 5.115 if it can't be done sooner) to address the nagging concern that even though GR is restricted to the rare R4, Infected is at risk of becoming the new "safe" option for harvesting. Given how all the calculations and everything behind the scenes plays out, you can feasibly harvest epic and legendary at high enough training/stats/gear even from R6/7. Either the node ranking system needs a pass or there need to be ruleset restrictions on a world basis. That way Infected can hit R7 but you can only harvest up to green. While it is less of an issue now, it will become one, and it helped drive the low campaign population issues we faced in 5.100. Since harvesters could safely get rare mats on GR as well as on Infected, we didn't see as much emergent PvP on campaign because few people bothered harvesting there. This will absolutely need to be addressed for Beta. I think the best and perhaps most simple fix would simply be to apply rulesets to different bands and campaigns that restrict the highest rarity of materials you can find there to encourage harvesting on campaign. This would also make it easier for us with the 5.110 wipe, the upcoming beta wipe, and launch itself to have the same mid and mid-high rank nodes on the CWs that Infected has (because no one is going to want to harvest R8-10 on a white vessel with no harvest training) and still ensure we can get rarer mats.
  15. Just keep it manual and improve the interface interaction of it all. It is finding the three pixels on the body to open the damn loot window in the first place that is annoying. There are certain "convenience" aspects we've taken for granted in far too many games that are intentionally not in CF to ensure for a certain kind of gameplay. The removal of ninja looting on GR is all we needed in that respect. What they COULD maybe do is have a type of area looting, just for PvE, that consolidates each nearby mob (say within 10 meters of the one clicked on) into a single loot window, that would be a nice QoL improvement, but anything more than that seriously risks negatively affecting the game's intended design of risk VS reward. If you're in a potential ninja looter situation, either get good at clicking fast or guild up with people who are, and be able to kill the bastards doing it to take your loot back if on a CW. And if you ARE the ninja looter, you better be quick to click and escape. The last thing I want to see is this game make incremental QoL changes that are not in by design and suddenly we're paying $4.99 a pop for loot pets and we turn into BDO or something.
  16. Each song should have value in and out of combat. Song twisting should increase the potential of each song twisted in (giving value to using all four) rather than the last one cast. Recasting only one song after being CC'd should retain the twist and keep all active songs going or some other comparable mechanic so one CC doesn't completely break your toggles (Toggle recasting is incredibly unfun). A couple tweaks around the passives may help along perhaps with one that gives even further bonuses when using Troubadour at the same timel. They have their value and have their place, but they do need love. Having a Bard tray would just be a whole clunky mess of no thank you and leads to a lot of balance concerns (What non-bard powers should even be allowed on the Bard tray?)
  17. Exploration Basics center node should be changed to provide the following buff: “For 2 seconds after damaging a resource node, gain 0.5/pip Stamina regen.” There is more than enough food (and more than enough apples if you go Reaping) that this is a terrible node. The 95% completion node could probably use some love, too, like more of this stamina regen bonus, to make it a bit more useful (Many of these probably could use a touch of a pass, they should be significantly rewarding). Exploration Basics costs of first node and all nodes leading to each center node should be reduced by 3000-4000 points per pip. Each center node should be reduced by 1000-2000 points per pip. Harvesting trees and Leadership take far too long to reach. Combat Basics node costs should also be reduced in a similar manner. The Basics trees should simply not take so long to grow out of (it is completing them that should take time). Harvesting and Crafting experience gain needs rank/rarity to be based against Vessel rarity. A white vessel should be able to level to 30 completely off of R1-3 nodes and white crafts rather than these becoming trivial after only a few levels. By contrast, a Blue vessel for example would require R6+ and Blue+ crafts to consistently gain experience. Assuming we don't get a replacement for Artifact benches, Sacrifice amounts for artifacts need to be doubled and trivialize at half the rate of other experience sources (leveling crafted Vessels without these will a terrible grind without help here). Gravedigger Exploration Discipline should provide the Shovel slot Basic/Intermediate Shovel recipes and use of all non-advanced shovels. The passive node should still also provide the slot and recipes as some harvesters may opt against such disciplines and mix the crafted ones together instead. Temples need side and back gates, if the Temple zone is intended to have value in and of itself (like on God's Reach). Rather than nerf Wartribe gear (at least, other than drop rates perhaps for blue and purple) start by increasing the minimum and maximum armor and damage statistics possible on crafted gear for white through blue, then reduce the highest potential of those stats on wartribe purple (and maybe wartribe blue, too). The most