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  1. It's been a while since I looked but I'm fairly sure they are in MP3 format on the discs if you have them.
  2. Well, I have to admit, it's a great name for a guild
  3. I just wanted to say thanks for making sure these are still on the audio podcasts, too! It definitely helps with my commute down the 360 hwy in Austin, the hurry and wait in line city
  4. hehe, I fear I have more time to listen to a podcast in traffic than I do to watch one at home. Well, that's not necessarily true... just at that point, I tend to play games instead of watching them
  5. Are you still doing these as audio podcasts. Last one I see (for Android, at least) is Ep 6 on 4/12. Have to admit, they are great to listen to on the commute (oh Austin traffic.... hurry up and wait to get anywhere, especially on 360).
  6. Yep but I imagine they are staggering them out due to how many people backed the project. Just keep your eyes peeled for an email entitled "Claim your backer rewards!" from no-reply@crowfall.com.
  7. Mine ultimately worked when I received it but it took a few refreshes before it would. The first two times I'd put in my code and it would do nothing... but third time was the charm! Already sent my repro steps and OS/Browser stats to Support in case it helps.
  8. I actually had a toon in DHL; Spjorn Skullcleaver. And unfortunately that was a problem quickly on for that server. DHL dominated it early and, after a bit, pretty much owned that world. I also played on Mourning (with a few toons) and it had a better sampling of guilds and never really got into the same state. One of the reasons it'll be interested to see how the campaigns work out in CF... it is akin to a server reset or server up for SB.
  9. It was always part of the plan... but I think it took on a life of its own. When I first started, I think my title was "Internet Relations Manager" because there was no industry standard of "Community Manager" and only a few people doing those kinds of things at the time. I also remember early on we did a Fan Gathering before the game launched at the Copper Tank (I want to say that was the name of the place). Most of the devs were a little hesitant to go because of how, ahem, passionate the community already was. Luckily, the event went REALLY well (outside of some technical glitches) and I think it helped most of the devs see the "real" side of the fans and not just the rabid forumbaners. But yeah, Forumbane was a game unto itself and I think without it, SB would not have been the same.
  10. Yeah, when I started working on Shadowbane, the only things I had played (MMO-wise) was Ultima Online and Everquest (I did play DAOC while working on SB, though and a few other MMOs). Around that time there was Asheron's Call and Anarchy Online and I believe Eve launched shortly after SB. But everyone was looking at making their own MMO. Sure, some of the RPG elements were similar but there was a lot of differences between them, too. One of the greatest things for the industry was also one of the worst (imo) - WoW. Great in that they made a fantastic, highly polished product that really brought a lot of attention to the MMO genre. The downside is most publishers just wanted WoW 1.2. They wanted something that would attract millions of players and make even more money and the idea most of them was to cookie-cutter what WoW was. In the long run, I think WoW will have done (a lot) more good than harm but there was a good span of time where everyone just wanted WoW "but different" and that was the direction a lot of developers were given. The most hated on the forums, huh? That is some bold talk! I was sad to see it shut down after I left (but, sadly, it wasn't a surprise).
  11. I imagine what made Shadowbane so memorable is different for various sets of people. For me it was the social aspect of things... the political intrigue, the alliances, the backstabbing, the friends, the in-game lore (such as the Feature Character System). While you say you don't feel it was captured, what do you think was missing? What made Shadowbane so great for you?
  12. The other day, someone was wearing a "Smells Like Teen Spirit" t-shirt and she was in her early 20s. I said "You a big fan of the band?" in which she replied, "What band?"
  13. I was beginning to wonder when you'd show up!
  14. I was doing some digging last week on some of the guilds I used to play with and against and the list made a nice trip down memory lane: Fallen Lords (FL) The Knights of Glory and Beer (KGB) Crimson Sky Empire (CSE) The Black Hand (TBH) Order of Blackmoon (OBM) The Mafia X-Lords (XL) Punishment of Asia (PoA) The Resistance (TR) Rangers of Skara Brae (RSB) White Council (WC) I really wish I had backed up my old Pacific Shard Times site that had a lot of the old stories on there.
