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  1. So what kind of tatical support will the druid play? variations of animal forms that allow them to have animal senses and abilities, summon/tame animistic/nature companions, cast a spell that makes a wall of trees to block incoming damage or keep enemies out? i wish for more druid information please! =)
  2. Whats wrong about how about wow was one of the top mmos that has ever been released and its been around for 10 years and still running strong. why not compare druids from different games, whats wrong about having an opinion from one game to another about a class? God i hope they have various forms like wow does but just with more utility....
  3. Schliems


    What kind of ideas would you like to see instead of the "Shapeshifter" druid...? I think its amazing giving a chance to play as a character who can transform into various forms of animals or nature related. It allows druids to be animist, to be one with nature in the game environment. maybe you did play games that has shapeshifting already in it but whats wrong about keeping the animist druid that form into animals? i dont know what kind of druid you want sir but i rather see this kind of play style.
  4. love the look of strongholds, now just waiting on how big and beautiful the castles will be =)
  5. keep up the good work! cant wait for more backers and many more stretch goals to be achieved =)
  6. Can't wait for buddy accounts and are we going have friend benefits for recruiting like extra expense and stuff?
  7. the only thing i can really see is having an option of our characters to smoke a pipe like lord of the rings. but that's the alchemist job to just buff us with potions using the herbs they find and collect. My druid ain't shooting up some heroine before battle hahaha
  8. Do you guys think that we kill enemy players we can get a portion of coins from looting their corpses? or capturing their caravans so we can loot the coins and items from their pack pigs?
  9. I know but every mmo game has this barter system and i just like how we can just trade raw materials and items instead of just giving them currency to pay off. i think its more unique economy system. I rather trade a shield that i have found during the campaign and trade it for a sword i can use instead of farming up currency to pay for things. It reminds me the good old days of diablo 2 =D
  10. i like this idea of currency.... but i am not sure about putting it in as inventory space, maybe to have its own space or something because its going eat up our bag room for other materials, weapons, armor and ect. But if its does turn out to be in inventory space and enemies put it in their pack pigs, does that mean we can kill the pig or steal the pig and rob off other players for currency? I am very interested on how this is going to play out =)
  11. No satyr please, i wanna see the male druid as an older human thats wised and a protector of the wilderness!
  12. alright guys just message the support if your also having this problem. i think they are working onto to fix this bug but they responded with this issue quickly and removed my items from the cart! i would give them 10/10 for customer to actually responding so quickly to our issues =)
  13. I am currently having this same problem as well. Back in march i bought the kickstarter package, then recently upgraded the bronze backer. Now ever since i paid for that pledge this shopping cart has an item in it and i cant seem to remove it. Was wondering if you guys found a solution or an understanding of why this happened? =( Updated****** I think the store is bugged because i just added a pack pig into my cart and its not removing the item off the list... so theres a problem with the crowfall store.... hopefully they will fix this problem and i emailed them about this current situation.
  14. i want them to add necromancer so bad =(
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