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  1. I agree with Ble, I’d take a Cleric over a Paladin any day. Paladins are too limiting all around, not enough mobility and not enough healing, making them a weak choice in the current meta overall. Still fun in some scenarios and PvE, but I’ve stopped recommending them as a healer option. Cleric is default, Druid is second tho Druid has a higher skill ceiling.
  2. Usually just go to 5 pips for extra damage, faster the node destruction the faster you get beneficial harvest up or can exploit beneficial harvest which will give you back stamina. If it’s close and no buff I’ll sometimes use the stam recovery just so I don’t have to wait that few seconds to recover stam.
  3. Basic items are anything that's not accessed under it's own crafting heading at a specific bench, stuff like the "starter" tools, survival items, and intermediate/weapons armor. That said, 25% of your basic crafting stats do get applied to all other crafting so it's still worth filling those out to max your advanced crafting. (You will need the 1 experimentation point you get from from doing all the basic experimentation point nodes for most crafters to hit the hard cap of 22 points with a sapho potion) As for priorities I tend to alternate between the Experimentation and Point nodes til I max the top section out. Then I do the research line, then I do the Assembly, and finally finish off the speed (which doesn't do anything at the moment) before I do the final node that should now be unlocked. Between stats and crafting gear/jewelry the assembly will be close to maxed out while you work on the experimentation stats. If you can't get the crafting gear throw some assembly stats in there earlier, enough to cover whatever quality level you're working with primarily. (The higher the quality the higher the assembly risk) There's always a minimum 2% assembly failure chance.
  4. Opposite problem imo, Knights only work in a team setting. They aren’t very good in any other setting, they have little sustain, and low damage compared to others. But they have some unique and strong control abilities and if they every fix CC their crowd control spec could be strong. Their block making them hard to kill with a healer. Plus the they have a ton of disc options as they don’t require any discs to do their job well, so they can focus on utility and buff discs.
  5. The beautiful thing about sandbox gameplay is that it’s rarely a straight this or that. You do what you have to to achieve your goals, what you do might be different from what the next guild over does. It’ll all come down what you can and/or want to do.
  6. It’s not wholly immune, but I’m predicting it’s a better model than what they plan for gold based on other games and what’s been mentioned so far. It’s likely they’re creating specific avenues for gold sinks, unfortunately it doesn’t sound like these gold sinks are going to be universal player concerns. And that’s the root problem, if the sinks aren’t universally required, surplus still accumulates. Dust on the other hand is required for every player to function, someone has to pay the dust cost for gear and that’s a nice consistent drain on the dust supply. Add in whatever gold costs were going to be to instead take dust and we not only have more “optional” sinks on top of the universal crafting ones, it creates some competitive demand for dust for various activities. Such a scenario should create a stabler economy. This also helps with pricing evaluation as dust value and gear value will always be instrinsically linked. This is another reason the dropped gear is bad, it undercuts valuation and sinks.
  7. While high skill training makes gathering easier and unlocks access to certain things, general resource gathering is perfectly plausible on day 1 with the right tools/consumables. Find a guild to help you out with getting better tools and the buffs you need. Additionally God’s Reach is the place to level and gather without having to worry about PvP. However if you want the better resources in greater quantity you will need to venture into the PVP campaigns, that’s sort of the whole point.
  8. I’ve never seen an infinite supply stable gold video game economy, but I have seen plenty of games that create multiple layers of currencies (intentional and not intentional) and ever inflating gold economies. Why complicate things instead of using an existing universally desired resource that ties heavily into crafting already? Just add some more uses and adjust the dials. (Not to mention it would help fix skinning a bit) Now is a great time to get rid of something that doesn’t really work, especially when theirs obvious replacement candidate sitting right there and theirs plenty of games and economic examples to look at.
  9. Just remove gold and make it a dust economy, simplest solution that covers every scenario. Gold is redundant and valueless, get rid of it. (I’m at 50k just from being the group looter for two nights of grinding cause no one wanted the gold splits, all I do is feed it into our internal guild discount vendor and sometimes buy folks pack pigs.....)
  10. Just wait til embargo is in and we go back to the days of stealthers camping all the good nodes and roving gank bands running 10+ deep hoovering up gatherers and their resources. 😛 Do not mistake the steady downward trend of activity as reflecting long term interactions. We don’t gank much for loot cause of the spirit bank, but once it’s gone “alternative gathering” becomes a regularly rewarding activity again.
  11. That sounds like the opposite of what the post implied. It said some % of the best rolls for a particular quality, that means if I can’t meet that yet then my crafting is worthless. And it’s easy to kill high ranking mobs, especially in groups (and you need to to level anything beyond green vessels efficiently) hell we do it naked with just weapons sometimes, so unless your limiting to low quality (which I think is a no from what has been said so far) folks should be able to farm the better quality drops consistently, thus negating a large swath of crafting til those crafters can reach whatever that % of that top quality drop is.