  15. Oh the memories: You should play... Shadowgame!
  16. One of the things brought up in this episode said something along the lines of UO players not using their best gear. That isn't the exact quote but it was something along those lines. I'm not sure if I quite agree with that, though. I played UO for about 3 and a half years on the Pacific shard. I ran a fan site called the Pacific Shard Times, I was part of Tryon's guild as ImaBumpkin (although I wanted to be ImaPK!), but more than anything, I fought along side and against a lot of the guilds there. For the fun of it, I tried to write down some of the more rememberable ones: Fallen Lords (FL) The Knights of Glory and Beer (KGB) Crimson Sky Empire (CSE) The Black Hand (TBH) Order of Blackmoon (OBM) The Mafia X-Lords (XL) Punishment of Asia (POA) The Resistance (TR) Rangers of Skara Brae (RSB) White Council (WC) Now granted, I quit playing before Siege Perilous and Trammel became a thing. Around then is when I jumped ship and was on Rallos Zek for EQ so maybe it changed around then. But one of the things I'd say is we treated our best gear much like Thanksgiving dinner -- you didn't bring out the good china for a burgers and fries. I didn't bring out my Katana of Vanquishing when I went dungeon crawling or for random excursions. Instead it came out for guild fights, tournaments, and other large battles (anyone remember the PGC fights?). Without knowing what kind of "bind" system they may use in Crowfall (I know the ones we toyed around with as ideas when working on Shadowbane) for items, it could be something like that. You have your general wear and tear items and you have your "Dress Blues" for those more pivotal fights and rallies. That said, it may be harder at first. My guess is there will be quite a few players who are not used to rulesets like that. Since World of Warcraft, losing or decaying items has been much more niche and so it'll take educating people on how to equip instead of them just giving up and going away. Anyways, my .02.
  17. Unfortunately, I do not think they can. Those rights are owned by someone else at this time (or so I believe).
  18. That is definitely the challenge and why I believe Todd and Gordon are going the crowdfunding route. It wouldn't be that hard for them to get a big publisher to back them but any time that happens, to your point, there is a good chance they'll want some, ahem, design input. Getting it through angel investors and crowd funding alleviates that, a lot (or so I would imagine). But yeah, it is a big step and can be quick shaky unless you have a really good foundation beneath you.
  19. I have to lol first... was reading the rest of this topic and it took an interesting direction. Oh forumbane, there are days I miss you! I fear I have been super negligent of my site for the last few years. At first that was on purpose. But I do want to start it back up (or rather it's been up but I need to dust it off and start using it again). My plan has been to try and jump back in the game industry once my daughter is well off into college (which really isn't that far away... eek!) and my dream is to make WotG a reality (although probably come up with a better name). I have been playing some MMOs over the years but mainly just as something online to do with friends. But I have to admit, between going through old design docs and reading some of the stuff on Crowfall, it has started to rejuvenate my love of MMOs and I've been dusting off some of these docs and updating them with things learned over the years. And I have a long flight coming up soon which will be a perfect opportunity for doing this, heh.
  20. Someone at Ubisoft -- he wasn't a Wolfpack employee.
  21. Hmm, I haven't been hacked in ages. I wonder why it doesn't like it. Funny enough, I went out to dinner with some friends last night (from the game industry) and quite a few of us worked together at one place or another. And now they all span companies from Bethesda to Blizzard to quite a few inbetween. The industry itself is getting larger but you're pretty much guaranteed to know at least someone in most studios if you've been in the game dev industry for about 5 years. That and Austin is still one of the places to be for the game industry
  22. Val is great people (and a great CM). Met her back when she worked with NCSoft with Richard Weil. You don't want just any CM herding cats (what I refer to as community management, heh) in a PvP community. Between her and Tully, though, I'd bet on them being pretty amazing at it.
  23. haha, funny that you bring that up. I always threaten people with the idea that when I do come back to the game industry (once my daughter is off to college and I can be more frivolous) that I would make my old War of the Gods scenario I was armchair designing on my old site which was basically my spiritual successor of Shadowbane with a lot of lessons learned (from SB and other games). To your point, though, I would hope people would be a bit untrusting. While I love a good fanboi, they are the ones who get the most upset when things are not way the mentally envisioned (and they never are the way we "see" them) and feel the most betrayed. I plan on doing a little bit of a write-up about Crowfall in an effort to help get the word out a bit more and see if we can get the Caravan stretch goal which is, by far, the one I'm most excited about. But even in that write-up, I plan on being very upfront with the fact that this is not the Game of Games and that there are things I'd probably do different (but also point out the fact that every designer is like that, lol!) and things that do concern me. But, at the end of the day, grumpy jaded gamer that I am, while not going full fanboi on Crowfall, it has brought a glimmer of hope to get a great combat game that is more than just a gankfest. And while I'll walk forward carefully, I am walking forward Long post is long, I know.
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