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  1. I somehow went my entire run in SB without muting those. Now it's nostalgia. Success?
  2. Blank


    Congrats! Are you guys napping or what? Hey, that beer doesn't look like a nap...it might lead to one though . Haha. Super Stoked!
  3. +1 on the internet hamster saying so lol. But seriously...you listen to that hamster...wait...what was the original advice again? Go with, it's a dead genre that you can be a part of rebooting; something you've been bitching about for a decade, and that you, while subtly, yearn to scratch the itch that hasn't been possible for so long. This is also good for analogies. A good lift is extremely satisfying, as is dominating an FPS match, or a beautiful fight in SB, but none will ever satisfy the need for another... or insert way-the-eff more relevant analogies. I throw money at short-term activities all the time. Nights or weekends that amount to fun memories and experiences. How easy is it to then argue for a lasting mainstay of entertainment of comparable price, that will form a new basket (like a really really big basket, but without splinters, splinter !$%ing suck) of fun memories... Yay worthwhile Crowfall support? lol. I'm going back to work now.
  4. Arrg! I was scrolling through intros to look for old SB peeps...while at work...I saw this...and let out a laugh right as someone was discussing something really not funny !@$%!!! lol. Nice title. Welcome.
  5. I will now read this entire conversation, including the acronyms (ALL the acronyms) outloud... in a really fast, deep voice....*ahem*
  6. Maybe someone has seen this confirmed, but I'm paranoid. After character creation, is there attribute advancement/training (besides disciplines)? In Shadowbane, the interplay between attributes and proficiencies was one of the bedrocks of advanced character customization.
  7. Fine... I just got alpha 1. Haha. Since SB was so questy, we're going to roleplay a lot right? Do we need safety words? I think I want a safety word.
  8. I don't know what he was thinking... Clearly it should be the town of duttbicks.
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