important stats on weapons and armor are the Damage and Armor ratings. New and Journeyman level crafters should be able to quickly cap out these statistics, while expert and master level crafters are where players should go for good bonus stats. This will make crafters feel immediately valuable as they can make something distinctly better over Wartribe gear. Let's say the max damage range a white wartribe two-hand mace can reach is 45-60. A novice crafter should be able to reliably craft, say, 55-70 with only the Discipline as their investment. This way, good wartribe loot with good stats would require players to make a choice between damage/armor or the extra stats. If Wartribe does get nerfed, it should only be damage and armor statistics so that crafters of all levels have something worth making that creates choice between top-end Wartribe or reliable crafted (and would also eliminate the "I must be max craft and use only blue or better" mentality). Increase the overall size of Weak Spot hitboxes. It is not uncommon depending on the node for it to spawn off your target and thus be rendered unusable. When you're centered on a Weak Spot, your target reticle should clearly indicate this with a glow or other noticeable change to appearance (and being more centered over the WS “bullseye” could even cause more damage). It is probably coming with the eventual crafting UI overhaul, but if we can get a “Repeat Recipe” option for the quick and dirty crafts like bandages that would be a nice QoL improvement. Add a “Hidden/Unknown Recipes” dropdown to crafting benches so players can see what can be made. This should also apply to additive slots that are hidden without the right discipline or belt slot item. This would be especially useful to newer players so they can see what each craft can actually do, but keeps the clutter out of everyone's faces unless they want to see it (with the crafting UI overhaul I guess?). “Retaliate” needs to be put on its own Combo queue separate from all others and that should fix its remaining issues. It takes priority over EVERY combo now, you can't even go through your basic attack chain with it up. Introduce a single bar swap button that swaps between a players “Main” and “Secondary” bars, and allow them to choose which one is which so that they can manually assign any potential 3rd bar to its own button (like Stealth). It is very clunky trying to swap from range to melee and back having to use two different buttons and I'm sure the heal<->DPS multi tray classes would also appreciate this. Add visual indicators when a debuff is procced on your target such as poisons. This would be especially helpful to assassins because it is very clunky having to glare up at the unreliable health bar (especially vs multiple enemies) to know when you should use Diffusion. We have this already with KD, stun, and suppression, so this should be expanded upon and allow for more player agency over display options (icon, text, etc). Burning Hatred, Blood Price, and similar world spawning doober procs need to spawn around the target's hitbox. It can be very difficult to reach them and hit them, especially against large hitbox targets like bears and aurochs, as they currently spawn at their dead center.
  18. I'd posted a thread a couple months back discussing ideas to improve the passive training situation. There needs to be a means to increase your passive training speed and it should be simply by playing. However, there needs to be more to it that helps drive players more quickly to minimum viable levels of training to be able to competently engage in their preferred playstyle, and also proposed Vessel specific points, as well.
  19. The problem, fundamentally, lies with how long it takes to be able to craft anything remotely worth using. The wartribes are a great idea and an excellent stop gap in the moment for good NPE. Part of the problem is the time it takes to reach the passive training necessary, but the other problem lies with how experimentation points, risk, and caps are currently set. The biggest reason why everyone recommends waiting for a maxed tree and blue resources is because the potential stat range of a crafted item is too close to the wartribe equivalent. Crafted also requires every bell and whistle additive to make something significantly improved over Wartribe. While having a decent intermediate gap closer (maybe giving us a use for Tier 0 materials again) would certainly be a step in the right direction, they need to tweak the minimum and maximum stat potentials on crafted gear so it is better than wartribe of equivalent rarity and introduce a supplemental "active" component to passive training so players can quickly get to a level of minimum viability of crafting and harvesting. I'd posted up an idea to improve the passive training situation a while back. I still stand strongly behind it. And, from the sounds of the June Q&A, Todd is very open to introducing ways to speed up passive training.
  20. I hitch significantly less myself on LIVE compared to TEST, but the optimization still is miles away. I'll average with minimal activity around 30-40 (depending on where my camera points at times) on everything maxed, but then certain points of certain zones and I'm at 5 with nothing on screen until I set back to Medium. Haven't had an opportunity for big fights yet, been fairly inactive. Resolution makes no apparent difference as I had the same overall FPS (or comparable) with the hitching on TEST to now on LIVE and I've since gone from a 1080p monitor to a 2k monitor and changed Crowfall's resolution to match.
