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  1. Launching Crowfall while New World is running is unstable, often causes system to freeze, crashing both games and the internet browser or infinite loading screen.
  2. On Nethari Templar with archery, leaping (ability) and quickly switching skill-bars to dash causes the dash to fail mid-cast with almost no distance traveled. Happens every time. This has been bothering me for the longest time. At least several patches.
  3. They should probably be doing 1-2 week long campaigns with meaningful experimental changes to see what works. If you, for whatever reasons, cannot purposefully design towards success, second best option is to hope to stumble upon it by chance, but that requires a framework for live service iteration (which you have) and the willingness to at least try. I see that the new campaign is essentially the same-old, same-old we have had every campaign since launch and also way, way before then. Now, a simple thought experiment to drive things home - if, for whatever reasons, players were not particularly engaged with previous campaigns, what makes you think that the next same one will be any different. *insert definition of insanity quote here*
  4. The whole in-game manifestation of The Hunger in general and end-of-campaign in this context is a complete nothing-burger, a missed opportunity and abject failure of implementation given the clever ideas from early conceptualization of the game.
  5. You mean the parameters they are implementing as per design review post, such as, my favorite, of potentially 'allow only one race' type campaigns that are such a ill-thought through idea as to exist solely to further decimate the player-base.
  6. The only chance at a revival is as follows: 1. Use this rock-bottom situation to test and narrow in on MAJOR core gameplay system changes that work 2. Marketing push to broadcast the above, quite obvious that unless there are MAJOR changes players will not come back 3. Fix the hopelessly incompetent monetization of the game, design a cash-shop that would actually bring in revenue 4. Go F2P in Q1 or Q2 2022 latest (so you at least have the small core of diehard fans left) and concurrently launch on Steam If instead the plan is merely to polish what we have now, there is no hope. It is known.
  7. Quite disheartening to find out that one of the very few reward mechanics in the game, especially for smaller groups, is bugged, something a considerable amount of playtime was devoted to. Makes one think 'what else is broken?' and to have the gall to do nothing about it. Quality testing this sort of thing is -the basics-. If you mess up, ok, to be expected, but at least make an effort at restitution. That incurs essentially no cost, but goes a long way towards showing that you care enough about this project to at least give hope. Adding a persistent attitude of not giving a hoot to the increasingly yawning abyss of depressing problems will be the final nail in the proverbial coffin. The small diehard following you have left now is the lone and neglected seed for revival in the desert of your own making, do you really want to poison it further, think about that. Restitution given is the way, the only sane way in this sort of situation. If you are not gonna care enough to make an effort to fix this sort of thing or -at least- mitigate consequences, well.... might as well make THE announcement already.
  8. The patch does not address any of the major QoL issues (many of which don't even require much work and most are so obvious there should be internal agreement even in this dev team), neither does it change or improve content or any of the core gameplay loops in any meaningful way. This patch is a bunch of minor bugfixes and low effort / low impact changes. Are these changes welcome? Sure. Is it what is needed? Not even close. Population might hit rock-bottom after this seeing as even those who play are further disheartened and players that left still have no reason to give the game another try. New players? Well, the putrid stench of release does not get washed away with minor stuff like this so no, no new players attracted. Devs will get nowhere polishing the turd, BIG, RADICAL changes to core gameplay systems and content are needed, a major shakeup of how the game is played, it is the only way to generate enough interest to bring back players and attract new ones, revitalize the playerbase. If it fails at least you tried. Same cannot be said seeing patch notes like this. The stubbornness of thinking gameplay systems are fine, content is fine, it will become a great game with some tweaking and polishing comes off very clearly in interviews and in patch notes as well. Let me pop that bubble, obviously someone higher-up is giving you Peter Pan advice (delusional) or simply doesn't care, try to convince those boomers that the game would still be on its death-bed even if we brought the next several years-worth of mild polishing and tweaking of this type into reality today, right now. Better stop polishing - start changing. Time running out. Potential being wasted.
  9. I would want to see this, cost nothing, might give valuable insight.
  10. Not sure exactly on the solution but he's right though, fact is there is essentially no risk/reward for PVP in this game, which is a fundamental problem.
  11. Like the main page says "Be part of shaping the next great MMO. Join the Live Playtest." Surely devs needed the big influx of players on live to see these problems before they can be fixed, right?
  12. There are many ways to monetize games, a mix of dev factors, maybe goes something like this:
  13. The problem is on their end, same login credentials work for the website.
  14. Yeah I've also noticed, but these things take time. Devs might get to it eventually, just like the dmg mitigation / resists that were apparently broken for at least a year.
  15. So, let me get this straight. We are regressing to essentially fully instanced sieges. This takes away from core concepts of an open world and emergent gameplay. That being said, I understand that tough decisions need to be made, and doing something is better than doing nothing. Also, obvious problem was obvious years ago.
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