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  1. It’s more a combo of good quality gear crafted with preferred bonuses, known ideal disc combos, better baseline vessels, and passive training. All added up a few brand new people will bounce right off the heavier specs, it’s very sad to see 10-30 dmg in your combat log. As for why you don’t see many fights it’s cause we only come out to play on siege nights for the most part, no reason to spend hours gathering atm. Come find us at siege and see how it goes.
  2. Need more not less, less will stagnate things as everything gets focused on one area. Whoever gets the upper hand will retain the upper hand as there’s no room to maneuver or change things up. The idea really seems to be for an increase in ganking, but there’s not enough people doing random things to gank cause once they reach a certain point they just need to occasionally maintain or upgrade gear. They don’t need to be sitting out there around the clock and with the import/export limits as low as they are it’s not worth stockpiling beyond a certain point.
  3. Sounds like grinding by a different name. Craft 1000 crappy daggers no one wants to sacrifice. Go grind the safest mobs for piles of gold. Go capture outposts points but avoid fighting cause it just slows you down and wastes times. These are all anti-objectives that benefit you or allow you to try and win via non engagement. These are bad ideas without even getting into the uncle bob side of things negating the perceived avenue to victory (without some sort of scaling mechanics anyways). If passive timing is still the main limiter why add these minor filler grinds? What actual benefit is there over just waiting a bit longer? The illusion of doing something to get your XP? But if the filler grinds are too significant a boost then folks will focus on these non engaging tasks and finding ways to optimize this pattern of negative engagement. It just doesn’t work when you start going down the tree of player behavior and mechanical complexities at play. The reason people want grind options is so they can reach parity “fast” cause they’re assuming they can just grind it out and catch up in such a system. People like passive systems cause they don’t have to grind out repetitive “useless” tasks and can just play the game til they get their skills. These two systems serve the same goal of limiting character growth by time but are strongly at odds with each regarding how to do that and for what benefits. Mixing them just removes the advantages of either.
  4. Doesn’t work, you just created a different grinding system if it’s done fairly as any activity contributes towards “winning” (which again creates a scenario where player seek the optimal grinding routes in exclusion to overall goals) or if you literally mean winning only gets XP then it reinforces uncle bob. There’s not a great way to combine grinding and passive in a single system. It removs the perks of either system when you do.
  5. Passive Training and Grinding Systems are at the core, equivalent. They are both time taxes on the player where they will seek optimizing gains over other productive activity patterns they would pursue once said skill/training level has been achieved. The perk of passive vs grinding is you don’t have to do activity X (like grind out 300 daggers to vendor trash) thus gaining that time to pursue more useful objectives in game. Also there’s no shortcuts, everyone has to spend Y passive time to achieve Z skill level no matter what, all are equal. The key to a good passive system is having activities you can do while you wait for your training. CF is hit and miss in this area. Additionally limiting power stacking effects from that time spent training is also important. While it’s not as big as some people think the Combat tree’s stacking power and depth is still noticeable and a problem area for CF’s passive system. Given the general weakness and focus on depth for he combat trees I’d be in favor or a revamp or removal of passive training. Nothing about it is that interesting when it comes to building your account.
  6. You’ll just get lots of people quitting til the big patch next year. So regardless of trying to prove the assumption that training is the big decider (which it’s not entirely), a possibly huge chunk of veterans stop playing is only gonna invalidate any observations. I’m sure as hell not gonna spend 1-2 months grinding and revving everything back up just for another known wipe a month or even two later. To hell with that.
  7. What VaMei said. The smaller the map the easier it is to use a numbers advantage if you have it. Focusing all the activity into a smaller area increases the likelihood of whoever has the numbers just dominating. Since it’s boring and unproductive getting beat often and in a small limited area that can be easily traversed there’s unlikely to be any sort of strategic variety to make things interesting, people will either stop playing the capture game or find away to entirely avoid the conflict that’s disrupting their gathering/leveling. Which then starves the side with the advantage of content too. The game and interactions between players and their motivations are more complex than an infinite Battlfield style setup. You want things to get interesting and fun you need enough locations and distance to make committing and maneuvering an interesting decision. Right now the world is just a tad too small for our numbers when things get revved up, and it looks like folks are building activity back up so it’s likely to start feeling a little claustrophobic strategically again.
