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  1. At this point, if anyone is interested in revisiting SB, pick SBEmu, over the other one. While I don't fully support SBEmu and it's changes, its the only option left. The other project turned into irreversible cesspool where not only community but also admins lowered themselves to "fighting" other players and guilds by using real life information and IPs. So unless you want to have your IPs, e-mails, real life pictures abused, steer away from the other project and if you have to, pick SBEmu.

  2. Are some of you capable of differentiating between the goal of KS which is the core module and release of the game, or should we have another Kickstarter campagin for raising Mr. Rogers from the dead so he could explain it in children's terms? He could make a video, with dolls and all, and little pictures for more clarity.

  3. You don't see the whole picture. A ruleset without guilds is CONSTRUCTED to be without guilds, probably it will have victory conditions very different from "having more holdings than others" or "bloodstone points", and it will be probably of very short duration (a-la battleroyale from h1z1).



    How exactly will you prevent people playing for the benefit of their guild? Let's assume that scenario is essentially a battle royale where the last person gets the whole pie. Most guilds or even friends will essentially team up and kill off everyone else until all competition is dead, and that's when they'll either pick who wins the campaign this time around, or they'll simply duel each other and split the spoils after campaign is over.


    Bottom line is, most "guilds" and teams will kill everyone else before they turn on each other.

  4. Nobody will move to someone else's EK for a conflict when some player is in charge of the ruleset. Additionally the idea of personal EK is that it's yours, so it's not as someone can sneakly come in, make a settlement and take it over.


    Please read again what I wrote, point by point, and understand the difference from personal EK. Plus, nothing changes in terms of community with the proposed idea. With current EK system people are already separated into their own EKs. My idea actually allows for more interaction as people can port to a Eternal World where multiple even dozens of guilds live in the same contestable land and actively fight each other or bond in alliances without being separated into exclusive EKs, as long as they choose that because nobody forces them into this scenario or staying in personal EK and visiting others for chat or trade.


    Also having played for years UO, SB and DF I've yet to see anyone completely dominating any server or map. The only instance of that I've seen was CN when server was already nearly barren of other NA/EU guilds.


    I'll once again post it so maybe for a hundreth time people quit posting about how it will be too harsh, how some people don't want to pvp in EK, how people will quit because they'll lose pixels, etc.


    First, the concept that I proposed does NOT affect those players who would rather enjoy the safety of their own personal EKs. The idea of personal EKs, being run entirely by their owners, with their desired rule sets, would remain untouched. Let me say it again, this idea does NOT change anything in the current set up of personal Eternal Kingdoms as it's proposed at this moment.


    - The proposed idea is to ADD extra set of EKs, or simply call them Eternal Worlds, to the existing list of personal EKs and campaign worlds. They'd work as a mix of EK and campaign worlds in a sense that they'd not be owned and managed by players like personal EKs, but they'd be persistent unlike campaign worlds.


    - Those Eternal Worlds would have set open settlement, PvP and conquest rule set (up to discussion, probably something ala SB). Players will be able to settle in them, but just as with personal EK, they'd have to bring resources from campaign worlds. Everyone will be able to move in there, if they choose from, and everyone will be able to bring in loot into them from campaign worlds, if they choose to not bring it into their personal EK.


    - What does this mean? Once again, nothing is changed with personal EKs. Those who wish to only enjoy personal and friends' EKs after campaigns, they'll be able to do so, nothing has changed. What changes? Those who will want to continue politics, sieges, strifes and pvp in an open and unrestricted manner, similar to traditional servers (DF, SB, etc), they'll be able to choose to build their cities or keeps in those EKs and enjoy such type of conflict base game beyond campaigns.


    Nothing is essentially changed, only thing is that there is a cherry on top of the cake and literally everyone is happy.

  5. Dregs is a ruleset, it has specific export/import win condition. Dregs, The Shadows also divide people into groups, example is God's Reach, which divides people into 3 factions.


    Assuming that everything from Dregs to EK won't be tested during beta is rather silly.

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