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  1. rough guild emblem #2 the claws aren’t done yet and if there is anything you want changed just tell me and some random gem colours because I was bored
  2. I introduced Crowfall to one of my more crazy friends and she decided to draw her totally not evil view of it. Since I successfully corrupted her into joining us I highly advise doubling all defences immediately, particularly for confessors, she doesn't seem to like you guys. You Have Been Warned!
  3. @headlight welllllll....technically...... here just take these likes and actually no, this was a serious problem for me XD
  4. I just made a Gravatar account and I guess that worked
  5. just did, no success Isn't is supposed to show what image you upload next to "use a custom photo"?
  6. I tried to change my avatar but it just deleted my current one. I have been trying to upload one and after selecting it and pressing done nothing happens. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the image since I tried several (they were .png and .jpg). Image size wasn't the problem since I tried really tiny ones to huge ones. I'm propably just missing something really simple but if someone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.
  7. I can't change my profile pic ;-;

  8. Thanks Berryknight and welcome to Crowfall
  9. I went back and did a quick coloring the skin is a little pale but oh well more practice and the hawk is still my favorite
  10. no wonder i'm so cold, I better go kill some people
  11. Awesomeness! *high-fives Eonwe and EDM*
  12. Well no one better stalk me because I will definitely have a giant mountain of gold stockpiled away just to stare at
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