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  1. they are pretty useful for any game that has a hotbar (DayZ, Mortal etc)
  2. Mortal Online, sometimes Chivalry, War Thunder and from time to time DayZ when there is a new patch
  3. Without levling at all a mmo would be a bit boring imo. I dont want levling like "character lvl 1-90" though. Lvling skills and attributes by doing stuff that uses those skills/attributes is the way to go imo Kinda like UO or MO
  4. too early to decide on that, but i would be happy if the game will not be an alt fest like Mortal
  5. goltis


    enrollment in pvp matches? losing rewards? I dont think this will be that kind of game, but only time will tell
  6. goltis


    lol @ that one cheater voting the first option ^^
  7. I really hope for full loot for the reasons already mentioned in this thread
  8. I want to have full control over swinging my weapon, raising my shield, blocking, parry etc. If its first person i`d say something similar to Mortal online. If it can not be first person, i`d say something similar to Mount&Blade. I realize there is a problem with everyone saying "do it like this game!", but thats what you get when you ask gamers for input... Im happy to see "Action based Combat with Active Blocking" in the lead
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