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  1. I don't like the new stretch Goals, I don't want to fund localization for Asia markets. PS : I live in Asia
  2. I on the other hand think green peace should be labelled a a terrorist organization.
  3. Obama is a Communist Atheist Muslim gummy bear.
  4. The Female Champion looks scary maybe a little too scary, I wouldn't mess with a her.
  5. That is a really cool Idea, I hope they do it.
  6. I heard the devs talk about in-game currency and how you can press gold into currency or something along those lines. What I think would be really cool is if each guild could issue their own currency. I can see how this can produce the same problem that barter system did. but I also feel this could produce a lot of interesting dynamics in the game . What does everyone think ?
  7. It would be cool if people could select which stretch goals the money they spent on crowfall goes towards. This could make people feel that they have more control on where their money goes. For example a person who wants improved V.R support can say he wants his contribution to go towards the V.R stretch goal and people who want nothing to do with V.R can have their money go to another stretch goal. Now the V.R “hater” does not have to feel that his money is supporting something that he "hates". I know this could split the money and a situation could arise where a lot of stretch goals gets par
  8. If you go to any KickStarter Page you see a Star and Remind me written to the left of it, If you click that KickStarter will send you an Email 48hr before the end of the KickStarter Campaign.
  9. In a talk by Gordon Walton, Rich Vogel and Raph Koster, they said that
  10. You can defiantly build fortifications like walls and stuff, I don't know what else you can do. Primal is right the more money we raise the more tools the devs can provide us.
  11. It is important the mods don't lose control of the forum.
  12. My prediction would be something near 1.8 Mill
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