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  1. Great to see Winterblades here! I hope to run into you, @Angelmar
  2. Yep! Gordon pointed me in the right direction. For some reason, it looks like it's an issue with GeForce Experience so this is what I did to fix it: Uninstalled GeForce Experience Rebooted Installed the latest NVIDIA drivers manually from: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx Making sure not to install GeForce Experience Doing it as a clean install Rebooted Launched the Crowfall patcher and then the game And, it worked!
  3. FYI, I did email support but figured if someone else ran into this, they might have a quick resolution and if someone else is having this error, they might see this and find a way to fix it as well.
  4. Anyone run into this and, if so, know how to solve it? The game patches fine and then when I go to launch the game from the patcher, I get this issue (I'll put an image below as well): Aftermath Error 0xbad00000 Things I've tried: Using the Repair feature in the launcher Completely uninstalling the game to include deleting the directories and reinstalling I use an nVidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super and I have the latest drivers I'm using DirectX 12, Windows 10 64-Bit (build 19042) I've tried installing the game as Administrator and running it as such I doubt it matters but I have it installed on "S" drive which is an SSD Any ideas?
  5. Hi all. I worked at UTV for a bit on Faxion, and while some old Wolfpackers and Stray Bullet Games employees were there, Todd was still at King's Isle at the time, I believe. Update after reading more on this topic. While I've never worked at ACE, I have worked with Todd, Gordon, and some others at Wolfpack, BioWare, etc. ACE never had any affiliation with UTV Ignition (nor did UTV with King's Isle or BioWare, etc). I'm fairly certain no one from UTV is at ACE although many of us have worked together in previous companies. I think the only person who worked at UTV that was at ACE is Jonathan P (and he's not an artist). TL;DR Faxion and Crowfall are different games and none of the leads from one were on the other
  6. It's been a while since I looked but I'm fairly sure they are in MP3 format on the discs if you have them.
  7. Well, I have to admit, it's a great name for a guild
  8. I just wanted to say thanks for making sure these are still on the audio podcasts, too! It definitely helps with my commute down the 360 hwy in Austin, the hurry and wait in line city
  9. hehe, I fear I have more time to listen to a podcast in traffic than I do to watch one at home. Well, that's not necessarily true... just at that point, I tend to play games instead of watching them
  10. Are you still doing these as audio podcasts. Last one I see (for Android, at least) is Ep 6 on 4/12. Have to admit, they are great to listen to on the commute (oh Austin traffic.... hurry up and wait to get anywhere, especially on 360).
  11. Yep but I imagine they are staggering them out due to how many people backed the project. Just keep your eyes peeled for an email entitled "Claim your backer rewards!" from no-reply@crowfall.com.
  12. Mine ultimately worked when I received it but it took a few refreshes before it would. The first two times I'd put in my code and it would do nothing... but third time was the charm! Already sent my repro steps and OS/Browser stats to Support in case it helps.
  13. I actually had a toon in DHL; Spjorn Skullcleaver. And unfortunately that was a problem quickly on for that server. DHL dominated it early and, after a bit, pretty much owned that world. I also played on Mourning (with a few toons) and it had a better sampling of guilds and never really got into the same state. One of the reasons it'll be interested to see how the campaigns work out in CF... it is akin to a server reset or server up for SB.
  14. It was always part of the plan... but I think it took on a life of its own. When I first started, I think my title was "Internet Relations Manager" because there was no industry standard of "Community Manager" and only a few people doing those kinds of things at the time. I also remember early on we did a Fan Gathering before the game launched at the Copper Tank (I want to say that was the name of the place). Most of the devs were a little hesitant to go because of how, ahem, passionate the community already was. Luckily, the event went REALLY well (outside of some technical glitches) and I think it helped most of the devs see the "real" side of the fans and not just the rabid forumbaners. But yeah, Forumbane was a game unto itself and I think without it, SB would not have been the same.
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