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  1. Open the map, go to details, and there should be a siege schedule tab that shows the schedule for a couple days.
  2. The guild member list doesn't seem to be using any sort or rational sorting (nor can you adjust the sorting by anything). Better sorting or even a simple export would go a long way towards helping us manage guild rosters.
  3. Not sure if you meant full loot including equipped gear or just same as it is now. If the former: no, not with the way crafting works. Gear has to be easily acquired for full loot to be viable, and it’s not. Additionally it puts a limit on what quality of gear people will reasonably use, simplifying things even more. Finally for related bits no loot rewards of normal gear, either crafting is important or it’s not. Plus if it’s full loot no one is gonna use those items anyways. Rest is fine and the rewards in particular are things they talked about implementing anyways.
  4. Highlight reel from last campaign:
  5. Elken head is appearing all black. Guilds only appear in the alliance list after reloading or logging in after someone from that guild has logged into the campaign. Doesn't appear to update dynamically? Can't go to other temples anymore, gate does nothing. Found a pack of sun elves fighting themselves. Allies can interact with building signposts, but it never opens the building menu. Allies can interact with Rez Statue, but will not rez. Allies cannot use Keep Gates to get inside. You can interact with allies using the F menu, but nothing works. Keep Guards
  6. Seasonal Cards for Summer were showing higher scores for the top 3 placements than was actually rewarded. Guessing this is a display bug and cards are supposed to scale with season?
  7. Not sure if bug but it looks like owning a fort disqualifies you as "landless" for divine favor cards, if not a bug some clarification somewhere would be cool.
  8. Check out recent guild activities: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/705612748 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/705474119
  9. As Doc said, the longer you wait to actually start playing the farther behind the logistics chain you will be. And keep in mind the game is really heavily built on interdependence so you will need to either work with others or get stuff from them to do a task. Or you can do it all yourself with enough accounts, but that gets very time consuming, but plausible if so inclined. Passives could be better if they used a progressive pip cost: early pips are quick and cheap to get into an area, but last 2 pips are a much longer period of time (could easily equal out to same total time it is today
  10. Got a "Shadow Rune" in Dregs that said to report it on the forums if I got it.
  11. I can try to elaborate on the way the cycle is intended to work: So while some progression is passive training based that's about a 1/3 of your character roughly. The primary reason for passive training is to have a way to progress and create specializations without making everything about repetitive action grinds, its also the great equalizer as everyone has to wait the same time to hit whatever point. (Though they are talking about catch up mechanics so those coming later wont necessarily have to wait the same time) That leaves gear and vessels for the other 2/3 of your characters. B
  12. Gear is not tied to passive training in anyway, you can equip whatever you find that your class can use immediately. I could hand you a legendary crafted set on day 1 and you could use it without a problem. PvP is a means to ends in this game, it's not a treadmill to get incremental rewards. You want resources? Go farm them or fight and take them from the people that are farming them. You want better crafting stations? Control or take a keep to build them and use them, might need to defend it though. Want to win the campaign? Go after the divine favor cards, many of which involve PvP or a
  13. Just make it so we dont have to level more than once and it will increase business for necromancers 😛
  14. A new 7 day campaign is supposed to be launching tomorrow after a patch, some minimal downtime between campaigns is part of the gameplay loop. Additionally new folks who just hit 30 today (if they even did) are not ready for a campaign and really should spend at least a little time putting together a basic gear set and finding a guild, infected is a much better place to do that than running around a campaign getting murdered by guilds.
  15. With the guild UI update we've lost the joining and leaving guild log of notifications, the latter is particularly important.
  16. Swing by our discord and we'll chat/get you set up. https://discord.gg/XHpxvT4
  17. They mentioned in the Q&A that they decided to wipe everything and that this might be the last wipe before Beta (as in no wipe for beta start).
  18. We know, we fought a decent guard a bit lately, and have fought ranked up ones in the past. Their strength ranges from a joke at lower levels to very strong, it's a wide range of strength. Ultimately though that's besides the point of the conversation, we already know their strong and how that works out. The conversation is about whether they should be and by extension what purpose they are supposed to serve which will directly correspond to what their strength ends up being. If their supposed to be a weak joke, then they should just remove them and save the CPU cycles wasted on them. If
  19. Those are somewhat contrary ideas. If the guards are of any value they need to be at least as dangerous as a player, but at the same time the guards AI can be easily manipulated, hence why their damage sponges and heavy hitters in the first place, it compensates for their lack of ability to mimic players and to avoid overloading the area with NPCs. So if 5 players can blow someone up in 2 seconds, why can't a couple of easily manipulated guards do the same thing? Obviously if you can fight with the guards it's better for both you and the guards, but since the guards are dumb and can get k
  20. Only private bounty systems work, open public bounty systems are quickly scammed and become unused.
  21. Counter question: how fast do you think a guard should die? What purpose do they serve? General Theory About Guards: Since they are extremely limited in general capabilities (they can’t move smartly or utilize player coordination) they make up for this in their ability to soak and deal damage. This creates a bit of a soft check on the attacking force, if they can’t handle the guards they can’t take the location. This also creates a force multiplier effect for the defenders, giving them a bit of an advantage, something that’s generally missing without the guards. This also means you
  22. I play to play the game and win, cards are a part of it so they should be part of the motivation/consideration for mechanics. While there are other reasons to take a holding, it doesn’t negate that the goal of the game is to do the things requires to win. If you wanna play your own sub game that ignores that, you do you, but suggestions gotta work within the context of the game’s rules and goals.
  23. Yes, you could make it easy for large groups to attack other large groups. The issue with handshakes is it pushes out other groups from taking advantage of the conflicts, and from my understanding you could stagger the siege times which again reduces he game to “bring everyone here and fight” again. Given the trivial force projection we’ve seen so far it would simplify the strategic choices. If this was more a traditional forever sandbox something like handshakes would be fine as they curb conflict from getting out of hand, but this is limited and finite campaigns about ongoing conflict -
  24. Would need to balance it against the destruction cards. Would need to count partial destruction for cards, otherwise it’s too difficult to ever actually get that card as they can repair between sieges.
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