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  1. Are we allowed to loot the bodies of the gonzos with poor dancing skills after they fail a song?
  2. Very nice of you to make this list. I hope this gets pinned. You should expand your list a little. Ehem, maybe include our Guild?
  3. The walls of text keep getting shorter, ain't they?
  4. I'd say, in a hardcore scale that goes from 0 to 5, this game is a solid three fiddy.
  5. By the way, LOL = Lucifer Our Lord Be wary of all the followers of the Dark Lord on these forums.
  6. It would be nice to have the option of removing the target's ears or head, to trade them for the bounty after the job is carried out.
  7. I found OTR's Guild name a little bombastic on first sight, but I ended up liking it a lot because of the bit of contradiction it has in it and the pictures of shrewd merchants calling themselves honourable it leaves to my imagination.
  8. Is this a bump? Not quite. Just a prelude for another piece of wisdom by Kampfbock (hopefully)
  9. I'm a liberal idiot who lives with his mom and I feel slightly offended of being compared to Willwill.
  10. Yes, it's too early to say how profitable will winning actually be. But it certainly doesn't hurt either. I, for one, would love to see our Guild in the savage environment of the Dregs.
  11. I agree, I like the books more than the series, but I've read only the first three. But the series have got something going for the that the books do not, and that's "The Rains of Castamere" song by The National. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62djDbszRkI
  12. How large would a world actually have to be for it to feel comfortable and realistic? Wouldn't you find it weird to actually see the pronounced curvature of the planet you're on? The surface of a planet would have to be insanely large for a world to feel real and have some realistic gravitational attraction. Or would you rather have a "Little Prince" kind of world? And a world that large would also reduce the player interaction drastically, thus making the game experience worse. That's why I favour the flat worlds over the round ones.
  13. Everyone's welcome, FrostSword. You can go ahead and register on the Guild webpage. There you'll find much more information on the Guild than what's displayed here. Welcome, Skelzo!
  14. As seen from the many guild concepts that are found on the forums, I see many of them being Balance guilds, a smaller quantity of Chaos ones, and a very little number of Order ones. So I'm wondering, is this going to be a trend, or are there more Order guilds than what I noticed first?
  15. Haven't ever played Dark Souls 2. Is it different to the original?
  16. You know, PvE content in this game as an alternative to PvP interaction would defeat the very purpose of CF, which is to have meaningful interaction with other players to be able to advance in terms of gear, levels, power or anything. Having a dedicated PvE content would lead to breaking the game's concept, which is play 2 crush.
  17. Yes, it's a frightening prospect, but seems to conflict with ACE's vision. They can come, they can get into the game. Afterwards they can start asking for things. But I highly doubt they'll get the PvE content they're demanding.
  18. I wouldn't say no to my favourite mechanic in Dark Souls being implemented in the game!
  19. It's very hard for me to think of someone who gets into this game only to stay permanently in their EK and enjoy the carebear paradise. It just seems to not be possible or very hard to do, seeing as the EK offer no resources to collect. People will get to the dying worlds, and then they will die and have pvp, just like everyone else.
  20. The funding just reached $1,300,000! That means our core part of our Guild has got its funding already. How high will the sum be when the KS ends?
  21. I don't really think carebears will be playing this game in the first place. Why all the fuss about them?
  22. No! It is a Carebear paradise! The Eternal Kingdoms screwed it all up. I can't even fathom why they didn't introduce permadeath so I can kill every new toon the carebear scum make. The game is doomed, DOOMED! (Apply Poe's Law, please. Am I doing it right?)
  23. I'd rather have some options for Monarchs to grant power to other people, so that other guild members might manage the EK during the leader's absence.
  24. We're already sitting on 1,284,401. We'll be seeing the stretch goal fulfilled today or tomorrow. Caravans are definitely a milestone worth reaching. Particularly critical to the way of life of the trading and crafting communities.
  25. Having more money in my pockets. That'd make me contribute more.
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