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  1. I got a different job and am now working insane hours. Otherwise I'd be chugging those frames and crashing like normal.
  2. Lol yeah. Watching it at full speed looks like a double ko.
  3. Its good to know lil wayne took a break from the new tony hawk game.
  4. inb4 kojima. Somebody should just post a thread of all the locked threads about this topic. Maybe give some insight to the situation.
  5. Yeah FF will drastically change movement. Any clusters like that would end badly lololol. *rolls dice* To the dregs!
  6. Each test I've been in has between 15-33 players. I think they capped this one at 25. The potential to get a high number of kills is there, but most people are struggling with ping or learning the characters still. Most of my battles end with 1-3 kills, but it's only showing killing blows and not assists. I'd say 5v5 = more opportunity to have your team protect you as a confessor. Lol
  7. Group sizes changed to 5 toward end of testing. Had a fun battle with Neji, Sunejii, Drkboo (SR8D) and Calamity Mage. Hunger closing in on both teams, turns into a real cluster. Especially when I'm not good with confessor yet. Lol. https://youtu.be/DKglTUSCK3U Is there going to be a forum for posting user videos and screens specifically? Not sure where it's appropriate to post this. Please move thread if needed. Thanks for the fun today!!!!
  8. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/8756-sept-13-test-announcement-7pm-10pm-cdt/ Taken from this post^ "All Kickstarter backers with the Alpha 1 reward have been invited. All backers with the Alpha 1 reward who backed us through April 17th have been invited." You have been a member Since 26 Apr 2015 Maybe you needed to register on the website before this date even if you were on kickstarter earlier.
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