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  1. Thanks for the update! That is great that you are giving the players the chance to use their imaginations and not supply it for them. Looking forward to the time when I am able to test out all those systems I have read about (i.e. pvp, E.K., voxel, fealty etc).
  2. Great Idea! Looking forward to seeing more details on the Thrall system.
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the info and looking forward to getting a "link account" message from the Crowfall team! #LegendaryWeek
  4. Thanks for the update ACE! The female champion looks lethal. I don't know why "Man Hands" come to mind.
  5. Great art! Looking forward to seeing her in game.
  6. Judge

    Afk, Brb...

    Instead of an invulnerability button we should have an emote button, for AFK, to mimic what we are actually doing(keeping it G rated of course). Just imagine running through the forest and you happen upon a Minotaur eating or dropping a deuce. Heck they could even have an achievement for it "choking hazard" or "silent but deadly".
  7. or instead of all bird tiers having "beastmaster" vision using the falconry ability would allow you to see certain dots on the map i.e. falcon can see any npc/player, vulture can see tamable animals or usable resources, owl has better detection at night or towards stealth units, eagle can be controlled or can counter any other bird.
  8. Thanks for the update and looking forward to seeing Crowfall form into a PVP/RPG/RTS Monolith.
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