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  1. Why you get baited with Sheen's posting is amazing. He's a fustilarian player and although I find him to be a juvenile with no life, he always finds a way to player you guys into discussion. Sheen, Michale, or whatever wonderful person incarnation he comes up with, will talk about how he's the best PvPer and represents such since a slice of bread, while being a complete sociopath nobody. I'd expect the better of some of you.
  2. The map in Entropy thread is prior to ToO and you can see the difference in density of towns, even other older maps have less towns. Either way it's nothing important but I was simply curious why Test allowed for so many towns.
  3. Well the amount of towns clearly shows that settings on Test must have been different. Curious how though.
  4. There was no limit on towns on Test? Or was the city range limitation lowered? I never played on Test so have no idea but it looks interesting.
  5. Aye, but I don't see them viable in direct combat confrontations with large numbers. The general concept of "Duelist" gives a hint at where they can excel in combat. Of course we should/will be able to make our own builds, but they probably won't be a primary or even a secondary choice for a PvP toon. And hey Chaz
  6. Yes! Guinecean parachuters! Considering that Guinecean (master race) will have many disadvantages, due to size, and mostly what kind of gear and amount of it they can carry, there should be some extra advantages beyond being able to dig under enemy and wreck chaos. How about being able to catapult them beyond enemy lines? They could be equipped with tiny parachutes and catapulted into enemy territory, of course with a chance of chute not opening. With their many disadvantages, they should have their awesome advantages (IMO, they probably will have a limited amount of weapons to choose from due to size, same with carrying weight, etc), and being a specialist enemy infiltrator/sabotage , both air and land, would be wicked.
  7. It obviously is a measurement unit of your epeen.
  8. Why is this in Suggestions forum?
  9. With such a small pop no wonder I didn't hear about it.
  10. Todd's other game is Shadowbane
  11. Then don't worry buddy. There will be tons of different guilds and all will be involved in PvP. Just to give you a hint, current entire active population of this forum will only be a fraction of entire game population when the game comes out. Just as the guilds that cared to post in Guilds section also represent a very tiny fraction of guilds and alliances that will be present on live servers.
  12. Wut? Where did you get impression that 90% of pvpers will be in the same guild?
  13. How is that bizarre? That's what gypsies do in subways. I will try probably any food there is and already ate some bizarre poorly made socks, but I'll never try live maggots.
  14. Considering that most of worlds won't have full loot and only inventory, it won't be that easy.
  15. I'm sorry to break your bubble but this ain't Shadowbane where crafters are not needed due to a city being basically a crafting station for everyone's use. If you don't have dedicated support team among your ranks and dedicated crafters and merchants being the key, you probably won't get far. Time to break those SB shackles buddy.
  16. Throw a snare at them. /Thread On a serious note, find yourself a guild or operate out safe town and possibly make friends who will protect you. As a crafter you shouldn't have any problem with that because every proper guild will need dedicated crafters and support players. Even solo crafters will be respected if they are also reliable merchants.
  17. You are probably right, but that's still very little.
  18. That's why your original account got banned Mikey and you still are a failure of a ego derping t-roll.
  19. Currently regular users have 50 messages per box limit and to be honest that's a bit small. Any chance we could have that expended? 200 messages maybe? I know that it doesn't take a toll on forum or website performance so it should be just a cosmetic change.
  20. He probably turned off PMs himself. You can do it yourself in profile settings. On the other hand he could be full. 50 messages total is rather small.
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