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  1. Random Ranged Assassin clips

    Nice bouncing shot, i understand now how i fell at mid HP without seeing anyone. also +1 on TTK with advanced weapon being way too short and advanced armor not able to keep up with mitigation, especially after reading Arkade's post on chest plate amor. I think that for the ressource cost and the mitigation earn it's not that worth compared to basic armor.
  2. Update : it seems that after the first pip, the time bank actually worked but the time stored didn't appeared. It did after a the second round of training finished though.
  3. I have the same bug, happening on all nodes except the class basic one. That's quite annoying.
  4. Bizarre, pour les quelques fois où j'ai eu à envoyer un mail au support, la réponse viens en général dans la demi-heure tant que c'est sur les horaires correct à Austin ( entre 15H et 3 heures du matin ) Le mail à bien été envoyé à support@crowfall.com ? Parce que même si la réponse ne vient pas tout de suite, j'ai au moins un mail qui me dit que ma demande a bien été reçu.
  5. Yep that's it. Have experimentation point in runemaking, used pots but only 4 points instead of 7 because i was playing cleric.
  6. Ok, got a bug with experimentation points : Got all 3 potions, my skill tree at the time gives me 2.2 points (the .2 may be the problem ?) for runemaking and i'm locked with only 4 points in any recipe to make harvesting tools. Tried without potions : still 4 points. WIth only experimentation point potion : still 4.
  7. I rate that stream : SuperFunHarvesting/20 Beside that : 5.3 ?
  8. An In-depth Critique of Skill UI

    Isn't it a bit late to discuss icons' design ? I don't know if you're right or not (I mean, if I can just keep the cooldown and make all the icons invisible, I'll do it) but we discussed on the topic a while ago ( Like something around a year ) and pretty much everyone, both the dev team, and players agreed that it was better this way. And I don't think it will change back as we have know hundreds of skills and hundreds of icons.
  9. About translation in that particular article : The J. from J. Todd Coleman became a 1. in the french translation. Beside that, no complaints about translation. In fact, i find great that the game is starting to already get it's translation while some game are out without translation when the publisher promised the translation for the release, which happened 4 months ago. Hat down to Travian games for their awesome job !
  10. Am i the only one thinking that the Q&A is a bit redundant with the last livestream and could have been fused into one ?
  11. Do different races have differents base attributes ? Like humans have more strengh than elves, but less than half-giant etc etc...And of course regarding the influence that vessels can have on it.
  12. Oh boy ! Still waiting for the day you'll disappoint me Ace, I guess it's not today.
  13. I have to say that this is very interesting and gives credit to the uncoupling theory. With some bonuses like new races. I like it, even if Nethari are absolutely unknown to me.
  14. Je dois admettre que ça arrive beaucoup plus tôt que ce que j'aurai pu penser ! Et franchement ça me déplait pas, chapeau bas pour le coup.