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  1. I would highly recommend changing the description when using the crypt. I get that it's a crypt with death and stuff, but "kill yourself?..." along with your character actually committing suicide...seems like a lawsuit just waiting to happen, and tbh seems really uncomfortable and counterintuitive to what you mentioned before, with people being attached to their characters, why have them kill themselves. Just a really bad idea to include committing suicide and watching it happen onscreen as a core mechanic. This might be one of those things that you want to keep more vague or add a new animation for, because it really does make me really uncomfortable. I really like the idea of the crypt, but this seems over the top
  2. She cursed them, till she saw how innovative they were in adapting that curse. Impressed and flattered, she then adopted them as her own, granting them her blessing, with D'Orion being the first of their kind. So what started out as a curse they adapted into their gift, and it is a gift granted by learning the secrets of the deepest woods. I'd say that level of knowledge, skill and wisdom, as well as receiving the blessing/curse (depending on your perspective) directly from the goddess of nature herself makes them more qualified to wield nature's power. Plus could use more dedicated healer options in the mix, that aren't so...sapient...
  3. Was really more hoping for Elken Druid than Elken Cleric. Of all the races to get druid, I would have thought Elken would be first in the running after wood elves. Happy for more options, but a shaman stag was the archetype I really was looking forward to and have been dreaming of playing
  4. Hmmm, looking at the models side by side now, it kinda feels like the human armor options are a little too homogenized and similar; the scale looks like the mail, and the plate looks like the leather. Idk, maybe this shows that maybe the older models and renders may be due for an update, i mean the concept art for the half elf looks so much more distinct from each other.
  5. Still a crime that druid is not available to Elken. For gods sakes, they were transformed by the forest, you'd think they might've gained something from it
  6. Those are only for centaurs: Yes, though certain Disciplines will be restricted to particular Classes. None of the Disciplines currently have Race restrictions, but that may change. (Polearms/Polemace Masteries for the Centaur are the first candidate for this) Really opposed to this (how hard is it to figure out which end is the attacking end), think they should give polearm use to the more human or larger races that could be able to wield them. Frankly, would prefer they limit weapons to class as opposed to race.
  7. Elken Druids are the most necessary, no question. Look at their lore: essentially "gifted" by Gaea with the power of beasts and possessing mastery over the deepness of the forest, I really don't understand how they aren't shamans or druids, given they are steeped in Nature magic! They were conceived by Gaea blessing/cursing them into beasts, surely they can wield the wild and bestial magic of Gaea as well? I say remove their Knight class (they already have templar as a tanking option, and Knight is the most bloated class out there, having 6 races available, while the druid has half of that), or even their confessor class (which personally I love, but lorewise, druid makes waaaay more sense), and give us another healing accessible race! Not only that, but if you look at the poll, no one cares about Elken Knights. According to the community poll, only one person chose to be an Elken Knight out of 32, while Elken Templar were the second most popular choice. At this rate, the only one that'll be disappointed with the missing Elken knight is the one person, whereas I'm sure others will be happy to have more races with access to druid healing for their party balance and composition. Guinecean Druids: just like the Elken, their race was conceived by being steeped in Gaea's gift, granting them sentience and dexterity, surely they can channel that into nature magic. And again, beasts using bestial magic just makes waaaaay too much sense.
  8. "Yes, though certain Disciplines will be restricted to particular Classes. None of the Disciplines currently have Race restrictions, but that may change. (Polearms/Polemace Masteries for the Centaur are the first candidate for this)" Damn, I've polearms have always been my favorite weapons, just they were never on the classes (now races) that I really wanted to play them on T-T
  9. "By changing the underlying system now, we put ourselves in a position not only to fill out the chart of existing Race/Class combinations – but to add entirely new Races and Classes, as well!" YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!! May I interest you in...GORGONS?? SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF ZALEENA, AND THE AVENGERS OF LYESSA?!!
  10. ...I want my pistol wielding stoneborn...OR PISTOL WIELDING CENTAUR!!!!! NAME HIM SILVER AND YELL NONSTOP "HI HO SILVER!! AWAY!!!"
  11. Really was, I think that was the first lore I read, if not the first lore they had officially put out...the fae was at their beginning, it was their mascot for the longest time (capitalizing on the "crow" features of the game's name), it really kind of set the brutal and unforgiving tone for the lore and theme from then out. ...Wow, nostalgia kicking in...
  12. True, yeah, I can see that. But in my MMO career, I've played about 10 interpretations of clerics. I've NEVER played a legionnaire before. It's such a minor thing though, going to be a blast with my half-giant cleric!!!
  13. Yeah, i'll admit, I really did like the assertive and aggressive inflection that the word "legionnaire" brought to the game, made it feel like it stood out more. Cleric just sounds more passive and generic (wow, sounding like such a negative nancy, when I'm actually so happy and excited about this update). Also, anyone else noticing that the elves are going FW and Druid, while the more human races are going for Templar (and to a lesser extent, Confessor)...? Does that mean Humans will fall out of Kane's good graces, and the rumors that Kane and Gaia had a thing are confirmed??
  14. I also love how they've tried to provide each race with at least one mage class, one tank class, and one rogue class. I always thought that would've been such a great thing to add to the archetype/monster races, to give them at least an option to play a magic flinging elken, or a cloak and dagger minotaur, though I always assumed this would be through promotions. MY CONFESSOR ELKEN DREAMS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!!!! (Except for legionnaire and stoneborn not having a roguelike class...which I get aesthetically, especially with stoneborn, but for an imperial culture like the centaur, would've thought that they'd be able to appreciate the bow and arrow...maybe because they move so fast, they were unconcerned with range?)
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