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  1. imo you cant grief in a pvp game unless you are cheating/hacking.
  2. Possibly the game to to end my 12 year Ragnarok online addiction.
  3. 2358... Waited till I got to college.
  4. I had my wife back the same amount as me, my problem is solved... as for yours see if you get her to want to play/back? gl =p
  5. miatribe

    No Npcs

    Hire another guild to look out for your castle when you'r offline. Make merc guilds a thing!
  6. Ragnarok online has finite arrows, but it is very easy to get/make more. So as long as people can make more arrow while out in the battle field somehow (goes off into the bush and chops down a tree or something) or have a bunch of quivers on their mount or something it would be cool. You also need to look how bows are targeted and shot? if it's like wow where your arrow is going to hit a target 100% of the time or if it will be more FPS (can hit or miss). If you can randomly fire arrows over a wall or something then having a finite amount of arrows would be required. It would also be cool to have different types of arrows (and lets crafters have fun)
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