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  1. Onigiri has a great controller support and I relize many mmos are starting to go towards controllers but we all know the classic keyboard will always be the origional fantanblous controller, Anyways but yes what do you guys think would you enjoy it? I could deffiently see it being a fun game to play with a controller
  2. Don't starve has a fun way of finding food or killing animals who will attack you for more food, I feel like it should besomething like that it feels satisfining when I pick a carrot out of the ground or kill a rabbit or trap them, hunger really is a big thing when it comes to games but hopefully there will e an area where you can cook all your foodie loot that would be cool.
  3. So yeah Is Taverns a possibility, like bruh I like areas where players can meet and have a good time you know taunt and poorly made socks haha, I love areas like those in game! Like every time you pay the bard he you could unlock a new song or something, they could bve mytchical songs about crowfalls lore! Anyways just an idea but i'm so glad I backed this kickstarter I see so much potential with this game and I'll probabloy be posting more on this fourm regularly. Let's hope for those strech goals! Post your opinions in the comments don't be shy :3
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