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  1. Ahoy, hibernating Guinecean waking up, took a nap after Hunger Dome, it was a bit longer than I had planned... which means knowledge/skill-training is near zero, so looking for a guild to play in, mostly crafting/gathering (I would need to reward myself with a new PC for any decent pvp, it's... old), gaming-time should be around (EU) CET 20-23 (+ weekends), voice chat is more listening than speaking. I'm open to playing on NA, but timezones are probably not ideal. Region: EU Casual/Hardcore? Casual/Semi-HC (depending on your definition) Play-Style: Gatherer/Crafter Game experience: GW 1, 2 from "MMOs" (if we can even call them that) Found one.
  2. Agreed, just wanted to be extra sure (due to the Travian-case mostly). Yes, thank you.
  3. In theory yes, region locks could help, but in Crowfall's case: 1.) There are already players from there who can "induce lag issues", "legally" playing on NA/EU, the Backers. 2.) If the masses(/majority) were to play on NA/EU with the more expensive packages, the russian partner would have almost no reason to make it cheaper, so russian zerg swarming onto EU depends on the russian partner, if they're decent it's unlikely (which is a big question, but we can do nothing about that). (Would you pay more to have a worse experience? I don't think lots of players would.) 3.) There is almost no "quality" difference between a russian and an East-EU player's ping for NA, both are "horrible" (depending on your views of horrible of course), Russians are regularly placed on "EU" servers when they're not locked out, so the ping argument is not that great for that one either. And I don't believe that imposing an EU region-lock to have NA only to NA players would be welcomed by the backers, though I may be wrong. (I remember when Travian happened, and even earlier during KS, EU folks asking if they are allowed to play on NA or are locked out, so it was important to them, I don't think this disappeared.)
  4. Thank you for the reply, just to be sure I understood it correctly, it will be impossible (legally) to buy NA/EU version of CF from CIS, even if they were to "agree" to pay the "correct" (EU/NA) price after the change? If (early-)backers from CIS can play on NA/EU (which should mean it's not an "IP-region-lock", the usual kind where VPNs are used to play it regardless), then in theory if someone from NA/EU "gifts" them a copy of CF, will they be able to play on NA/EU? Gifting a Backer-copy? Legal problems for both? I mean from my POV, as long as someone from CIS accepts the different (higher) costs of playing on NA/EU (both the initial and the additional purchases), the "only" reason to not allow that is if the contract with "the Russian Company" does not allow it (which can be understandable, even if not desirable by every players). Well, not counting the additional administration and support for the confusion, having 2 CF versions available... This may all be covered in the article when the partnership is announced in more detail, if so that's okay, I'm in no rush. (Though my East-EU blood is screaming at me to search for the loopholes, can't help it...)
  5. Disclaimer: I'm from EU and not CIS (though that depends on Russia, if they wanna anschluss us, can't really do much), so more of an "asking for a friend" interest. (Thinking about it, I do have friends from CIS, maybe I can get them to play CF at release.. hmmm) I'm kind of out of the loop, what is the stance on region-locks? I faintly remember no lock for EU backers (aka can select NA) when Travian happened. FAQ says this: Regionally appropriate pricing foreshadows some kind of lock for me (and I can understand the reasons), but I'm not sure if there is an "official reply" to this question already and I just couldn't find it. If it will be covered later during the announcement then I'm satisfied, just wanted to know.
  6. In the update, FAQ 9.: So to my understanding, it will not be handled at all on a support level.
  7. Hmmm... still theorycrafting ofc, but... hmmm "When this power [Vanish, the iFrame] is activated, the Duelist is taken out of combat and placed into burrow (stealth mode)." Out of combat, so... Burrow mode with Ambush and Cannon Barrage? With the Vanish's keg... "After a few seconds the barrel will explode, dealing damage and knocking down all enemies within 5m range." Vanish -> few second waiting -> enemy knocked down -> easy Cannon Barrage -> Ambush (3 pips), so continue as you like O.o But at least I don't see easy "spammable" escape, as the only getaway is Vanish (a good one, but can be used for offensive combos, so not just an escape), maybe the assassin will be the "disengage" stealth user while Duelist the "ambush" type.
  8. Yes, it will work. I have a KS and a 2015 package, KS consumed other not. Picture was made for another thread, but you can see the info anyway
  9. Why not allow launching players? We have falling damage, so it can be interesting.. on-death effects with cheap body? Damage-mitigation from falling with skills/discipline/whatever to infiltrate a keep could be interesting, too. And who doesn't wanna see flying Guineceans!
  10. Tyrant from ACE, so it's "official information"
  11. Or you can get some extra months of VIP... you can redeem them for 15$/month and buy 1 year for 140$, gaining "2 free months" every ~10 months you already have.
  12. Sooo.... ACE must have nude pics! Or how could they decide whether that rodent is male or female...
  13. Just for the sake of clarity, you don't need the $100 bundle, you have to spend $100 overall, be it a bundle, castles, anything else in the shop. And earlier backer will get the invite sooner on the same "testing level", so a kickstarter backer will get into the testing earlier than a 2016 backer, if they are on the same level of testing level. (f.e. alpha 3 kisktarter backer will get invite earlier than alpa 3 2016 backer, even if the kickstarter backer upgraded to alpha 3 level after the 2016 backer)
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