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  1. Cause leveling is anathema to competition, it’s an time sink we need to spend to get competitive. It’s anost more insulting that the leveling itself is pretty trivial, couple hours at most. Even the higher level vessels we level quickly via quickly grinding sacrifice items with max characters (most of us in our guild have a blackguard so we can run around soloing chiefs/kings). Leveling is mostly pointless to Crowfall game loop, and wasn’t originally going to be part of the game. But alas apparently giving people a baseline “full” character was too much for some people to handle so they added leveling to help “teach” people how to play.
  2. And why wouldn’t they pay the cost to do so if they could? Sometimes there isn’t a significant difference from someone attacking during off hours for a free win or defenders at half strength cause bad timing if the results are guaranteed to be the same. I don’t find winning via scheduling to be a very fun mechanic. Obviously theirs no 100% foolproof way to go about it, but given that usually the defender has the most at risk cost wise I don’t generally mind giving them the scheduling advantage. Especially since as the attacker I can aim for anyone that lines up with my preferred schedule, whereas a defender has no such luxury if choosing to engage or not. That’s the tradeoff in my mind, attackers can hit anyone that lines up with their schedules, but in exchange defenders can pick their preferred times. You can push these closer together by forcing defenders to pick within a prime time window for their server to avoid “abusing” super early/late windows like some games have ran into. We’ll have to see what they come up with.
  3. I get that, but even negotiated Sieges can be restrictive depending on the rules for them. For example right this second if you could force me into a weekend siege regardless of the specific time, I would be well under staffed compared to a weekday. If gaming scheduling defeats us more than anything else, the game becomes unfun for what I suspect is a large segment of the playerbase. In my experience I’ve come to prefer the defender setting a known schedule for X window of time versus everyone is on the same schedule. I’ve seen it done a few ways, X hours of open time in a week, or X days with a set Y time of vulnerability.
  4. Schedules are unfortunately the only great equalizer and one of the reasons you see many sandbox/PvP games adopting them. Defenders need some ability to dictate when they can defend, theirs some variance to this method: static schedules, negotiated schedules via siege initialization, etc... Costs are good, but like most things totally depends on the level of inflation and availability in the game. If an attacker can spam Sieges whenever they want, the cost didn’t do much but deter the weakest. As to what a good baseline costs should be: about 75% or more of cost of whatever your targeting for destruction or capture. Only way to make the stakes somewhat fair, if attacking is cheap it will be constant. But given the limited timeframe of campaigns and the primary focus on winning them, I expect very little here. Also depends on what Campaign victory conditions really are.
  5. It’s a game with magically appearing money supply, there will always be inflation no matter how many money sinks they create. Unless everything is so crippling expensive that it requires every individual most of their playtime farming just to function. Which would be bad.
  6. The next patch is massive and adds several core features missing today with a slew of their balance/system tweaks, not sure what your looking at for missing features and content. If you expected themepark trappings of quests, raids, and other PvE centric activity you may be in the wrong place.
  7. The change I don’t feel is fair at all is having to put camo and limited burrow on your limited combat bar. That’s pretty much writing those abilities off in almost cases. Making those OOC utility slots would make more sense. Stealth classes on the one hand are super annoying to kill if you aren’t their one or two hard counters, but on the flip side they are super weak atm. Soo either way there needs to be some balancing there to make the change to stealth work out nicely. Does this mean exploration disc moves go on the utility bar or your combat bar? Also tactical head chopping is possibly out if you must get OOC by avoiding damage. May also need to elongate the time to crow to compensate for the delay in being able to start a head chop.
  8. The Citadel is still active and growing! If your looking for a home now is a good time to swing by and get ready for the big Dregs patch!
  9. If you read the dev info or listened to the QAs, next patch will bring us to alpha status, which means more or less feature complete for launch. From there it’s polish until they are happy enough to declare it Beta (probably several small fix patches in there too). That moves it into stress test and final polishing before launch. Once happy they launch it live. We’ve known this is the plan for about 6 months or so now, none of this is a big surprise or change to their plans.
  10. Only the common material and starter gear vendors are NPC ran, all the rest are player vendors. Common material is borderline worthless between crafting and wartribe drops. We throw it in the fire for leveling new people's common vessels or for some of the filler items in crafting that quality doesn't matter.
  11. Your second question is odd, what do you mean? Players can’t sell higher than common quality materials any more?
  12. I’ve been playing a fanatic fessor here and there for two-ish campaigns, they do pretty damn good damage.
  13. It's a heal not a buff to regen, but it's a heal that does 30% of your max HP each use so Personal Healing modifier may not interact with it.
  14. Many stealth builds run Agent Provacateur, which has a healing ability on it and thus can self benefit from Personal Healing modifier. Very handy for the stealth classes that benefit from the constant engage/disengage pattern.
  15. @Jhawk85 We are! Swing by our discord to say hello and we’ll get you setup. Corvus Citadel Discord
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