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  1. I don't see why the skill climb is seen as some off-putting facet of the game. EVE Online has a similar thing, and I don't think I've ever heard someone say that the idea that people who have been playing for years have much higher skills, and deal a lot more damage with the same ships (as well as having access to much bigger ships) was a deterrent to play. There are other reasons that people choose to avoid EVE, but the skill climb isn't one of them. Crowfall is heavily teamwork-focused. The idea of going into a contested area and fighting one-on-one is foolhardy. I'm expecting that even
  2. Good day, fellow Crows. I have a few questions about the unearthly rewards that are waiting for me. First, with regard to Beta Access, there's some unclear text in the Entitlements list. In the order listed in the Entitlement page, I have: Play Test SP Access Entitlement play-test-6 Play Test 3 Participant Play Test 2 Access Participant Beta 2 Play Test 3 Access Entitlement play-test-5 Beta Group 2 play-test-4 Beta Group 6 As you can see, the wording is all over the place, inconsistent in the extreme. On top of that, I've got
  3. Too hardcore for some. Not hardcore enough for others. "Just right" hardcore for... either everyone or nobody.
  4. I've just gotten off work, so forgive me if I'm going over some items that have already been discussed. First, a LOT of the things being discussed could, and in some cases should, be determined by what sort of Campaign we're talking about. If we're talking about griefing in a Dregs world, for example, things that are expressly against the Terms of Service are griefing - whether that's racist/sexist chat, spamming chat repeatedly, and so on. Anything that isn't against the Terms of Service is fair play. Break open someone else's Chests to steal their goodies. Kill them to get their loot
  5. *shrug* What can I say? I generally try to avoid speaking in absolutes.
  6. Two points here. First: the idea that a multiplayer game is completely separated from real life is a really bad idea that just needs to die. This isn't a single-player game where there are no consequences, no long-term effects for what happens. Your corpse-camping someone essentially means that they're completely unable to play the game until you stop. If that happens often enough, people will just stop playing the game. You say, "Run them out of the game." If this is really part of your idea of what PvP should be, I think you're going to be in for a rude awakening sooner or later. Pla
  7. There are FAR too many unfounded assumptions here. First is that there's a casting timer at all. We don't know enough about the casting systems yet to make that assumption. It's very possible that some spells will have no casting timer, some have short casting timers, and some have long casting timers. A mage relying on long casting timers when being attacked by multiple foes is engaging in some seriously bad planning. Second is that if there is a casting timer, that being hit will completely reset the timer. We've seen plenty of other games where damage can reduce the casting bar, but
  8. All right, who reserved Studmuffin and MrBeefcake? Fess up.
  9. A couple of thoughts here, sorry if they're a little slow in coming. While I agree that UO was largely traveling in uncharted waters, saying that it had no precedent, and no way to predict players' behavior, is wrong. UO (and EQ after it) was an evolution of gameplay that existed in MUDs (text-based "Multi-User Dungeons"). There were MUDs before UO came out that had player-vs-player content, and even a few that had permadeath. It should come as no surprise to anyone at this point that there was a small but very visible group of players in those MUDs who sought out other players to kill -
  10. This thread brought to you by the Grass is Always Greener contingent, who start speaking up ~15 seconds after anything new is announced... There are advantages to being a Centaur, just as there are advantages to not being a Centaur. One of the big advantages of a Centaur is not needing a Riding skill and a mount to move at Mounted speeds - no time spent leveling up Mount Riding, no time spent finding, catching, and taming a mount to ride. There will also be some racial-based skills - Centaurs might have higher starting STR, higher starting Archery skill (or an overall boost to Archery, bot
  11. If I remember correctly, the Devs have said that the passive skilling has a limit to how high it can go, with it requiring the hard work of going out and using the skill actively to get a skill to 100 (to say nothing of getting to 150 or 175!).
  12. I'm willing to bet that if Knights don't have Spears as a default weapon choice, that it'll be something that you can choose to unlock.
  13. Sounds reasonable. Since it's an open secret that this game is loosely being based on Shadowbane, I guess the big question at this time, is how was combat in Shadowbane? Could you three-hit an enemy from stealth? My biggest concern is it being too much like WoW and other MUD-based MMOs, where you end up feeling like you've got plastic swords and rubber arrows, with how much effort it takes to kill someone else.
  14. As Torn says, you can't really declare that fast combat has no skills, or less skills. Most FPS and MOBA games have combat that can result in attack-to-death times of less than half a second, and you can't really say that people who play LoL, TF2, Planetside, or Call of Duty aren't using any skills. But stepping away from that for a moment, I'd like to point out that we've got two separate pairs of things to consider here - the first is player skill vs. character skill, and the second is reality vs. game. The first is easy to explain - the characters have some skills (active or passive), a
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