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  1. rough guild emblem #2 the claws aren’t done yet and if there is anything you want changed just tell me and some random gem colours because I was bored
  2. I introduced Crowfall to one of my more crazy friends and she decided to draw her totally not evil view of it. Since I successfully corrupted her into joining us I highly advise doubling all defences immediately, particularly for confessors, she doesn't seem to like you guys. You Have Been Warned!
  3. @headlight welllllll....technically...... here just take these likes and actually no, this was a serious problem for me XD
  4. I just made a Gravatar account and I guess that worked
  5. just did, no success Isn't is supposed to show what image you upload next to "use a custom photo"?
  6. I tried to change my avatar but it just deleted my current one. I have been trying to upload one and after selecting it and pressing done nothing happens. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the image since I tried several (they were .png and .jpg). Image size wasn't the problem since I tried really tiny ones to huge ones. I'm propably just missing something really simple but if someone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.
  7. I can't change my profile pic ;-;

  8. Thanks Berryknight and welcome to Crowfall
  9. I went back and did a quick coloring the skin is a little pale but oh well more practice and the hawk is still my favorite
  10. no wonder i'm so cold, I better go kill some people
  11. Awesomeness! *high-fives Eonwe and EDM*
  12. Well no one better stalk me because I will definitely have a giant mountain of gold stockpiled away just to stare at
  13. Yes! Now I can watch these at school yay! (such a good student)
  14. And suddenly all the fourms change from the EK to pvp
  15. No need to be scared when ye be frozen in ice.
  16. *waves hand* I'm a girl! surrender your likes to me
  17. Aye, but ye must be prayin I 'avent been radin them afore ye.
  18. Greetings and welcome Dreamstalker and hellhans!
  19. *cough* 1.9 *cough* or at least it was till i made this post *goes down to 1.8*
  20. so what rank is a little non-poster like me? edit: aww i'm a hatchling edit #2: i have moved on! to the nest
  21. It's going to be interesting to see what percentage of winning guilds expel kneeling guilds at the last moment just to deny them their exports. Likely the players strong enough to win are those who are more dedicated to the game and their honor so we wont have to worry as much. On the flip side there are those players who will stop at nothing to see just their guild rise and expel you anyway "Nothing personal!" *expels*
  22. Yes! Now I can sort of plot my invincible battle strategies! Mwahahaha And the art is so good, I love when you guys do speed paint vids
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