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  1. Michael you failed at trolling with original account and you do the same with this one.
  2. It's an aged cheese. Very sharp and full of flavor.
  3. Nice! I can tell it's from early Entropy. Can see two of my early towns, Invisible Wounds and the one north of it. It's also before WMD claimed pretty much all of desert. And here's Ice.
  4. Make him brownies with cyanide.
  5. I like to keep it classy and relaxing when ripping people into pieces and /emoting over their dead corpses. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wfYIMyS_dI
  6. Doc they treat you well at nursing home. What's the menu for the rest of the week?
  7. nefastus


    Sounds good, I'm actually a cook, but I can't bake sweets for poorly made socks. WHAT DID YOU DO TO PROTO!?
  8. nefastus


    By the way did someone kill Proto?
  9. nefastus


    Then what kind of a woman are you if can't cook?!
  10. nefastus


    Don't throw kittens into trash, that's cruel.
  11. You won't be laughing when I stab your ankles and shoot your eyes out.
  12. Gunpowder weapons (although crude) were already available in Europe as early as early 14th century, which is before Renaissance and Da Vinci.
  13. Rogue Aracoix Barb chucker please.
  14. Space Odyssey 2001 beats Interstellar million to one. Deal with it!
  15. What's there hard to understand? Ending was terribad. Then again you are getting excited for Hitman sequel so go figure.
  16. Looking forward to it, the same as with Pillars of Eternity.
  17. Ween's Gloves of Fondling - +10 charming effect on children.
  18. Right now Hamsters are my primary choice for start up toon. Merchant and annoying little bugger who will stab enemy's ankles and head shot them.
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