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  1. When I want a lobby to chill out I go to a bar.
  2. Sorry for slacking with updates but been having little time until few days. I'll be doing some major content work over the weekend so come check through after. Also come through our largest CF related IRC channel. irc.glowfish.de:6667 #Crowfall
  3. Mythx unfortunately even in current dumbed down EK state we'll have to bother with EKs by salvaging gear and resources back in order to craft gear for future campaigns. Which still doesn't give any meaningful value to EKs as they still are just big fluffy safe zones.
  4. Dregs are bad mmm'kay. Don't do dregs kids.
  5. Hearing this times 100 during a siege. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebi41PolsVk
  6. I might check it out.
  7. How about making a cluster of worlds just as EK and make them permanent, open to settlement, and open to PvP and territorial conquest? Carebears will sit in their personal EK and fap to their trophies while roleplaying ponies and rest of us can compete in contestable set of EKs while not doing campaigns. The main difference with this cluster of EKs would be that there would be no need for players to set rules as rule set will be the same (guilds will be able to move in, settle, and fight over land and property), while individuals and guilds will also be able to bring resources from campaign worlds.
  8. I do find value in the strongholds in the contestable worlds but they won't have much value as they are simply temporary bases. People will only invest enough time in them to hold on to them for few months until victory conditions are met. Think of them as more of a rented summer log cabin rather than an actual primary base, the gem of your "kingdom" and most valuable target of your enemies, which would/should be the EK stronghold.
  9. Dregs and Shadows is where all the fun will be.
  10. If it can be taken from me and my guild then it's not permanent. If I can withstand enemy sieges and poorly made socks in their cereal at the same time, then yes, I will enjoy that for as long as there is action. If I'm stupid enough to piss off enough people to make people make a zerg alliance against me and make me lose my pixels... well that'd be stupid of me, but it's still would be fun as there is that risk and challenge. Having a lego idle lobby sand castle to chat is certainly not interesting or fun.
  11. - Sir, may I siege your land? - No go custared socks yourself I like my pixels you filthy bad person. - Okay, have a nice day Sir. - Sir, may I siege your land? - LOL NOP. - Oh, okay, may your pixels fare well.
  12. Do I give a custard apple pie if you agree with me? Nope. Fact is that without contestable EKs, they are worthless beyond fluff value. It does not matter if someone will allow PvP and conquest in his EK if others are not. I do not gain anything in opening my EK to that if I can't compete for the land, property and accumulated resources in other's stronghold. As for campaigns, sure, they'll be fun to fight in, even do little capture the flag kind of thing but in a long run nobody will be attached to the strongholds in those worlds as they'll be wiped in a month or three.
  13. That's okay, I have 2 rigs atm and will probably have extra laptop by the time game is playable But seriously it's not that difficult to VM even on a single rig if there are is some form of blocking system to run two instances simultaneously. Not saying that it's good or bad, but that's simply a reality.
  14. No matter what multi-boxing can't be stopped and shouldn't be. There is absolutely no way to prevent multi-boxing and to be honest there shouldn't be any time wasted on trying to curb it.
  15. Reading comprehension, try it. The point is not that I don't want to build a damn city or castle in EK, I want to, but it has zero value if it's just a damn social lobby to show off. The only way to give them value is to make them contestable.
  16. When I'm done with a game I log out and do other things. I don't need or want an idle lobby to chat with people. For that purpose I have forums, voice com or IRC. If I want a castle/city/hub in a game, I want it to have a meaning, and in a game that's focused on PvP, conquest and politics I want my and others' property to be contestable. That's the only way to give them meaning and value. I see absolutely no point in fighting in other worlds just to bring resources into my EK just so I can build a damn castle. I have no use for that castle beyond sitting in and showing it off to others. With this I found no value to resources. There is also absolutely no point in opening my guild's EK to PvP and contestable rule set if others are locked.
  17. No to artificial limitations on guild sizes and other similar rubbish. It doesn't add anything and can be easily worked around. Additionally as pointed out, hardcoded mechanisms are not needed to form alliances, or even make two guilds just to work around silly limits. As a matter of fact, many guilds form numerous guilds to create hierarchy tires and sub-guilds for numerous reasons, i.e. could be a prospect guild for newbies and fresh applicants.
  18. CN zerg and dupes everywhere!
  19. How is it locked when you posted?
  20. Don't tell me who to hate or not hate, you filthy fascist.
  21. nefastus


    This is how you do KS. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/324283889/potato-salad
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