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  1. Added my first win in there! I was finally trying out the Knight
  2. Thanks for setting this up and sharing my couple videos, and thanks to those who can live stream the game, this is some great advertisement for the game!
  3. Thank you for the information, looks like PM's had been disabled for several months without me noticing. I'll be more careful from now on... By all means, go ahead! I hope more testers start sharing recordings and streaming if they can
  4. Glad you like these, I should have some time to upload more from this evening soon after we're done
  5. Hello there, Pre-Alpha is finally happening and has been quite a lot of fun so far! I hope they start inviting some more people to mess around with I'll be sharing a few clips whenever I get the chance, and here is one of my very first games for you: VIDEO See you soon! UPDATE: My first win, and trying out the Knight! 03.09.15 My first win! 04.09.15
  6. Pre-Alpha is quite a blast right now, I hope they start inviting Alpha 1 guys to mess around with soon I'll try to share some on the videos sub-forum
  7. I like the way you're going with Crowd Control, it will be nice to try it out Awesome videos, too! The work on the gryphon's animations is astounding!
  8. Powers and animations are looking good so far! Can't wait
  9. Really, really nice video, great job with the UI! I need to get my hands on that knight
  10. Very nice read, the team sounds more and more awesome to be working with
  11. Looking good so far, can't wait to see more and get in there myself!
  12. I loved this episode! I trust most of us appreciate you making them a bit longer and taking the time to answer so many question, rock'on!
  13. The website got re-designed by Xaint, a really nice job at that
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