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  1. I agree. RNG IS fun, especially for the guy who scores a big crit or a lucky stream of crits. However, my main concern is making many situations binary based completely on RNG and not skill ie if I crit I win, if I don't I lose. Playing a spec that needs crits to perform feels absolutely terrible for those who aren't lucky.
  2. With all of the charater skill previews, I noticed that each of them had some RNG element associated with their kit. Confessor has mana regen, Centaur has rear kick, and Knight knocks down people who he blocks. While these are all cool thematic abilities that fit the characters, do we really want these kinds of abilities in the game? From a competitive standpoint this may be a step in the wrong direction. Losing a keep because a Knight got off a lucky block would feel really bad for the losing side. On the contrary, fun proc effects can make the game feel more exciting and fast paced.
  3. I'm happy with this as long as we don't need to play the inventory minigame DURING combat to be optimal. Skill should not be based on running around with 12 different sets of armor with 12 different macros to switch in and out of based on your opponent. I hope there is some kind of punishment for gear swapping in combat.
  4. I think strafing and backpedaling is a must in a game with positional combat. Things like backstab wouldn't feel right without it. Plus, not showing where the player is looking (only the direction they are running) makes ambushes and sneak attacks harder.
  5. I think it's safe to say something as crazy as GunZ's movement system or abundant Quake rocket jumps are out of the question. However, I still think some minor interactions like these could really create some unique situations, builds and playstyles. More akin to the WoW disengage video. Someone could spec their character around high damage and high mobility, but throw them into a cramped indoor environment, cliff top, or bridge, and suddenly their high-risk jumps become almost suicidal. Of course, those who can control their characters well wont have much of a problem with this. I als
  6. Modified the original post to include these examples for those who may not be familiar with the mentioned games. Edits can be seen here: *Begin Edits* WoW - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dtBz1Q4ZsQ - WoW Hunter: Jump Disengage. Using a defensive "leap-back" ability in numerous ways. CS:GO - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQGUF1qhGBk - Small jumps to get to some hard-to-reach places. Utilizes bunny hopping / air acceleration. UT99 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8dTYsacHx8 - Neat tricks and routes to move a flag around the map. Some including killing your character or just hefty
  7. With the recent information about physics and movement, I started to wonder what other implications this could mean. It's also pretty clear that the main player-base for Crowfall is a bit more mature. Likely, we have all played games like Quake or Tribes, in which skillful movement actually became a part of the game. With Crowfall being fantasy oriented, obviously rocket jumps are out of the question. However, will similar mechanics be usable? With all the talk of emergent game play, I think this would be a great addition to the game. Give us abilities with multiple uses rather than just one
  8. Meh, pet taming seems kinda pointless. I hope its not mandatory unless you choose a pet class. This adds to the PvE portion of the game which IS NOT the focus. How does having an AI Controlled NPC pet help reinforce the hardcore-PVP mindset for the game? Wasting sword swings on ankle biting dogs isn't my cup of tea. Not to mention the infamous terrible pet AI which has plagued almost every MMO recently.
  9. Hi all, While I'm sure most of you are really looking forward to the release of Crowfall, let us remember that the game is still very much in development and many things are still subject to change. This is by no means meant to be a complaining thread, but rather a place where we can constructively voice our concerns and criticisms for the game. Because most of us have not played the game, we all have a unique vision of what the game is and *should* be, including a lot of assumptions which may be incorrect. With a healthy discussion, we can hopefully gather the developers' attention an
  10. Hi, quick question: if I choose to play a campaign with a character am I able to access other campaigns with the same character? For example, if I really like "The Dregs" rule set, and play on it solo, but my friends would rather play a different campaign from a different, will I be able to use the same character?
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