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  1. Developers already stated that they wish to make this game for a specific crowd of gamers, and from the early vision presentation it's quite obvious that the focus crowd would be SB, large portion of DF and similar games with a focus on PvP, conquest, politics, etc. So no, the chance is that most players will be from those 2 games, as well other similar ones.
  2. Signed for justice and prosperity.
  3. Oh how much I missed you Doc! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPyJ1hu4Mv4
  4. nefastus

    RL pics

    Looks like this thread will be epic from the beginning.
  5. Proto I demand your presence now!
  6. Current forum and it's layout is extremely bad. Please consider and think about changing it to vBulletin or SMF, both of which have massive customization options and are much more large/gaming community friendly. vBulletin should be a primary choice, but it has its fees, but SMF isn't any worst.
  7. Full loot is not a deterrrant to crafters. Quite the opposite.
  8. Quite the opposite, they aren't trying to make a perfect MMO for everyone, but for the PvP based crowd.
  9. Did someone just compare CS and TF2 to MMORPG?
  10. I've softened up over the years. Now I only take tolls over the weekends, and for half the usual cost.
  11. One character per account. Alternative which I wouldn't mind is a surname system where every character has the same prefix or suffix to the name, connecting them all to the same player. Lucious, people will have multiple accounts regardless of this. In SB you had numerous characters per account and most people still had at least 2 accounts.
  12. SB Alliance did pretty well at the beginning of Darkfall and I expect there will be some form of alliance at the start of this game. As far as reputation system, your name should be your reputation. There was nothing wrong with sandbox aspect of rep in Darkfall1.0 and griefing wasn't rampant. Cry babies will always cry no matter what once they die, and nothing will change that. DF:UW experienced a massive population drop and one of the reasons for that are safe zones.
  13. Yes it will be still fun. If you aren't a pansy you'll learn to be more careful and how to fight back to eventually be the one rolling people 5 times in a row.
  14. Oh poorly made socks, it's Ammon777, well this will be fun
  15. Always valued Stratics the most so here it is: irc.glowfish.de:6667 #Crowfall
  16. Full loot all the way!
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