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  1. The game needs to be optimized, and for that to happen, we need to be in the game world, hence the "Big World" update. Right on course.
  2. 1. Please don't make jumping consume food. Some of us love to jump spontaneously. 2. Give us a key bind to consume food automatically drawn from our inventory(that is smart enough to prevent making us over eat and waste food)
  3. If out of arrows, being forced to go into ranged stance over and over to regen energy seems like a mistake still.
  4. I think most MMOs have been created because a studio decides "to do an MMO" without a lot of forethought.
  5. At first, I was concerned about rangers having a primary attack that roots them in place. I am still am, but I also have solutions in mind trying to keep within the Philosophy for this game. A big part of that philosophy is TERA style gameplay where making an attack commits you to being in a particular position, that opponents can read, and respond to. The combos balance this out by giving players a little unpredictability. Instead of free movement, a skilled player knows I can exit a combo or continue on with options A, B, or C. There are a few different scenarios the ranger will need to
  6. Being able to strafe when dueling another ranged is a must
  7. I thought her mouth looked weird too, thought it was only me.
  8. One concern I have is if a ranger runs out of arrows and out of energy. The ranger will be forced to go into ranged mode to regenerate energy, but won't be able to fire any shots. Rangers should probably have slow energy regeneration while in melee mode. Can't wait to see it in action and gain more perspective.
  9. If only he followed me on Reddit, I would have double the karma.
  10. Thomas Blair has discussed skill leveling on Podcasts and has talked about how EVE skill leveling to complete all skills takes 26(?) years. I might be off a few years. Anyways, that is the example he gave for his hopes for Crowfall. This was by no means an official number, just some early comparisons to what they are thinking. He also threw out an example that he hopes to have something like 1500 skills for Crowfall, that too is a very rough goal. Vessels are part of the balancing. Vessels will limit skills from functioning beyond a certain value, so even though older players have higher skil
  11. According to the new system announced, an account can only be training one general skill at a time. So, a player could mix and match, have some combat and some crafting skills at the same time, but couldn't fully focus in both. Any effort into crafting will take something away from pure combat builds and vice versa. Everyone must choose. In my opinion, this is going to make crafters even more valuable since (in my opinion) most players won't want to give up their ability to fight.
  12. It will literally take decades to master both crafting and combat, so I do think a choice is required. In a way, the choice is actually more real now. Now, a player cannot do both.
  13. This system is going to confuse and scare away a lot of people that see this system as piling onto the death penalty. But I would encourage those people to consider some things. - Players will be able to grab basic vessels easily - Vessels aren't just something that will be taken away from you, you can also accumulate them too - We don't know how often players are going to die, games with corpse looting encourage players to be careful and you might be able to keep a vessel for quite some time - Carrying and transporting loot might be something meaningful, and you might not always lose
  14. I don't care how long it takes, I just want the game to be fantastic when it does launch.
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