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  1. ACE owned european servers ? Not sure how much that actually costs though.
  2. I know Ronimo uses some members of its community to translate content for Awesomenauts. A friend of mine is one of them. I'm not entirely sure how they proceed. I've seen a dev post on their forums that their Russian community had been increasing in size and so they were looking for people to help with the translation (http://www.awesomenauts.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=35665) Again, not sure how that works or how the amount of text in Awesomenauts compares to something like Crowfall, but it's a method that might be worth investigating.
  3. Hi ! I'm from France. My personnal experience is that the average english level in my country is terrible, probably (one of) the worst in Europe. Geeks and gamers do have an advantage and yet most of them are incapable of communicating with english-speakers. Language is very much a barrier to entry. People like me, who feel comfortable enough posting on forums are the exception, not the norm. I definitely want my friends to play Crowfall with me. They can communicate with english-speaking players on occasions, but I know they won't feel comfortable speaking only english, and in the long run it may hurt their enjoyment, especially in a game that promises to be so reliant on human interaction. -French translation isn't the biggest priority. I think most players from your core, niche audience are capable of reading english and can play any game that's not too text heavy. As long as skill descriptions and the like are very clear it shouldn't be a problem. If you have the budget though, french translation will make your number of french players explode ! A lot of people will at least try the game when otherwise they wouldn't even have bothered. Crowfall is buy to play and that means people who aren't confident enough in their ability to speak english won't take the risk. -What I think is really a priority, is a way for non english-speakers to find and play with people of the same language. As I said, I think many french players are capable of playing a game in english but are terrified by the idea of having to talk to another player in english. I'd suggest taking a look at how Guild Wars 1 handled regions and languages. Basically, there was no "server selection" where you would pick a server for your country and would never be able to change. Whenever you were in a town or outpost you could switch "regions" as much as you want. You could go to the "europe - french" region where people speak french or choose any region from any country. You could go the NA servers from europe and vice versa. No restriction. There's also an "International" region that's very useful for international community events. Now, obviously, GW has a very unique technical structure and not every game is able to replicate it. Still, this feature had great benefits. Some people in this thread have already complained about getting the general, international chat flooded with french or german. It is indeed a problem. And even if you are fluent in english, it's still very cool to be able to speak you mother-tongue with your friends. Guild Wars allowed its players to communicate and play in the language of their choice without ever segregating parts of its community. Even if Crowfall isn't translated to other languages I think it should allow people of the same language to find each other and play together.
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