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  1. As soon as it meant for faction or not ? I think not but i can still hope for it.
  2. I thought that today's founders' Update would be exclusively about the Take bug and what was going on. But i can say that i'm fine with this, like a lot of people i guess.
  3. I guess i can say that it is the most, but to the dev team. You know, design/animate the deer. It will be fun they say. Like the centaur.
  4. In the end, i did crop it ( well, resized it, then cropped it ) and... It looks great : http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=795784wallpaperCrowF2.png
  5. i just resized it. I still have black strips ont the top and the bottom. But it looks great that way. http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=711527wallpaperCrowF.jpg
  6. That ruined temple artwork looks so good that it's my new wallpaper. Good job Dave !
  7. "The Wardstone Chronicle". My favorite dark fantasy series of books. It is as good as his film adaptation (the seventh son) is bad.
  8. For the swarm ! :3 Personnaly i think that on the multiplayer-side of thing they focused way too much on the e-sport thing and forget about doing a game where people are having fun first, especially on the mods games/arcade and the community level. also whether for Starcraft or it's sequel, it really shows how the whole strategy thing should be handeld by the designer of the game, and also the player.
  9. They never talked much about the first test of every new milestones and started advertising it a bit later when more people can join in.
  10. Love to see there is a starcraft fan among the team ! My question would be : what do you think of Starcraft 2 and where it is going as a player and as an associate producer ?
  11. i thought we can only find them in campaign worlds and created nodes to place in our EK, which would not really be cost effective ? Or do we found only low tiers one ?
  12. It is already a discipline if i remember quite well, called cartographer which gives a map slot for the inventory and allow to use one.
  13. And with this one, we'll have two archetype for each role. 2 Tanks with the myrmidons ( next week probably ), 2 supports, 2 DPS and the 2 specialists. I guess he will probably be out by the end of october.
  14. Bienvenue parmi nous ! Yep bronze c'est suffisant pour avoir accès au jeu actuellement. Pour ce qui est du reste, en ce qui concerne l'heure il me semble que l'agenda google s'adapte à ton fuseau horaire, en tout cas pour le moi ça marche ( du coup la prochaine session c'est ce soir 21h00 et se termine à 22h30 ). Toutes les phases sont accessibles, même si ça reste compliqué de jouer sur le serveur australien vu les lags assez violent, et après une fois le moment venu tu pourras effectivement te connecter en sélectionnant le serveur ouvert, correspondant à la région.
  15. Got my invitation. To me it looks like it's for all EU backers. Sadly it's really far away. I guess i'll have to find a way or wait for an another party closer.
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