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  1. The picture becomes a little clearer when you say that you're into marketing and business. Still, I have to ask you this. Have you no soul, no feelings or sense of quality? Can you even begin to fathom that some strange people might not be doing what they're doing strictly in order to maximise monetary profit? ACE wants to make this game first, and make what money they can from it. If they were willing to change the game to appease the market don't you think they could have just gone to a publisher in the first place? Kickstarter is for a reason. They are upset because you are demon
  2. It is an MMO. You have the wrong idea. I'll spell it out for you. MMO means Massively Multiplayer Online. That's what it is. It doesn't become less massively multiplayer because there are no NPC bosses around to dispense loot. The box you're thinking from inside of is very small. The fact that most major MMORPGs (EVE aside) out there follow similar patterns doesn't change fundamental truths. Your reasoning is like saying because most cars have front-wheel drive, it's not a car if it's back-wheel driven. Looks like a car but clearly isn't. It drives on its back-wheels, see? Most car buyers k
  3. Indeed! Suddenly pitching in the extra $11 may be worth it. 60 - 15(VIP) - 34 (current level) = 11 But for that I only got earlier access and a bunch of useless crap. Mount may be useful though. Waiting for more info...
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