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  1. Hide Helmet option please. A ton of PVP-oriented games have a Hide Helmet type feature and there have been no complaints there. It is certainly not a deal breaker in PVP. Besides, a lot of these helmets are FUGLY.
  2. I could be missing something (which is more likely the case), but I could not find low level plate on any of the vendors. Is this intentional? If not, where is it found? I LOVE the progress that has been made!
  3. Good point. Go to the larger EKs, but what EKs will be poised to be "large"? Maybe a larger guild or maybe a collaboration of small to medium guilds? The purpose of the post is to check thoughts and interest from smaller guilds that want to make that "large" EK.
  4. So I have seen a lot of guilds that are proposing that their EK corner of the world will be the trading hub of Crowfall. The reality is that there will be some big, elaborate EKs with no one in them. The only exception to this will be the 150+ ACTIVE member guilds that have their own corner of the world. But for the 20 member, 50 member, 10 member guilds, you will have lots of cool stuff with no one to be there to use it. I think the "EK Trading Hub" can be a reality for the small/medium sized guilds, but it will require those guilds to put pride aside and work with multiple guilds to create something all of them can be proud of to keep the "vision" of their EK alive. This means designing a collaborative world and allotting parcels based on active members of each guild. What would this look like? Let's say we were to start with my guild. We have a Mountain Citadel, a Large Fortress, multiple Fort Lodges and multiple Guild Halls as our highlights. While we would love to name our kingdom Blackheart, give names to the different areas and tkae up all the space with our 80+ parcels--it is simply not that important. We would much rather share this EK with multiple guilds, have collaborative naming for the EK, the fiefs, etc. in order to create vibrant, living EK. Our guild is certainly ready to put our pride aside and collaborate with others to create this concept. This can be especially appealing to guilds that may not have access to the Citadels, Large Forts, etc. This allows them to be a part of it as well. Thoughts? Interest?
  5. As soon as our guild (we are old school gamers who were in beta EQ and SB) saw that it was Gordon and Todd helming this thing, it was a no brainer for us to buy in. You guys are keeping your promises and delivering. We are glad to be on this journey and can't wait to see what is next. No blowing smoke here...
  6. I managed a city in SWG (Eclipse Consortium for a stint) and Shadowbane (Virakt of Icy Night, sub of Morloch's Horde). I can tell you that it does not work, unless you start the core of the city with people you trust IRL. It truly is a team effort. As long as it is treated like that, everyone wins. It was the a-hats that we did not know well that came in and wrecked the place. Don't get me wrong, we had some awesome members that we recruited, but having that core group of members to help with heavy lifting is crucial.
  7. Legend Gaming...what a blast from the past. Good to see you guys here. We should chat some time soon. I was Mithias with Hand of Set back in the day.
  8. Blackheart RP-PVP Guild http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/7280-blackheart/ Glad to see RP here is alive and well!
  9. Fantastic innovation, IC! We are really looking forward to how this develops!
  10. I mentioned earlier about our guild and its support for the RP community, along with our goals. I included the link to our recruitment post in GUILDS. Check us out if you are interested in joining us! BLACKHEART http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/7280-blackheart/
  11. ABOUT BLACKHEART Blackheart is a community that has spanned several MMOs. We have been gaming together for well over a decade. Our goal is to provide a mature, drama-free gaming environment for friends, old and new. Our focus will be on all aspects of the game, including PVP, RP, PVE, Crafting and all End Game content. Our membership is free to be involved in all aspects of the game or just one--it is the player's choice. Of course, we hope that our members are active in every aspect of the game, but it is by no means a requirement. We don't force members to RP if they don't want to, but PVP is a major part of this game. If you don’t intend on PVPing, then make sure to contribute in other ways (crafting, trading, RP events, etc.) We just want our members to enjoy the game as they see fit! We pride ourselves on our laid back nature, our organizational skills and our knack for excelling in every facet of MMO games. Our members come from well-known guilds across all MMOs, with vast amounts of experience in the MMO realm and running an effective, fun and fair guild. We enjoy providing a guild where our members can excel in any area of their choosing. What better way to enjoy this highly anticipated game than with a bunch of cool folks! In conclusion, if this is the kind of guild you are seeking as your home, we would love for you to apply. Check out our Recruitment section to get you started! MEMBERSHIP MAJORITY: East Coast USA PLAYSTYLE FOCUS: PVP and RP, but we aim to excel in all facets of Crowfall BLACKHEART WEBSITE: http://blackheart-crowfall.enjin.com/home BLACKHEART LORE – “HEAR IT FROM ZANNATH”: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoqGo0D0-oMRfN-HwU-mGlcaR3huxrucK DEITY: Malekai (Chaos) LEADERSHIP: Duumvirate (Ebonith and Werda) with HEAVY input from officers RP CONCEPT: Noble House with hired Mercenary Band (this allows for ALL concepts) SOME FORMER GUILDS: Virakt of Icy Night (Shadowbane), Stormcrows (WOW), Eclipse Consortium (SWG), Vutraat (SWTOR) PAST GUILD MEMBERSHIP NUMBERS: 60+ TYPICAL MEMBERS - Hardcore PVPers who despise dealing with immature asshats - RPers without a home in a PVP game - RP-PVPers (all) - Hardcore/Casual players who want to contribute to a guild with ZERO DRAMA MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS 1. You must be at least 18 years old. This group is chock full of awesome, mature men and women that understand that this is a game and only a game. If you are younger than 18 years old, we may consider your application ONLY with a solid recommendation from an existing member. 2. You must get and be active in Discord. Often, you will need to be on in game to coordinate PVP, Raids, etc. Also, our Voice chat is how our members get to know each other. You will also need this for your interview before joining. Discord is a must for PVP. 3. You must be active. Don't disappear on us (members that are inactive for more than 21 days are removed from the guild, but you may reapply)! 4. You will not be a drama queen or a big meany. There is no reason at all that members should not be able to get along. You are a grown man or woman. Get over yourself and don’t be an asshat. DRAMA POLICY: We do not have the time or patience to deal with drama. We are here to have fun. For over a decade, we have suppressed inter-guild drama with extreme prejudice. This game is a fun escape for us—we won’t let others ruin that. 5. You must have a decent RP name for your characters, even if you do not intend to RP. While "Ricosuave" and "Seymorebutts" are really tempting, they get old after the second time you see it. We respect the RP community. 6. You must have fun! We don't care if it is PVE, PVP, RP, Crafting or Raiding—but contribute to the guild in some way! If you are interested in joining our guild, feel free to peruse the website. Make sure to read the Code of Conduct so you understand how things work. We have just opened the doors for recruitment, so we would love to have you!
  12. I don't just think, I KNOW RPers will have a tremendous influence in Crowfall. Like Werda said, we plan for our guild's EK to be a center of RP and Commerce (we have a ton of Amber and Sapphire KS members to boot). That means that if we have RPers who want to spend the bulk of their time RPing, it is fine--but contribute somehow (i.e. crafting). If RPers are the crafters, then leave it to the PVPers of the guild to collect the materials and resources. Having dedicated crafters seems to be not only recommended for success, but required. More to come on our guild later, but know that we will be heavy in lore, RP and breaking faces in PVP. Our crew has had fun using this format for many, many years.
  13. This is a solid suggestion, Zaphod. These "tilesets" would be an awesome item to sell in the Crowfall store, if they are not offered at creation.
  14. Good start with a good graphic...moar?
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