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  1. I think the problem with WT versus crafting in some of these corner cases is that the WT gear doesn't follow the same stat rules the crafted gear does and therefore can create some better secondary stats, especially when the damage values aren't blowing away the WT version. Bows may be particularly weird cause they split their damage value with the quiver. Examples I made from test:
  2. Half Giant Champion is the answer. Racial perks are a trap, ignore them, they don't matter at the high end. Woodworker/Smiths should be HG Champs. Everything else can go Hamster Duelist. You will hit 200 pre vessel in your experimentation point stat with all 4 stat bundles and cap your experimentation at 115 either with a piece or two of crafting armor (HG and dex hamsters) or not need it at all (Int based crafting hamsters) as you upgrade the vessels. Then the rest is just jewelry cycling and tippers/thrall buffs.
  3. Your short 2 experimentation over our maxed out Strength crafters on live at this moment, whats your reduction stat look like? Im getting 56 damage blue bows on test where my woodworker has same stats as my live smith so should be comparable to what I could do on live once we finish grinding the belt. The secondary stats are lower, but part of that is mixing and matching a bit differently - the dropped items seem to cheat a bit in terms of weighting the stats they get - bows in particular may be weird due to the range distance bonus. I'll try to find my leatherworker on test and make a bow
  4. Would have to compare crafting stats and what not to get an idea. I've seen a few others mentioning similar numbers to what we're seeing, but also again I havent seriously made any woodworking weapons besides a support power book for an inquisitor so I don't have good numbers to compare to drops yet, and our woodworker is only Legendary Disc/Blue belt atm, so it will be a bit before it's on part with my Legendary/Legendary smith. But we're making high 80s to low 90s damage 100+ support power 2handers atm for our paladins, which beats drops by a huge margin. Healing crafted weapons/shields pret
  5. Ive mostly been doing smithing and just started playing with woodcrafting grind so maybe it's different than melee weapons, but while the base stats like pen and crit are definitely lower, we're getting like 90+ damage on whites and 95+ green commonly, which generally more than enough makes up for missing a % point or two on the secondary stats compared to most dropped gear. Epics are the only thing that are often not beat even by the low end mats, but crafted blues and epics tend to surpass the dropped epics pretty easily and blow away blue WT drops. Armor is a bit more annoying, at least
  6. I've done a few now since the changes and even common crafted gear is better than all but the epic and some blue drops if you make them with a maxed out crafted. Can you share your crafting stats? The game is horrible at explaining the details of the crafting system so some important aspects or parts may be unknown.
  7. graphical bug when you do a major re-roll: instead of replacing the percentage number it just keeps adding it to the initial %
  8. Gathering does seem erratic, I seem to have been lucky and got my 10 initial discs in about 3-4 hours with a few intermediate picks left. I focused r1 nodes in the temple area of infected.
  9. We have, I’m just trying to help ya a bit. The math just doesn’t work for hybrid builds because the two side of damage and healing scale off completely different stats with no real overlap, the math isn’t there. We’ve built these, we’ve messed with weird combos, we’ve tried them in our group comps, etc... What your specific build is gonna run into is low dmg and low healing. On top of the base FG just not getting any perks or stat boosts to either side of dmg/healing (cause it’s a CC/Tank promo) you end up with something that doesn’t excel at anything. It doesn’t have enough damage to ove
  10. You’re falling into the trap of splitting your stats, which outside of one class right now doesn’t really work as everything either scales off Weapon Damage + AP for damage moves or Support Power for healing. (Theirs some more relevant secondary stats but these are the core bits) This may change a bit with 6.4 depending on how the attribute change shake out, but that’s TBD. So in the end you need to pick one way or the other, and some promotions aren’t gonna be particularly good at certain roles due to where their perks lie and which stats you’re pursuing. Frostguard is a CC build and a g
  11. Open the map, go to details, and there should be a siege schedule tab that shows the schedule for a couple days.
  12. Recent siege highlight reel:
  13. The guild member list doesn't seem to be using any sort or rational sorting (nor can you adjust the sorting by anything). Better sorting or even a simple export would go a long way towards helping us manage guild rosters.
  14. Not sure if you meant full loot including equipped gear or just same as it is now. If the former: no, not with the way crafting works. Gear has to be easily acquired for full loot to be viable, and it’s not. Additionally it puts a limit on what quality of gear people will reasonably use, simplifying things even more. Finally for related bits no loot rewards of normal gear, either crafting is important or it’s not. Plus if it’s full loot no one is gonna use those items anyways. Rest is fine and the rewards in particular are things they talked about implementing anyways.
  15. Highlight reel from last campaign:
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