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  1. My vision of Ek from what I have gathered and interpreted, granted with a little rose coloured glasses. First, Game of Thrones is is used as a descriptor for the game, so that to me means not only a fuedal system of kings, and lords titles, but also political intrigue and competing alliances. The fact that everyone seems to believe that this will mean essentially guild run kingdoms with guild leaders the kings is somewhat disappointing, but I guess not unexpected given how most mmo do it. Imagine if you would a more historical incarnation of 100 kingdoms, each operating however they wish, forming alliances with other kingdoms either for trade or security. these alliances would be set up by the aristocracy of those kingdoms. Underlying that is a completely different fealty system of guilds, these guilds may or may not have trade houses setup in many kingdoms, offering their services for the next campaign whether that be mercenary or crafting. Each player may be a part of a guild, but everyone will be a part of a kingdom. All of the alliances will lead to conflict of interest, conflicts in ideals, taxes, and fealty. A player will always have a choice between following his king and the terms of his alliances, but he may also follow his guild. The point being that there will be conflict. Anyway that is a quick thought from me.
  2. Maybe I misunderstood the idea, but my thinking was that Ek wasn't some guild hall wasteland. I thought each player would find a king and swear fealty and build on either rented land or their own. This fealty would be separate, and sometimes in conflict with the individuals guild membership. This would indeed lead to a game of thrones scenario, competing loyalties with each individual player, changing alliances, spying and information being shared between kingdoms and guilds. Real political intrigue not just a bunch of guild houses.
  3. I am in amber as well, like your thoughts on a guild. Played NWN, still play Neverwinter, and just started GW2. Generally play HR's, but in my old D&D days always played Assassin mage builds. Might be fun to do that again.
  4. No thanks, accepted less than a week ago, and booted. Probably not the guild for me.Thank you for saving me the time.
  5. I know that this game is seemingly focused on the pvp applications or crafting possibility for each archetype. But, when it comes to shapeshifting it also adds a possibility of stealth. Imagine not a bear but a mouse, an eagle, an actual tree. Something that already is existing in the world campaign we are in. Learning that form and using it to spy on enemy encampments, for tactical advantage. What about before a battle or setting a trap for a raiding party having a group of trees you walk by in the middle of an attack become enemies and now your group is fighting on two fronts. This is what excites me about shapeshifting.
  6. Hey Guys, been following your progress in forming a Guild for a few weeks now. Wasn't sure what to do since I am Amber and I guess i was supposed to form my own Guild. For now though, I think it would be more fun in testing to run with a bunch of crazies like you bunch. Looking forward to see you b4 and during testing.
  7. I am an amber as well, because we get to reserve a guild name I was curious if you had any discussions with the horseman about that. I have never run with them, I have seen them around Neverwinter but I am in 2 other guilds on there. Which game was it you ran with them?
  8. My understanding of the vip membership will allow for 3 passive upgrading character slots, where regular only get 1. Also some of the stuff already mentioned above. It has also been mentioned that these vip memberships will be available in the trade market from other players. Not sure how, but it sounds interesting.
  9. I guess I can take that as a positive sign that I am gonna like people in this game that my goto user name was already taken. But on to the business at hand. Hello! I am an old school fantasy pc gamer. Starting with my apple IIc. I Played eye of the beholder, ultima, then grew as the systems did. Thief, drakKen, Baldurs Gate, Ice Wind Dale, and the list goes on. I really didn't get into mmo until a friend a year ago insisted I play dark ages with him. So I gave it a try, at which point I asked why am I playing 1980's graphics again? I searched and found one of my favourite games Neverwinter Knights had an online version called Neverwinter. That was 12 months ago, and although I enjoy it still for the social aspect the content has become stale And too money Grind. I saw a story about this game in my feed on my phone and I jumped straight in with both feet. Never have done alpha or beta but am looking forward to helping this game be the best it can be.
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