  21. The passive training system is entirely its own thing. There is no supplemental system. It also has only one thing you can do to reach any particular thing and it's just straight up time gated regardless of your gameplay. There is no engagement. It is missing both because as it exists now it feels bland, not fun, and arbitrarily restricting. It is not hyperbole to suggest, as my argument strongly contests, that passive training cannot be fundamentally fixed merely through reworking its design and node costs because my argument is that its core is lacking and missing important features. The speed, the requirements of picking up "bad" or "useless" nodes, the costs, the requirements, it is all contributing heavily to the mess it sadly is, but I am convinced the root of the problem is that it is 100% hands off and not engaging whatsoever.
  22. My idea isn't just "Craft 100 daggers" though, it is all activity, and even crafters and harvesters would be expected in any serious guild to be prepared to provide combat support when numbers are needed to control strongholds. And absolutely nothing in my idea suggests that you could just craft n daggers and hit max blacksmith. My idea is meant to supplement the passive system, not replace it, so you seem to be making an argument against a suggestion that wasn't made. Honestly, even my idea would lead to the same outcome as 6 hours spread out over the week would still get him at passive training cap, but at least the 60 hour a week player would feel like they're earning that increase, AND they'd have the added vessel passive points. The concept of passive training is good, it just needs proper implementation and supplemental systems. Yyeeeaaahhhh... I seriously hope they make some much needed tweaks to the crafting system regardless of what happens with the passive tree. Without a doubt they need to approach point costs and pip costs depending on the tree and the node, it is NOT good right now, but none of this would fix the fundamental problems inherent to a pure passive training system. If this game winds up being easy for bots to settle into, it won't matter if training to master X profession takes a year or a day. There is a point where concerns over bots can go too far. Look at BDO and their issues regarding gold sellers and such, they ruined any chance of that game having a real economy just to try and stop gold sellers. And no, passive training will not and cannot be fixed without giving it supplemental systems to enhance it and player engagement with it.
  23. I genuinely want them to keep the passive system, but it needs more pillars to stand on. As it is now, it comes off as a stick of balsa wood trying to hold up a bowling ball. It is wobbly at its best and falling under its own weight any other time. I'd suggest that you re-read my proposal. I am not sure how--especially in a PvP game where players are the content--that bots could in any way possibly generate any value in any meaningful amount of time. The "Active" training I proposed is in quotes for a reason as normal game play merely allocates passive points faster, and vessel training would feature daily caps and be vessel by vessel only. Players need to be able to hit a journeyman's level (say a 3 or 4 on a scale of 10) within a single typical campaign's time on a dedicated vessel and averaging 5-10 hours active gameplay a week so they can harvest decent goods, have decent combat stats, or craft decent gear. Right now, that simply won't happen. And with crafting especially, there simply is no value other than precise choice of (some) stats on gear that even journeymen level crafters can bring to the table over decent level 25+ wartribe drops. Some of the issue is the crafting system itself (which IMO also needs some overhauling) but at least players can feel they are making real progress by buttressing the passive system with active components. One thing is for sure, basic harvesting takes way too long to complete and genuinely gives nothing except for about 4 or 5 nodes (blood/bones, saddle slot, grit to name a few). The passive tree seriously needs to feature as few "bad" nodes as possible. A horizontal with vertical branches could be a good start to improve the passive tree's general issues, but we'll still need supplemental systems to enhance players' sense of accomplishment. The fact that I can play 60 hours a week and my guildmate 6 and we still achieve the same level of training progress is a surefire way to drive people away. I can appreciate the passive tree for sure and the idea behind it, but damn it needs more to it. I've found better (certainly comparable) greens in God's Reach. It is definitely not just passives that need help, but crafting as well. I still feel like there's compelling reason not to craft until you're maxed/near max--certainly for weapon and armor crafting--given how important lots of exp points are, the perspective that you should only craft blue and better rarity, and how much of a difference additive slots can make. At the very least, increasing the cap (and making that cap easy to hit for white and just a bit of dedication for green gear) of what the flat damage and armor values can be would go a long way. The stat bonuses should be where master crafters shine. A decent crafter should be able to make a "perfect" roll green weapon with at worst 15% less damage than a master crafter making an orange weapon, but the stat bonuses could absolutely be as much as double or more in difference (and these values would be with and without additives et al). Because the damage/armor values are the most important, this should be the easiest stat to craft and cap out higher than wartribe drops and they really would only need to do this for white and green, a little bit for blue, and barely if at all for purple.
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