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  1. This makes me sad, i had always assumed that my different characters could live in different EK's
  2. Not sure yet but this will likely be me
  3. unless it barely moves at this point im about out of the running
  4. In reality if every EK used the same coin as there currency there would still be a difference in value based on the local economy. For example US dollars and Euros are both just pieces of paper with numerical values attached yet 10 dollars and ten Euros are far from the same value. in essence you still have different values in different places
  5. I was just thinking that it might be a good idea after we reach the next stretch goal to direct any potential backers to paypal so that EU can have servers. Personally I'm NA so it doesn't directly effect me in anyway I just thought it would be nice.
  6. Jesuschristo Stream URL - http://www.twitch.tv/jesuschristoslps Alpha 2 Schedule: none....I stream when I feel like it Social media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/jesuschristoslp
  7. you don't have to really interact with the rest of the EK's you can just be a tennant who comes to drop gear maybe shop and then go back to a campaign. in fact this model almost relies on the existence of people like you. Personally I will be spending almost an even amount of time in EK's and campaigns as the idea of being a king or even jut a noble entices me greatly. One of the main reasons I am drawn to CF is because of the player interaction and for that sake the EK's do nothing but facilitate that.
  8. I almost shot my self rereading this. Please excuse my lack of effort when it comes to spelling and grammar.
  9. I went to back originally maxing my self at 100 and ended up a gold level backer I am a teenager who has no expenses but work a fair amount so I have a fair amount of money lying around and could probably stand to spend more but I am pretty sure my parents will kill me if i spent more. Then again I will more than likely be moving out in a year or so, maybe I'll put in a bit more towards the end if we get some promissing updates or if we are close to the 1.3 and haven't made it yet.
  10. To continue my other post, regarding Smite like combat. I know smite is a MOBA and inherently has less abilities involved, but I don't see a reason as to why this can't work for an MMO. Smite combat almost entirely avoids telegraphs (Barring certain ultimates) and when they do use them they are not invasive like wildstar. as long as it is not overly challenging to tell who is on what team than this kind of action combat would totally work. On a personal side note the action combat (If done right) is one of the reasons I like crowfall. Any combat that requires more skill than an ubsured amount of stat memorization is something I am drawn towards. ( I understand that a fair amount of stats should be learned if you want to be good in PvP, I am just asking for the combat to actually require skill)
  11. This is exactly the kinda of combat I want from crowfall, I love smite combat!!!!
  12. Honestly in most games I would consider my self a Pvp'er but I love my self some good politics and statagy; crowfall brings both not to mention the player driven economy. I am equally if not more hyped about the non pvp aspects of this game.
  13. Honestly I am most hyped about the politics and people management of this game. I could spend an entire campaign doing nothing but engaging in political talks and organizing troops. If i did that an never saw more than an hour of combat during a campaign I would be fine with that. That being said Caravans would become an extremely important part of player interaction in this game and I am so hyped for it sometimes I have public out bursts of "BACK CROWFALL" at random times during the day.
  14. Also this whole thread should go watch log horizon at least the first half of season one, some interesting currency and diplomatic stuff man.
  15. I feel there is a reason that bartering is not a system still commonly used. I for one believe that in any player driven economy there will inevitably be a currency, I am by no means saying that battering can not happen but I can't see it as a primary form of trade that lasts in the game.
  16. I too am saddend by the slow in kickstarter support, expected as it maybe. I have been doing my best to harp CF to anyone and everyone who will listen. I do recall something about a paypal goal that would put servers in EU. i think if it was reached an EU servers solidified thing at launch and beta than we would see a boost in KS support.
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