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  1. Ha, you are right there are emails, guess the reason is something else then.
  2. Making the client download a bit more obvious would be a good step towards having more testers, I bet if devs sent out an email saying 'hey, thanks for backing, the client download is here, the next test is tomorrow', a sticky in the testing forum wouldn't hurt either.
  3. The great game of forumfall demands full attention, the season has just begun no time for productive stuff.
  4. I started with 34 then jumped to 60 and ended up at 100, however right up until one hour before KS closed I was hovering over the 250 pledge, if the 215 opened up I would have probably taken it. The only reason I didn't get the gold level was the fact that I dislike gold in general as a color.
  5. The more important question is whether the same type or armor will have enough different styles because it seems that, for example, some archetypes will only be able to wear plate, and if the whole of visual customization boils down to what has been shown in that concept art material, that is, laughably minor differences between armor sets and color changes, it's going to be -extremely- disappointing.
  6. Where's my forum badge ? I need a headstart in the great game of FORUMFALL.
  7. I severely underestimated the level of funding, good!
  8. We need carebears to surviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive...
  9. Last hours of the Kickstarter campaign, pledge you dum-dums, pledge your sweet little disenchanted hearts out at the altar of our new MMO overlords!
  10. You can stroke your e-peen all you want in EK, but as long as campaigns are isolated, it's not p2w where it matters.
  11. You guys do know that you can put any game in steam on your system and it's even gonna have the overlay most of the time for you to use in-game, right ? That being said, whatever loss the devs incur as a consequence of making steam work and giving valve a cut will 100% be at least covered by the awesome amount of exposure it brings, probably resulting in even bigger profit and, hopefully, a better game in the long run.
  12. Am I wrong in believing that mere concept art is available ? There is, to my knowledge, no real information on the playstyle and abilities of the classes.
  13. Strip-clubs, hookers and import-wives sites are p2w to me.
  14. 3rd person VR has been done successfully elsewhere and that is what the devs are going to do 100% because VR only first-person will be incompatible with the way the game is set up from the ground up.
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