  12. @jtoddcoleman If you chase every aspect that causes a player to quit you’ll make a game that doesn’t have an audience, players quit and move on, not every game is for every player. Game audiences are not singlular homogenous entities, they are made up of many different audiences with overlapping interests. The key to a game finding its particular audience is to hit the sweet spot that maximizes enough of those overlapping interests, but also provides a unique experience that keeps its conglomerate audience attached to the game. We’re at all time low turnout right now, we can’t get people to login and every patch adds something that knocks a few more people out. We can’t keep momentum, now I get that hey it’s pre-alpha and stuff changes, that’s fine, but a lot these changes are still pretty fundamental and add more layers of difficulty to compete and try different things, so people quit. That’s the sort of people you should probably chase, the ones that want to be here and were part of guilds with logistics chains but are just tired of jumping through hoops to try and finish a build or play. They shouldn’t have to make the choice between spending their limited playtime trying to finish a build/level a character or PvPing. That’s whats killing you, not people bailing cause they can’t get some gear and don’t want to talk to anyone or engage in trade. On the topic at hand, we have piles of common materials we practically throw away (well sacrifice on commons or make siege equipment anyways) that could easily help fill these niches, but we have three major problems: buying/selling asynchronously is a pain in the ass (vendors are cool and all but a tedious and time consuming user experience to shop - not to mention limited placement) crafting en mass is time consuming, and gold is worthless to us (if we could charge dust I’d be crafting and selling common gear around the clock). Solve those problems and you not only fix the reason some people quit, but also prop up an in game economy without random drop loot putting a floor on crafted gear and undermining your own mechanics. And something to keep in mind: nothing is a “bonus”, if it’s of any value or use it gets added to the calculations of min/maxing and efficienctly achieving goals, it’s not extra by any means, it’s just a new variable in the equation. For example this system just told me that on a wipe or clean slate scenario we should ignore crafted gear until the crafters are capable of surpassing the drop loot (weeks now or maybe months with “real training speed” ?) and we should focus on grinding gear and resources (while harassing others who should be doing the same). We just removed crafting from being a major aspect of a fresh start, and that’s how a “bonus” alters our game play loop and strategy.
  13. After rereading and discussing it a bit I think this is a horrible idea with many negative impacts. Aside from tanking any crafter that hasn’t reached high skill levels, it adds another item to the incentive to grind a particular type of mob. On top of being a bad idea it’s just too many eggs in one basket. Their seems to be a paradigm shift over the last few patches that doesn’t make sense to a lot of us. I don’t know if it’s miscommunication or misunderstanding, or fear that CF needs to attract a more folks from adjacent audiences. But I don’t personally feel like some of this is going in the right direction, and this loot drop is another symptom of it.
  14. These aren’t crafted their dropped. I expect the theoretical future recipes from salvaging them to grant a bonus or slot or something that we don’t currently have from other component combos. My main concern is if this is going to put a floor on crafted gear such that anything below it will be practically worthless if drop gear is relatively commonly attainable. This has strong potential to disrupt the crafting side of things for anyone not at the high end of the crafting spectrum.
  15. We’ve been debating our min/max for harvesting and have concluded that guineciean is a compelling possible best choice for all gathering. This is primarily due to a desire to focus on crit harvesting and crit harvesting amount. This may seem counter intuitive but since the max harvesting skill is 100 it’s fairly easy to cap that out with a bit of stat, gear, training, and decent tools. So the stats to look at next are crit harvest (dex for all gatherers) and harvest amount (again int for all). Crit harvest is pretty hard to cap and a slow return, so if you’re not a dex based gatherer you’ll want the bonus 100+ dex from a hamster at the very least while you min/max your other stats. The most important part is hitting the 133 int soft cap for crit harvest amount. This willl give you 1 crit amount, you can get 3 more from training and the last 5th point from Grilled Cheese food buffs. What next? Balance your primary gathering stat to insure between all your stat sources that’s your hitting 100 for whatever gathering your doing, then dump the rest into dex for crit harvest. There is something to be said for focusing the exploit weakness stats, particularly for strength gathering. Spot goes off int (which we have in this build so far) and the Exploit scales off strength for everyone, which is awkward for hamsters. However it’s got a pretty good return and you can craft jewelry with this stat to help. A strong Exploit build might be better if you can loop through nodes that are respawning faster than you can make a circuit, but if they aren’t then crit is far better to maximize returns from limited nodes. A blue guinea vessel that’s well built and rolled can start with 133ish Int, requiring no points placed there. Allowing you to spread all your stat points between Dex or Strength according to your preference based on other factors I’ve mentioned. You can do something similar with the other Dex/Int bonus races, but you really need both stats to benefit and we’ve had the best luck with hamster stats. Once you have your stats all sorted make sure you get beneficial harvest gathering gear, it will sometimes grant a buff on node destruction for 30secs that boosts your crit harvesting, gives stamina, and makes you slightly faster. Finally their some side benefits to picking the hamster, they get three ring slots - jewelry is a good source of harvesting stats. They can also use fashion statement for a 2nd necklace (you generally want reaping necklaces), maxing out jewelry slots with one minor. They also have a Duelist as a class choice that synergzies with their stats and make difficult to catch or kill gatherers. I’d probably recommend Scout promo for the since the plate armor is no longer as awesome as it used to be and the ability to stealth and run is very valuable for a gatherer.
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