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  1. i think the OP misunderstands passive training and ragequit.... The point is that regardless how your first campaign ends (win/loss)... you will enter your second campaign just about as powerful as anyone you encounter.. you will not be able to run around playing "whack-a-mole" with npc mobs and enter your second campaign a GOD because you had 200+ hours more to invest than us working folks... i personally think it's a pretty smart application of training... that (should you choose your training intelligently) will leave you able to compete in several campaigns, win or lose
  2. logic would send me to a lower difficulty campaign... so that i could leave with SOMETHING in the event of yet ANOTHER loss. coming home with 20% of your embargo would feel like a huge bounty after half a year of nothing
  3. Or... perhaps the flight will serve as "stealth" since they will be above the combatants??
  4. yeah all these topics about stealth or thievery seem moot with the basis seeming to be the wings
  5. I seriously doubt there will be "aerial combat"... i'm more thinking that assassins might have a few mobility advantages that might compare to the DUELIST underground tunneling... or perhaps some movement mechanics, (like a charge or distanced dodge to get out of bad situations)
  6. i mean honestly... they're in the concept art, yet i somehow missed them up until like... well TODAY. am i the only one who missed this??
  7. expect many CONTRIBUTOR level donators to upgrade to BACKER level or higher if/when the KS gets closer to the mount/caravan unlock... i know i'll double my contribution when it'll result in a figurine mount
  8. http://crowfall.com/#/faq/54ca4682bffce6644cb3380a from question #6 on discusses the crafting system
  9. if you have 3 characters... will they each be able to use the figurine mount?? or will each character have to carry their own figurine?? (meaning backers will have to choose one toon to use the mount)
  10. From my understanding, you will use the materials.... stone, wood, metal... from the campaign worlds to do what you like with your eternal kingdom. they are described as barren of these materials... so creating castles and cities would be impossible without entering the campaigns
  11. i will answer with a SUPPORT class as i am pretty unsure how a SPECIALIST class will be defined in this MMO... but they could take the lead as the game's mechanics become more well known to us
  12. Phearless


    Perhaps i'm too accustomed to the "holy trinity" of mmo's of the past generation... but i'm curious to what the SPECIALIST role would mean in the mmo genre. I can understand TANK, MELEE/RANGED DPS, and SUPPORT... but the role listed for assassin (along with ranger and duelist) are SPECIALIST. any clues or elaboration on the subject?
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