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  1. Voté aussi pour l'appel du corbeau, mais comme Uta j'aime bien l'idée de Gazette du Corbeau.
  2. Un peu de la même manière d'Uta je suis d'accord pour séparer la section discussion générale et les suggestions. Par contre, je pense que les suggestion pourraient être tout à fait fusionnés à celle des retours/commentaire sur le jeu. La logique ce serait de donner un avis sur le fonctionnement du jeu et en même temps de pouvoir être force de proposition. Le tout au même endroit pour être pratique. Dans la lignée, pourquoi pas faire des sous-catégories : une partie annonce et patch note pour les annonce de maintenance/patch note/une pour les retour et une pour les suggestions. Pareil pour la FAQ avec des sections différentes selon les parties du jeu différents : Le tout début, le combat/les classes, le craft etc etc... Pour les guildes et le recrutement, une sous-section recrutement et pourquoi pas une sous-section politique, qui si elle n'est pas encore très intéressante vu le petit nombre d'actif à l'heure actuel, permettra d'avoir des échanges de guilde à guilde. Voila, des idées comme ça qui me semblent intéressantes.
  3. Performance in 5.8.1 is utterly terrible. Sieges are not decently playable at the moment. Confessor's tornadoes ruins everything actually, FPS are dropping, MSG Ping is going nuts and the game is not fun anymore. We played siege on EU tonight, managed to defend, but every time a confessor dropped a tornado my FPS went to 15, some on our discord just freeze for 5 to 10 seconds every time it happens, when we are not crashing. Same goes for the ping, every time it goes up to 1K ping and skills are basically delayed or unusable. Also, there is the physics/falling damage problem. I know it won't be solved till 5.9, but it basically forces every group to run with a lot of them. There always was "flavor of the month"/super broken class, but adding the performance problem they are causing it makes the game sucks really bad. To the point where we did think, if it's not getting any better, skipping this patch and the sanctionned campaign and wait for 5.9 with hope it will be better. Also, fix the rank disparities between the faction. On EU Order has access to rank 10 while balance has rank 7.
  4. Sure, but you don't wear your $800 suit Everyday. You keep it for special occasion in order to avoid to damage/worn it for said special occasions.
  5. To my own surprise (well, because that means less Crowfall stream), i am fine with this. I hope we can focus more on what is new and important during these shorter stream instead off discussing balance (which is fine but out of topic).
  6. Bienvenue parmi nous ! Je n'ai pas eu la chance de jouer à aucun des jeux que tu as pu citer mais content que l'on ait un CM pour une communauté qui commence à prendre forme, merci le discord de la communauté française. Aura-t-on l'occasion de te croiser dessus ?
  7. There's a compass at the top of your screen, above the Tug-of-war UI. No minimap planned.
  8. <3 <3 <3. Il love this. I really do. I just hope it will be easy to get one and that player won't release too fast so that we can do that a lot.
  9. Nice bouncing shot, i understand now how i fell at mid HP without seeing anyone. also +1 on TTK with advanced weapon being way too short and advanced armor not able to keep up with mitigation, especially after reading Arkade's post on chest plate amor. I think that for the ressource cost and the mitigation earn it's not that worth compared to basic armor.
  10. Bizarre, pour les quelques fois où j'ai eu à envoyer un mail au support, la réponse viens en général dans la demi-heure tant que c'est sur les horaires correct à Austin ( entre 15H et 3 heures du matin ) Le mail à bien été envoyé à support@crowfall.com ? Parce que même si la réponse ne vient pas tout de suite, j'ai au moins un mail qui me dit que ma demande a bien été reçu.
  11. I rate that stream : SuperFunHarvesting/20 Beside that : 5.3 ?
  12. Isn't it a bit late to discuss icons' design ? I don't know if you're right or not (I mean, if I can just keep the cooldown and make all the icons invisible, I'll do it) but we discussed on the topic a while ago ( Like something around a year ) and pretty much everyone, both the dev team, and players agreed that it was better this way. And I don't think it will change back as we have know hundreds of skills and hundreds of icons.
  13. About translation in that particular article : The J. from J. Todd Coleman became a 1. in the french translation. Beside that, no complaints about translation. In fact, i find great that the game is starting to already get it's translation while some game are out without translation when the publisher promised the translation for the release, which happened 4 months ago. Hat down to Travian games for their awesome job !
  14. Am i the only one thinking that the Q&A is a bit redundant with the last livestream and could have been fused into one ?
  15. Do different races have differents base attributes ? Like humans have more strengh than elves, but less than half-giant etc etc...And of course regarding the influence that vessels can have on it.
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