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  1. I made a post very similar to this once upon a time but am reopening my search. As far as what defines quality for me, I am not exactly sure at this point but I am more curious as to what people have to offer as far as their posts and what not goes, while I appreciate everyone and anyone that reads this just make sure you read the information below I am going to put that describes me to make sure were compatible, even if you are a little unsure I would rather you post and me be interested than you see one thing and assume it wouldn't work. I am a pretty big try hard in every sense of the word, sadly there is typically a stigma attached with that term but I try really hard in every game I play, I don't really enjoy being average or mediocre, I play to be competitive and that does not mean I think I don't make mistakes because I will be the first one to call myself out I appreciate being surrounded with people who also make a genuine effort to play well. I have a pretty long history of success in team oriented content in games. in WOW which is the most longest/most recent game I have been playing I achieved Gladiator twice and have finished multiple tiers of raiding top 10 US (One kill was world first!) and for those familiar with WoW held #1 US Times for a couple of the CM dugneons. while WoW and PvE aren't really applicable to this kind of game this is just kind of a testament that I can work well in group scenarios. I'm from the east coast but to be quite honest my play hours are pretty all over the place, if I end up attached to the game I will play a lot so realistically unless your prime operation hours are from 7-4 chances are it will work out. I tend to play the more support oriented roles. Will be a part of alpha 1. and even though the paragraph above is honestly pretty silly as far as making myself look like someone whose super serious, I am aware it is a game and the end goal is to have fun. I appreciate everyone that takes the time to read this and any replies or responses even more, I look forward to playing with all of you once the game launches.
  2. I mean its mostly people posted from the dregs getting the bot uptokes no?
  3. Yeah, its pretty crazy how three specific pictures end up getting over 350+ likes almost instantly
  4. 1 post and its crying in someones recruitment post nice life
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7RgN9ijwE4 me last night
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