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  1. I don't like your pessimistic attitude.
  2. If it helps new players with picking their classes then its beneficial.
  3. Performance during large scale combat and a shallow progression system. I don't want their to be only one viable build for each archetype.
  4. Ah to go back in time the first day I logged in to SB. I so young then,
  5. I agree, it would kind of take away from the ranger if the assassin was as strong at range (even if its only mages)
  6. They should include in the lore how the half breed males either want to kill female fae or free the male breeders. Bro's over hoes! should be their battle cry. Kidding aside, there should be some strife between males and females. If a male half fae saw a female fae, they should try to kill each other.
  7. As a backer aren't we more than just the public? I know we don't get a share in the profits but I would think showing the survey results would lead to better transparency with ACE and what the backer perceptions are.
  8. We need lore on the male's genitalia. What's its motivation? Is it mad because it not a "vag". This could be the darkest timeline. Just kidding nice work on consolidating assassin information. I'm just happy I get to be a male assassin if the stretch goal is met.
  9. You should remove the "entitled" aspect of your post. I explicitly paid for certain access so don't make it seem that I'm lucky that ACE chose me to be in alpha/beta. If I received an invitation to do testing then you would be correct. Edit: Just saw your recent last post about its a generalized beta testing post. I would edit this in the context of Crowfall. If you are going to maintain it then it should be explicit to Crowfall.
  10. It has been stated its perma stealth. Here is an interview dealing with stealth and other things. https://www.themittani.com/features/crowfall-exclusive-interview-passive-skills-and-stealth-ops
  11. ACE has stated they have a vision and I'm assuming their is a vision statement to go with it. I'm hoping they release before Alpha so our feedback can be based of if they are meeting that vision. It really irks me to test a game and I can't evaluate if their game is meeting their design goals if I don't know what said goals are.
  12. So after doing Albion Online(AO) it got me super concerned about what ACE's stance is on gear. AO got crazy gear dependency going on and to craft higher level tier gear and is seriously gated to larger guilds. I'm hoping ACE has a statement on their philosophy about gear in the vision. Does most of our coefficient/modifiers come from gear or from skill level? Item decay how does it work (Are they like magnets /jk)? Bank storage, is it tied to a player/guild controlled entity?
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