  8. If it doesn’t the game is probably dead. Also not a huge surprise that the population for a pre alpha with wipes isn’t great.
  9. @Deioth Everyone else has covered the whole crafting and training angle but something crucial that’s been mainly alluded to needs to be stressed: group composition and disciplines are hugely important to success in the meta. And to a lesser degree if folks aren’t picking the right stats to focus on gear they may also not being doing as well as they could. I saw you mentioned eating a neckbreaker in leather, if you’re wearing leather and in such a position you are probably already dead. The game is not intended to be balanced one to one, thus the situation and the composition can drastically change the valuation of a single class. Certain discs can temporarily reduce/negate damage of particular types or make the player more resistant under certain conditions. Some combinations can help insure you stay in a state reduces your enemies effectiveness. Thus running a counter setup is needed. For example I mainly play a myrm and theirs a few high mitigation setups out there (Templar for example). I often find myself hitting them for sub 100 dmg normally. But to solve that problem I run Adjudicator and Shield Breaker for more penetration and armor break. Making it way more plausible for me to counter such resistant builds. Likewise you can run some anti heal setups (tho I feel they aren’t nearly strong enough atm) for small group and 1v1 situations involving healers. We were in the same boat way back, losing lopsided fights in our favor - but most of it was lack of mechanical knowledge in the end, not gear. And back then we didn’t have the advantage of wartribe drops to buffer our crafting. Talk to some of the vets, compare character build notes and disc choices. Gear and training is totally important to squeezing out every advantage, but it’s not nearly as huge as understanding the way the builds and counter builds work.
  10. Shrinking the map will just decrease the number of people playing the campaigns. Force projection is real. I still think they should go back to six keeps to make things interesting.
  11. We are indeed, swing by our discord to say hello and we'll get you setup: https://discord.gg/XHpxvT4
  12. I ended up emailing support and that was the working solution. Thanks!
  13. There’s two potential factors at play: The First is material quality. The quality of the materials you use determines the possible quality of the result, so if you mix material quality there’s a chance your result will be the lowest quality you used. You should almost always use all the same quality for an item to insure the result. There’s a few items where quality doesn’t matter, but their specific to certain crafting, I don’t believe Runemaking has any of those. You can somewhat play the averages to game the quality up and down, but as rule I generally avoid it unless I have lots of spare material. It doesn’t seem to work in your favor I’m the end. So if you have all the same quality the second factor comes into play: assembly chance. Every recipe has an assembly difficulty, the farther from this number the higher the risk of a Flawed Assembly (which will automatically downgrade and not let you experiment). If your assembly is over the target number you will max out at 98% chance, there’s always an inherent 2% failure chance no matter what your stats are. Something to keep in mind: the quality of the materials you use will alter the assembly difficulty. The higher the quality the more difficulty, when your first starting out this could turn a simple recipe at common to a difficult recipe at rare. While not directly related to your question some things to know about crafting: Assembly stat is easy to max out between training, gear, and base stats. Don’t focus on it too much when building a crafting vessel. Instead you want to focus on Experimentation and Experimentation Points. These are the important stats that really determine the difference between good and bad items. Everyone gets Experimentation from Intellect but the points vary per crafting, it’s usually the same as their primary assembly stat. There’s some more nuance to building crafters but that’s the basics to look at. If you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask! A previous post I made with crafter details: One note in there, it’s much easier to max out blue crafter vessels now than when I wrote it. And some can max out or get really close with Commons vessels due to the way their stats breakdown. We do often rely on the crafting command buff to get the last half a point to hit the soft cap of 18 points, so if you don’t have access to that you may need to upgrade your vessel.
  14. Not sure where else to post this but an oddity after I reinstalled windows the other day: No matter what I do I cannot get Crowfall to register in Windows as a source of sound. Sound works fine for everything else I've tried, but Crowfall won't even add itself to the mixer. Tried reinstalling Crowfall and various drivers, made sure I got all the windows updates, still nothing. Problem for both the live and test client. Kinda bizzare, could still be a driver issue I guess but I can't figure out why it's the only thing having a problem.
  15. Would accomplish the same thing, but I’m pretty sure they wanna test keep sieges still.
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