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  1. Then why even call them the Order and Chaos pantheon if it has absolutely nothing to do with Order or Chaos?
  2. So I was reading Cybele lore and I kinda felt like I was reading a textbook definition of chaotic good. I struggle to find a single trait they gave her that doesn't strike me as chaotic. But then shes in the Order Pantheon. Meanwhile, you got Yaga which is the embodiment of how-things-work! Nevermind the rest of her lore shes the frigging embodiment of how things work! You can't get more lawful then that. And shes also the embodiment of the natural and inevitable conclusion of the cycle of life! A world with no life as been described a few time as the ultimate form of Order. But then shes in the Chaos Pantheon. Anyone else feels like those two really got mixed up? I mean I could understand if it was just using the old weird, first edition D&D definition of Order and Chaos (which is basically good and evil) but this is obviously not the case here. The only outright benevolent goddess is a balance goddess (and is also dead). So yeah, everyone else make sense but I have really no idea how Cybele ended up in the Order Pantheon and Yaga in the Chaos Pantheon cause honestly, out of all the gods, Cybele strikes me as the most chaotic one and Yaga as the most lawful one.
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