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  1. This. We need a 24/48 hour test server when conducting these tests. I am sitting here looking at the invite to test the druid, and the available slots are 2-3 hour slots. This is far to restrictive. Keep the servers open for a couple of days and allow better tests.
  2. As per the title, any news on character name reservation?
  3. Thank you all, I will check back in a year or so
  4. Hi, I must admit that I don't pay a whole lot of attention to this game at the current stage, but I was wondering how it's coming along? Has there been any alpha-testing yet? Anyone scheduled? Is the game still on track for a late 2016 release? Rgs Lundorff
  5. http://i.imgur.com/AQf1bP3.jpg If I chose paypal the amout changes and VISA is just bugged.
  6. I suspect most players would agree with you, but a character name just hold quite a bit of meaning for me. As for waiting 5 years before deletion, by the universe I hope not. Take Archeage for example. I joined during beta and managed to snatch several unique names (like Witch and Terminator etc). Unfortunately that game was not for me and those names will forever be unusable to new players. I could go and delete the characters but that is kinda besides the point as next to no-one would ever bother with that.
  7. Personally I avoid special characters like the plague, but mostly for aesthetic reasons rather than practical. Yet some people like them and I see no reason not to include them. In my scenario you would be given ample warning prior any deletion. On the other matter, well, that would certainly be a curious incident but come on now. That's will almost never happen. Yup and I am considering it, but I would like for ACE to take an active role in the area, especially when the game goes live.
  8. Ah the dream that was SWG With SWTOR still functioning and Battlefront on the horizon then no, we will not see an official grand new Star Wars MMO within the next 5 years. Fortunately SWTOR is quite lacking in oh so many areas and eventually a new Star Wars MMO is bound to come around. Lets just hope arthritis hasn't kicked in by then. The only exception I can imagine would be for Disney to launch a new MMO in conjunction with some of the new movies - a MMO set in a completely new time-frame. (Disclaimer: I play about 30 hours of SWTOR PVP atm.)
  9. My thoughts on character names might deviate a bit from the general consensus as this is something I feel quite strongly about. A great character name can provide both identity and reconnection from friends and foes alike, and people might be more careful with their words if they are easily recognizable. I do not know if any thoughts have yet been given to this aspect, but here are some quick considerations. Special formatting Allowing users the freedom to use numbers, special characters and spaces can provide very unique and diverse character names. Some may prefer not to run into “James
  10. Does anyone know if it's possible to bump up a kickstarter pledge? I am only a contributor and I am considering increasing it to the backer bundle tier.
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