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  1. Couple bugs with FW: stable ice appears to last 30s from timing it, but when the first stable ice you place disappears, the others visually do so - but remain and can be transformed or moved over. Also, when you start using freeweaving, the hotkey to advance to sew discord seems to be determined by the lowest number you have freeweaving assigned to on your bar - ie. if I place freeweaving on both the 1 and 2 keys, hitting either will prompt me to hit 1 to advance to sew discord. This creates a scenario where I can spam the 2 key to regain 50 mana every global, as using the freeweaving on the 2 key just recasts the first freeweaving ability rather than advancing the skill.
  2. With the release of War of the Gods to TEST, we are renewing our interest in actively testing and playing crowfall in preparation for dregs and soft release. All those interested in a centralized, structured multigaming community with more than 30+ interested in crowfall, definitely check us out!
  3. I've only been with CotP about 8 months now, but they've been a great group of guys. I look forward to the success of our chapter here.
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