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  1. This is my main worry. The easiest solution would be for all the interesting gathering nodes to be well placed for PvP. That should draw all the gatherers and their escorts into a few spots for fun.
  2. You just said nothing. We all know that there will be things that work together better than other things. The point is that if the devs just make some choices better on purpose then those choices are likely to end up being notably better than the others. We don't need that, there are already enough choices to allow for variety and balance. Weighting the scales reduces to variety, it doesn't increase it.
  3. OP is right. If you have a rune That says "I'm better on a druid than normal" then either its too good on a druid or not good enough on everything else. So either druids have less choices because there is one that is just better or you have less choices because one of the disciplines isn't that good on non druids. Yeah someone is going to blah blah about not striving for perfect balance. Thats a cop-out. You need enough balance so that the correct choices aren't obvious. If the devs intentionally put their finger on the scales to make one discipline better for certain classes its even more likely that its the one that ends up being the trivial choice that beats the rest.
  4. Well, this certainly qualifies as a massive announcement. Decoupling class and race really opens things up a lot. I'm glad you got the budget together for that. I'm really looking forward to the disciplines, falconry go!
  5. Its not about being the only way. Its just that this sort of game is pretty well setup to punish RP, or any other inefficiency for that matter. It just feels so limiting on what you can play without being at a disadvantage. Given that I RP to get away from reality imposed limits it totally guts the fun when the game is very constraining.
  6. This is the whole point of the design though. With the separate campaigns and rings ACE designed the game from the ground up to let them appeal to ultra tryhard PvP fanatics and carebears RvR fans. It shouldn't be a suprise at all that the EK is a safe zone, thats the purpose. You can't escape consequences by heading there though, while you're not defending your stuff someone else will be taking it. Its no more relevant to the equation than claiming a log out button makes the game not hardcore enough.
  7. I'm also suprised. Its a PvP game, there is no reason to RP anything other than a calm, detached data analyst. Anything else? I'd rather win than stay in character. If there was a PvE Crowfall I'd RP a hero doing the right thing, even when its not efficient. Unfortunately I haven't heard of a PvE game that uses the Crowfall resetting worlds concept.
  8. The most interesting thing about the announcement isn't the announcement. Its the people who think the (virtualised) physical form is what makes the character. Pity we're all too old to see RL mind uploading, the bunfights will be epic.
  9. To be honest this is more interesting than the normal MMO death system as far as RP lore goes. "Hello I'm Felicia, I reincarnated with zero change after every one of my 500 deaths." I seriously don't get people who RPed in WoW.
  10. So much #2. Watching videos is a waste of time when two paragraphs and a diagram would convey the same info in a third the time.
  11. I dreamt downvotes were enabled on posts. James Goblin disliked one of mine. I woke screaming.
  12. I think its the other way around. ACE decided they were using stylized graphics because its the only way to make a game this expansive with a small budget. Then they went looking for engines that could work well for that.
  13. I figure this is relevant. TLDR: CC counters need to be generic and varied so that the devs can put in heaps in interesting attacks without there being too many OP combos.
  14. Oh man, the culling on GW2 release. My only fear is the game tanking to hard I can't offload my Kickstarter package. If I don't like the game I don't like it. ACE seems to have a vision and the guts to stick with it. If they do that well they'll make a game that a bunch of people like. If I'm one of them great, if not I'll sell my pledge. If it tanks, well bye bye pretty monies.
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