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  1. What vendors have you looked at? If you want quality it typically does cost more than the cheapos like vista print but even Vista Print can have decent quality depending on how in-depth the shirt is.
  2. The whole point of making them exclusive is that they'll never be offered again, hence the high price tag. I'm actually a bit worried because this was in one of the updates on the kickstarter: I'm assuming this refers to the castles/ fortifications because this is under the rewards starting at Gold patron: But then this new EK FAQ says the following: We really need this clarified. Are we getting exclusive never to be seen again strongholds or will every player be able to end up with kickstarter exclusive strongholds?
  3. Like what? The ability to stream your data to yet another point where it may or may not be secured? The value to hackers is real in this because instead of going after individuals now they can just go after Leap Computing's data center. The math will never make sense for the user because you're not only going to be paying for access to "your" computer, you're going to be paying for the internet Leap Computing has to pay for the streaming, the electricity Leap Computing has to pay to keep those computers available 24/7, the rent Leap Computing has to pay for their warehouses, and so fo
  4. Even at $36 a month it is not a very price effective way to have a computer. $36 a month. $432 a year $2,160 for 5 years. I can get a decent gaming rig every 5 years for less than $2k and I OWN it which means I can use it for parts, sell it, or use it as a backup. Renting is never going to be cheaper than buying because you're not getting anything out of it other than temporary access.
  5. Just wait until their data center gets compromised and gets compromised hard. Latency will be a massive issue in mmorpgs/fps and at $60 a month it gets really expensive if you only upgrade your PC every few years. This is junk and is built for suckers that think it will be cheaper than having a decent computer.
  6. I can't wait for people to walk towards the resource deposit area only to come across pits blocking their path. Pits, pits everywhere.
  7. Then you're encountering user error. Archetypes are simple and have been explained over and over. You pick an archetype which is comprised of a class and a race You then customize said character to make you different from all the other unique people out there. You then play the game and inevitably run into someone specced exactly like you, wearing the exact same outfit you thought you so creatively put together. It really doesn't require rocket science or a crowfall dev to explain the system, anyone could come in today, read the website and understand what's going on.
  8. I am legitimately banned from playing kobolds in my D&D groups... I actually worked on Pun Pun and also the Hulking Hurler, I used to spend a LOT of time on the Optimization boards.
  9. You do realize kickstarter doesn't take money until after the project is successful, people waiting until payday should still back and then just cancel or upgrade when it gets close to the end. *Caviet being is don't forget to cancel, I've ended up backing like 5 projects I was on the fence for by accident... :-p #2817 Knowing 2,816 people have bigger Epeens than me drives me nuts, almost as bad as being an EB Sapphire, I'm the same as 555 other backers and there are 95 backers with bigger EK's than me. So unacceptable and deprives me of being unique in a game with 16,936 backers!
  10. That or Metal King Slimes.... Can't hit them while they do little to no damage. In all seriousness though I'd love to see a dedicated crafter archetype, I would immediately rush to name him Taloon... I may or may not have a DQ/DW addiction.
  11. We need a dedicated firehose healer archetype. I nominate a flying squid like creature, blue in color named Healie.
  12. I'm envisioning hamster ball suits for the guineceans to wear that when combined form a giant mechanical hamster ball. Basically Power Rangers except instead of a zord it's a giant hamster ball...
  13. I threw out one CE box a few years ago because I was decluttering, it was one of the WOW CE's and it's now selling for like $250 or something obscene. Rather annoying as I have every Blizzard CE and they look pretty awesome on a shelf when you have a bunch of them. I hate the collectors editions that are just crappy boxes, Skyrim's was kinda weak even though it came with the dragon statue. Give me a sturdy box any day of the week, I use them to store paperwork and important docs.
  14. Oh god, Champions online will be forever remembered as the game that gave us Lagmuria. Lemuria was at one point so laggy it was almost impossible to get through, what the heck is with games and underwater levels being so terrible?
  15. I will respect your wishes and keep my opinions of John Smedley as positive as possible. That said, NGE was NOT your sword to fall on, you may have conceptualized it but you did the right thing and walked away after voicing your concerns(even if walking away really was them showing you the door after stealing your stapler). NGE was Smedley's fault, just like launching SWG early or Vanguard early(ok technically Vanguard was a different company but SOE definitely influenced their decisions to launch prematurely). The reality is that too often SOE decided to make rushed decisions based o
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