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  1. Rynar on track!

    DeathStar...badass! Wanting to buy spec groups please. Sometimes I'd fly with horesy groups because...I Warlocks were always my favorite.
  2. Rynar on track!

    Mighty fine runestone you have there sir. I used to roll lots of different shadelocks and a shade instahide (teleportation, sorcery-based, hit & run) wizzy w/ shroudborne for 1 point in that heal. That toon could sneak up to a group at exact casting range, pick one target, DoT, Debuff, fire 3 mage bolts and teleport away teleport away before anyone could do a thing. That DoT ticked HARD. I think that was my favorite stealther for trees. With one scout you could murder everyone, prioritizing other scouts, of course. /Nostalgia bomb
  3. Rynar on track!

    Cool build. I can feel your revery of character design; something I barely see these days. Themepark MMOs destroyed the concept, but it's specialization like your bard that I really loved about SB. So many fun builds. Endless hours of crunching out new ideas, which only enhanced a huge portion of gameplay: knowing exactly how and when to use your build and predicting what others built and how to handle it. Whether it was two steathers that could defend a tree against two dozen or a high def sentinel group + one wizzy that could teleport into a bane, big bomb, and wipe the area -- the ability to design a spec group was awesome. I made some epic builds and had guildies roll some silly stupid crazy awesome specs...miss those days, where a small clever group could turn the tide of a bane or conquer a continent. =P
  4. Bug: Password requirements for in-game/client login do not match requirements for website/account/updater. I had a password with spaces on the website/account/updater but couldn't log in after launching the client because spaces aren't allowed in the client. I changed my pass and logged in fine, but fyi =).
  5. Time to bring my desktop to work =P.
  6. Victory!

    Congrats! Are you guys napping or what? Hey, that beer doesn't look like a might lead to one though . Haha. Super Stoked!
  7. Its My Money!

    +1 on the internet hamster saying so lol. But listen to that hamster...wait...what was the original advice again? Go with, it's a dead genre that you can be a part of rebooting; something you've been bitching about for a decade, and that you, while subtly, yearn to scratch the itch that hasn't been possible for so long. This is also good for analogies. A good lift is extremely satisfying, as is dominating an FPS match, or a beautiful fight in SB, but none will ever satisfy the need for another... or insert way-the-eff more relevant analogies. I throw money at short-term activities all the time. Nights or weekends that amount to fun memories and experiences. How easy is it to then argue for a lasting mainstay of entertainment of comparable price, that will form a new basket (like a really really big basket, but without splinters, splinter !$%ing suck) of fun memories... Yay worthwhile Crowfall support? lol. I'm going back to work now.
  8. A Wild Bandersaur Appears!

    Arrg! I was scrolling through intros to look for old SB peeps...while at work...I saw this...and let out a laugh right as someone was discussing something really not funny !@$%!!! lol. Nice title. Welcome.
  9. So.. How Do We Abbreviate This?

    I will now read this entire conversation, including the acronyms (ALL the acronyms) outloud... in a really fast, deep voice....*ahem*
  10. 03/13/15 - Character Progression Faq

    Maybe someone has seen this confirmed, but I'm paranoid. After character creation, is there attribute advancement/training (besides disciplines)? In Shadowbane, the interplay between attributes and proficiencies was one of the bedrocks of advanced character customization.
  11. Unlikely Company - Alpha 1

    Fine... I just got alpha 1. Haha. Since SB was so questy, we're going to roleplay a lot right? Do we need safety words? I think I want a safety word.
  12. Unlikely Company - Alpha 1

  13. I don't know what he was thinking... Clearly it should be the town of duttbicks.
  14. Ahh peer pressure! Sapphire does have alpha 1 though...