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  1. Factions represent something but it doesn't have any effect in game. Teams might as well be called red, yellow and blue. However, there is a story behind it all. If you care about story and fluff you can read some about the various gods here. https://crowfall.com/en-US/pantheon
  2. Well as mino I do have an extra gap closer and hamstring. Thanks for your input. Soon I will start testing alternatives. The wording of Faerie Fire, "a chance of applying", is typical to turn me off. What is that, a 5% or a 50% chance? Needs some testing to find out if it's worth it and this in a game where the interface is a bit hard to read when it comes to debuffs on targets. The thing with Last Resort is I'm not finding myself below 35% health. I'm either sustaining above it or I'm dead, but I have been running alone so far so no pocket healer.
  3. I can't give you an effective Brigand build but I'd like to know. Please rate my build! I have no game experience yet. I'm literally fresh 30 and picked some abilities that seemed cool and somewhat synergetic. You have to start somewhere and learn from there, right? https://crowcaine.wiki/builds/@me/new?class=ranger&race=minotaur&talents=a1-b1-b2-c2-c3-d3-e3-f3-g2-h1-i3-j5-j6-k3-l7&majors=nightstalker--stalker&minors=glass-cannon--hunter&attributes=con40-dex70-str30 My original choice is simply because I find the idea of a minotaur in stealth hilarious. Might be good though. I figured mino racials and extra lifestealing from nightstalker can offset the negative of glass cannon. Stalker discipline synergizes well. The talent picks are straightfoward enough I guess. Anything particularly useful in a third discipline?
  4. Of all the MMOs I helped kickstart in the indie hype over five years ago, and suspended my attention for over the years, I am pleased to see Crowfall is the only one to have come to full fruition. I am now coming back to MMOs and can sum up the results so far. One was announced to have run out of funding and shut down. Law suit ensued. It seems to be back on some kind of track but has very little to show. One was abandoned by its founders, who were all working on their spare time, but rebranded and continued by others. One has its' founding father die but carries on development at a steady pace, although still far from release. One is giving refunds to backers after being 7 years in development, on a decent budget, but with too little to show. It's still somewhat alive and kicking.
  5. I've done Bartles before so I'm not surprised by these results. Achiever: 40% (50th%) Explorer: 93% (99th%) Griefer: 20% (25th%) Socializer: 47% (75th%)
  6. Great to see some numbers finally! I've always wondered how many are actual pure gamers because, you know, that stuff matters the most to me. No more than 1000 sounds okay to me. There will only be a few dozen then in my campaign and only a few in our kingdom. That makes me feel special. Also great to see that you didn't bother defining the qualifying traits for gamer purity since I would like to include myself even though I only have a mid-range machine and even a job and girlfriend. I'd say I'm a more of a true gamer than a pure gamer, although elite gamer fits me pretty well too.
  7. Skrofler


    Far from dead. EVE Online is text based. The fact that it is also partly illustrated is of minor consequence.
  8. Way too intrusive for my taste. Even battle music should not be something that completely dominates the audiosphere and drowns battle sounds. I'd like much more suggestive music, battle drums mainly. The best thing, of course, would be to do what almost no other game does and let the player pick and choose from a range of tracks what to play when in battle, what to play in town etc.
  9. Dumb consumers get what they deserve, that's for sure. Unfortunately all the other consumers get what the dumb ones deserve too. The rest of us has to shop really smart if we want to send the message to publishers that there is still room for quality in the games market. Wrel brings up the points and discusses them with a balanced approach I think. I'm leaning more towards the position held by TotalHalibut and others which is: Early access? HelI no, unless you really know what you're doing. Kickstarter? HelI yes, because publishers are not going to cater for niche markets. Since commenting on Youtube is rather pointless I'll leave my complete pre-order record here for those interested. Pro-ordered: Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning collector's edition This was my first and (hopefully) only hype burn. I was much much disappointed even though I still play the emulation once in a while. I did however enjoy the special CE contents since I'm a Games Workshop fan. Early access by accident: Craft the World I honestly didn't notice it was EA but it was on sale and I had already watched gameplay videos and it looked complete. No reason to regret this purchase. Payed beta: Elite Dangerous I payed an extra €20 to get into late beta. I would never pay for beta access though. This was more of a support thing because I loved Elite when I was a child. No regrets here either. I knew what I was getting. Pre-ordered: The Elder Scrolls Online The only reason being the perk that unlocks all races (except imperial) in all factions. A must have for a true TES fan and a roleplayer like myself. Payed nothing extra. Kickstarted: Crowfall Kickstarted: Saga of Lucimia Both of these fulfilled very strongly the requirements. Devs are very convincing that this won't be vaporware. I realise that this type of game won't be made without crowdfunding. I realise that I'm on board with the game concept. I realise that I might still be disappointed in the end. Finally a few games that I chose not to fund. Camelot Unchained - Pros: Interesting character, building and balancing mechanics and Mark Jacobs. Cons: I'm not convinced that it's the game for me. Not sure enough for a subscription game. It's much easier to toss money at a B2P game that you can pick up once in a while if it's kind of fun but not awesome. Pantheon Rise of the Fallen - Pros: Brad McQuaid's design skills. Cons: Brad McQuaid's management skills.
  10. Indeed, if I'm not allowed to name my character Kökkenmödding I'm not going to play the game. You don't know that there will not be targeting in Crowfall, only that combat will not rely on targeting, but that's beside the point. The point is that it's easy to make the necessary systems for player interaction and information. I've only seen speed hacks in one MMO ever though. Most devs seem to be capable of handling that.
  11. Soon! You should probably go check your email already and keep refreshing because beta is about to begin. Don't forget to hold your breath while waiting.
  12. It isn't? If you can see the name in the first place you should be able to acquire target. All you need then is the ability to report your target, or quote its name in chat or whatever. Creating such tools is not rocket science and the negligence to do so does not warrant barring any characters.
  13. To me the archetype icon (the mask) of Assassin and Ranger suggests stealth. We don't know anything for certain about Legionnaire speed yet. Those three archetypes will likely be your best bet since anyone can sit on a vantage point but when the enemy comes around what you really need is a safe escape. We can bet there will be a large number of disciplines and a few one of them will likely fit the scout role. How though? There really isn't enough fodder for anything but speculation at this point. #2 hopefully
  14. More money than there is oil under the North Sea. Jokes aside, I don't think I've ever seen a major video game translated to Norwegian. Have you? The last non-Swedish game I got to play in Swedish was Dungeon Keeper. I've seen a few games in Danish as well. But those days are gone I think and it's in part because everything is voiced now and also because the second world has caught up. These days a game will be in Polish and Turkish long before the turn comes to Scandinavia. Different enough I think. Funny you should say it sounds like Spanish. When reading you can easily see the similarity, and understand most of the other language, but I think that gets lost in speech. I speak Spanish but I can hardly understand anything in Portuguese. ES Padre nuestro, que estás en los cielos, santificado sea tu Nombre; venga tu Reino; hágase tu Voluntad así en la tierra como en el cielo. PT Pai nosso, que estais no céu santificado seja o Vosso Nome venha a nós o Vosso Reino seja feita a Vossa vontade assim na terra como no céu.
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