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  1. In a PvP focused conquer game with physics FF is a MUST. Enough with abstract and silly protections.
  2. Nightcrawler - 7.5/10 Fun creepy movie about a sociopath. I wouldn't be surprised if couple of people here really resemble the main guy.
  3. You really have low standards if you think Interstellar was that great. Most of the movie was boring, then came little action and idiotic finale with a bunch of scientific inconsistencies, topped with a cherry made of wonderful room simulating string theory.
  4. Hamster merchant/little annoying fighter for the win!
  5. Those hamsters with guns sound kewl! First possible start up toon for Neffy!
  6. If you enjoy people spamming Nig Nig Nig every 5 seconds and talking about assaulting children then yes, I very much recommend the quakenet one.
  7. There is irc.glowfish.de:6667 #Crowfall and there is http://www.Crowbane.com (although I've been rather busy lately and haven't really updated it with any new content) and Toxic Wastelands as well as largely Political Discussion will be moderation free. Helix, you pmed me about boards and later I forgot to reply, but either way I'm sticking to SMF as that's what I know and am used to managing.
  8. Haha yea HolyCircle toon was also a mage assassin and yes I was in DV and subbed as well. @Goros, yea, you, WMD and VC would often gang up on me and my newbish guilds back then Yea most of my SB history consist of 2nd half of Chaos, Entropy, Wrath and a tiny bit of Mourning. Pretty much quit at the end of Wrath when WilsonP took over Dead Eternity and from what I know he tagged DE with FTP since then.
  9. I have no idea who is in WN heh, they are just a mass recruiting multigaming community. I quit WN when I ran WN on Entropy in 2005/6 (HolyCircle here). They are not a competitive guild, certainly haven't had any divisions since first Planetside and first SB run. But yea I remember you guys from dead isle, and all the wars between WMD, VC, CS, you and some others.
  10. That's because every new gaming division in WN has different people. There hasn't been the same "WN" since Chaos server, that was Legion of Chaos and the last WN incarnation that actually finished well.
  11. Dorfs are also of the "Hunger". But meh, you want a proper feminist society, look at Drows in Forgotten Realms. Anyways, the whole theme of Fae is very simple, bad bitches be backstabbin' so pick your girls wisely.
  12. Seems like it... and that's what will cause the end of our civilization.
  13. Warrior Nation/Dead Eternity on Entropy.
  14. Interstellar is such mix of Odyssey and Event Horizon that it's even funny.
  15. Which is why, IMO, Event Horizon is a very underrated movie.
  16. Hence my point, they did a well job to concept art certain theories, but they failed with their implementation (F.E. String/threads World Theory).
  17. Aye, Interstellar is a quality movie, mid quality somewhere between Odyssey and Event Horizon, but IMO they completely kill it starting 3/4 the way.
  18. Just finished Interstellar and I liked it but it's just a bundle of nonsense. It starts slow, gets better, final moments are nice but wtf, and finale is "how to kill a movie with over the boundary fantasy physics". I liked it but they totally killed it with their "I'll visual how physics and quantum physics/theories work". That movie made me check my 2nd favorite SciFi horror title "Event Horizon", with the prime being Alien series. Event Horizon still gives me most chills.
  19. nefastus

    Massive Fraud!

    That's not an argument. I demand pink text coloring!
  20. O: Are you a wizard? @Dynimix for now it will be mainly a forum and an alternative community. Considering that more direct "politicing" and "forumbaning" is shunned upon here, much of thicker skin debates can happen there. Depending on what people want I will add other features. Currently I'm trying to figure out a way of implementing a guild directory system.
  21. nefastus

    Massive Fraud!

    This is outrageous! .... that I can't type in pink!
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