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  1. Sign me up! Just texted with you in game
  2. I like to explore, quest and PvP but from what I gather this is more of an E-Sport game? Just instance battles? I have bought the game just not really gotten into it...seems like last time I played I just kinda wandered around.
  3. Hey thanks for the suggestions, appreciate it!
  4. So been a backer for a long time and I'm just SOOOOO tired of playing alphas, betas, etc. with games that I wanted to wait till Crowfall was almost ready to go. What all is there to do? Wishes!
  5. Not sure if it's a bug or just my files are corrupted but I have no hair color option but grey...also no skin color options. It seems regardless of what I pick the skin color is the same as well as the hair. Thoughts? Thanks!
  6. These prices are in line with other similar games like Shroud of the Avatar's housing. None of it bothers me as long as there is a way to obtain it in game without having to dish out real cash. I'm sure I will shop a bit though
  7. Quick question. If we are all granted a Kingdom then why would one want to go to another Kingdom, under another Monarch, to place buildings, etc? Wishes
  8. I think they should have a permadeath server but also a "normal" server.
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