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  1. Except you don’t get what you want if you do that. How does the fighting over gathering work? Theirs no start and stop to it, no win condition, it’s escalate endlessly or give up out of boredom. The attacker has no reason not to keep trying to escalate, how does the gatherer win? Are you gonna just go away as an attacker? It requires complete dominance to negate attacks on gatherers, if you can’t do that you need to gather elsewhere or not at all. Which means less content for the PvP crowd. This mentality slowly strangles the lifeblood of the game itself, and this is not a new problem. Is there a fine line of balancing in there still? Sure. But making everything to reach parity depend on first breaking through and dominating in PvP is a flawed starting point that just escalates snowball effects.
  2. To my knowledge Oneply does not have a second account, his crafter account is his combat and gathering account. So what you see score wise is a reflection of a scout/crafter. He has a Ranger now for this campaign so you should see more of him. I also don’t begrudge attendance issues, they are what they are for people for various reasons. I think he missed a few sieges on top of his usual scouting and doing little combat role. It is what it is, you guys are really focusing too hard on this. I was at almost every siege, go critique my score if you want something in the unimpressive but there most of the time bracket.
  3. To be fair he was mostly a scout on his jewlecrafter duelist, he didn’t get a combat upgrade til almost the end of the campaign. Which does kinda of prove his point that the scoreboard is misleading.
  4. Im amused you alluded to an analogy of team game with even sides, set rules and defined playing area to try to explain why play to crush finding and killing farmers is just like a competitive sport. (Spoilers they are not at all the same). A better analogy would be if the opposing team could show up to our practice with twice as many people, steal our ball and break out legs, and then get declared the winners. Again, I dont care that theirs risk and PvP. But I'm not gonna pretend the goals of the activities magically align, cause they don't. Which is one of the root problems of sandbox games and why you always run into this conversation about sheep vs wolves and how fair or not fair it is etc... You can either acknowledge that maybe their's something to the root of the argument, or you can keep claiming everyone is wrong and you don't understand why this keeps happening. If only we would just be better real PvP sandbox players!!! /s
  5. Depending on what side of the equation you’re on for a given day dictates your goal. If you happen to be PvEing, your goal is to avoid the risk of PvP. If you’re looking to PvP, you have no risk and get annoyed that you’re bored. This happens because the two goals are the opposite of each other even if you accept the caveat of the game these actions take place in. I’m fine with the risk of PvP, I still don’t want to run into a fight when I’m farming, ergo I work to avoid it thus negating someone else’s desire to PvP me. You can complain that it shouldn’t be that way or that people should play another game. And yet here we are seeing the same old thing happen over and over again and everyone acts likes it’s some big mystery or surprise.
  6. Except when your PvEing you don’t want to PvP, the clashing of goals discourages the interaction you desire.
  7. That’s a gross simplification of what happened, yes the season boost is a bit strong and may need tweaking, but the campaign was pretty clearly not a landslide. It’s disingenuous to say it was a single fight that determined the whole thing, sure that siege might have been the deciding factor, but there’s always gonna be a deciding fight in any close fight. It did not happen in a vacuum.
  8. It doesn’t work, they used to be available 24/7 - but no one fought over them cause you could just wait and go grab them later when it was more convienent. There was no incentive to fight over them all the time.
  9. Problem is it’s all the same people, I don’t have enough people to split responsibilities. We got them out doing various things but their doing their best to avoid fights or useing classes that can stealth. If you don’t see our hamster gathering team that means it’s working 😛 Besides anytime we do run into a fight things tend to quickly escalate, it’s a waste of time to fight a bunch of gankers while farming so we leave the area. The whole goal is to avoid fighting and farm. When theirs no timers people just take things without fighting. Worse case people just roll in real quick when they have numbers and roll out, no fighting. Best case we run in circles capping things from each other until someone gets bored and goes to bed. Which then turns back into worse case. No siege times makes less PvP.
  10. Please god no, we already did that it was horrible and no one PvPed. We spent a couple hours wandering around killing bosses today and didn’t see anyone. Also ya know glad you wanna beat up our gatherers? The goal is to kinda trying to avoid fighting you when we’re farming. Also amused everyone is complaining about GR when imports haven’t really worked for more than the first day of the campaign.
  11. Harvesting and Crafting depends more on min/maxing, though the higher the quality vessel and gear the more wiggle room you get. There’s also some benefit playing into a race and classes’ strong suits with those roles in case you ever need them for combat.
  12. They’ve said a few times they aren’t planning to increase party size. Something else to keep in mind about healing: it’s very very dependent on support power and a good weapon. Suboptimal gear or bad stat choices will severely decrease a healers capabilities.
  13. Be nice, we recruited that loot ninja and some of their friends 😛
  14. Most heals that are AoE or Targeted work outside the party. Only druid orbs and non targeting “heal your party or someone in party based on condition” abilities do not.
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