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  1. I'm going to hope that was sarcasm xD
  2. Hey I checked out the new stretch goals and I got super excited, oculus support, that's awesome! But then I realized we can't possibly reach that point in the time we have, I have called for it before and I'm calling for it again, there needs to be a store on the Crowfall website that will allow us to work towards these stretch goals after the Kickstarter is finished. This would mean more, continuous funding for the Crowfall team, those who wish to upgrade their pledge later can and the community will be rewarded with a better final product. Thank you for reading, please consider this and post your thoughts in the comments.
  3. I've been trying to find information on the specialist archetype, I haven't able to find anything. However I did think of something, both specialists have high agility, because of this and the name I think specialists will be encouraged to take on more disadvantage runes so they can put their points onto anything. I believe that they will be the most diverse characters who will require more thought to be put into creating them. That's the reason the devs stated that the specialists would be for more advanced players. Please tell me your thoughts and link any information that may contradict what I have said, thanks!
  4. I definitely agree with this as I am planning to slowly upgrade my pledge from $34 to $175
  5. Hey guys I'm quite new to the MMO scene and I haven't had too much to do with guilds in that time so I was wondering how all this is going to work. What kind of hierarchy will be setup and how everyone is going to communicate?
  6. Hey, I bought the early bird contributor pledge as I don't have very much money, but I am hoping to upgrade later. However, my question is will the devs make some form of store so I can upgrade my pledge after the Kickstarter is completed?
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