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  1. As far as I can remember, it's something that is already there on the archmage. And it's spammable, as long as mana is provided. Overall, i'd like to see the proc % on shatterstorm procs. Is the an internal CD ( I wish not ) is it above 50% ? Under 50% ? Will we ever know ? And I'm not a fan of how tanks are designed and I thjought that how frostguard were designed should have been the baseline for what the other tank should be. Instead it is completely reworked and lost the interresting stuff IMO.
  2. The question is not asked to me but i'll give my (honest) opinion : 1. 25 to 40 players. 2. Getting zerged to me is being outnumbered 2 to 1 or more. fighting 40 with a group of 20, 50 with a group of 25 and so on.
  3. I'll agree on every critique said by Durenthal Like many of us in this topic. However i'll give an opinion on this matter in particular : To me, the solution for the blob vs blob problem should be adressed by giving tools ( and by that i means power/skills ) that are meant to deal with these larger groups. And that means having power that are thought to be used in these situation. Aurora emitter is/was a first step in order to do that, but i think it's not a main damage spell as it was mainly a debuff that could not be stacked. And it had a CD that was, even after the +8 second
  4. So it's basically the traits system extensively applied to disciplines. Not that impressed yet, at least the rework of the talent tree looks great.
  5. I'll add my input on this as I had the same problem on my main computer, but not on my Gaming Laptop. It may be part of the problem, but not the only one. I have Crowfall installed on a regulard Hard Drive on my main computer and i have the same problem. However, when installed on an SSD, on my laptop, it never happens. And both runs with 8GB of DD4 Ram. It is probably the same problem as the answer being "making the computer runs faster" with just different means of doing that.
  6. A small personal feedback about Healers : The way they are designed makes them look good when taken apart. But once you start comparing them, in the end the only real differences are how they do heal and (obviously) how fast they can do it. You take the best one and you can basically dish out all the others. They do heal and give ressources, each with their own way (druid orbs/FW ice/Templar Divine Light/Clerci Illuminate) but that is it. They bring nothing more to differentiate them. There's, i think, some stuff taht coul be brought to differentiate them that would make group
  7. FrostWeaver Archmage's Keystone does seems to proc on shatterstorm ( as it should ) however the damages does not pop Up above enemy's head or on combat log. Also @thomasblair How often is it supposed to proc ? the Keystone does not give any % or any number. Is it 10 % chance ? 25 % more ? Based on focus gem chance ?
  8. @Yumx I come back after more than a year, i played, didn't found it fun during fighting. Yes. That doesn't mean I won't stop posting and giving feedback on the forum, on what do works and what doesn't. Especially since I really do not see any problem that makes me not having fun being taken care before it hits live ( and beta ). Not because Artcraft do not care about it, but the solution need Dev Time, which is going to bugfixing and to Caravans/Divine Favors/Fort and keep building. I'll may come back around in a few campaign, or when it hits Live. See If these problems are solved,
  9. I do not like big group fight actually. It was terrible in 5.100, and it still is in 5.110, even with a "stackburster" meta, coming from someone playing in a smaller guild. It's more of a chore that we have to do, because Divine Favors, caravans and City building just need to be ironed out, bug fixing, more informatioon on who wins what etc etc... Buyt we have to do big fight to hold our forts, and that is just not fun. And that is why we will, for most of us, take a break from the game. It was not fun playing against Vanguard, HoA or Winterblade. It was not either when winning against Horizon
  10. I agree that 5.110 have more AoE than ever, the only one decent and healthy to the game to me is the Archmage Shatterstorm. But it’s not working due to the fact that you can’t CC a group long (due to the many wonky combat design, like the way retaliate works ATM ) enough for it to deal enough damage, and the volatile procs that have been nerfed to the ground . It’s just a bit better on this side. That doesn’t make it good, and it’s clearly overshadowed by all the crappystuff you have to do with Icecallers. Before that, it was just worse and terrible and not fun at all. However, I don’t kn
  11. Funny thing that i think that one of the worst thing about Crowfall at the moment is large scale fight. Because of the lack of efficient AoE to help smaller groups to tear down bigger one (though, not going full ESO style with 5 man groups instantly killing 70/80 pugs, but find a nice balance in-between would be great.). Early 5.110 was great in this optic. But now to play DPS i'd go with the icecaller hogwash and that doesn't help at all.
  12. Sieges being at 3 to 4 am in Europe makes it really hard for me to test without sacrificing my sleep. Which I won't do. However i played around during the campaign and with things you wanted feedback on. So... Forts building. Discovering it is fun. For that i am sure. Making choices about what to build on the limited number of slots and what to prioritize is too. I dunno if it will still be when the cookie-cutter build-order will be found but right now it is. However i think we should be able to see what the pre-placed building can do like the well of eternity, the b
  13. Thanks for the update. Lags are a pain and i thinks it's a good thing you guys are working on it before putting it on test. We'll wait.
  14. Salut à tous ! Je vous présente un projet que j'avais en tête depuis un moment et que j’entretiens maintenant depuis presque un mois : Projet Maeve. Qu'est-ce que c'est ? C'est une chaîne youtube qui est dédiée à Crowfall et où l'on pourra trouver ( en tout cas c'est l'objectif ) du contenu varié : tutoriel pour les débutants ( ce à quoi je m'attèle pour le moment), discussion sur l'actu du jeu, probablement des Warstories en français, des vidéos de gameplay, etc etc... Pourquoi l’appeler le Projet Maeve ? D'une part parce je voudrais que la chaîne puisse, d'une façon
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