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  1. One of example of Greatsword not appearing. The Basic one you craft and the starter weapon show up fine. All of the other ones I have tried do not appear.
  2. ETERNAL KINGDOMS - Unable to Move or Pick Up any Fortresses. All the other buildings seem to work fine.
  3. Blood Strike ability (Blade Master Major Rune) does not cause a bleed as advertised
  4. @Arkade This is awesome, brother. Great job on this. My guild is eating this information up. Certainly gives us a lot to think about!
  5. BUG: Templar at Level 23 and unable to slot Major Discipline. It shows that I am able to take the slot and that I have the prerequisites, but I am unable to spend a point to unlock that talent
  6. Hide Helmet option please. A ton of PVP-oriented games have a Hide Helmet type feature and there have been no complaints there. It is certainly not a deal breaker in PVP. Besides, a lot of these helmets are FUGLY.
  7. I could be missing something (which is more likely the case), but I could not find low level plate on any of the vendors. Is this intentional? If not, where is it found? I LOVE the progress that has been made!
  8. Good point. Go to the larger EKs, but what EKs will be poised to be "large"? Maybe a larger guild or maybe a collaboration of small to medium guilds? The purpose of the post is to check thoughts and interest from smaller guilds that want to make that "large" EK.
  9. So I have seen a lot of guilds that are proposing that their EK corner of the world will be the trading hub of Crowfall. The reality is that there will be some big, elaborate EKs with no one in them. The only exception to this will be the 150+ ACTIVE member guilds that have their own corner of the world. But for the 20 member, 50 member, 10 member guilds, you will have lots of cool stuff with no one to be there to use it. I think the "EK Trading Hub" can be a reality for the small/medium sized guilds, but it will require those guilds to put pride aside and work with multiple guilds to cre
  10. Legend Gaming...what a blast from the past. Good to see you guys here. We should chat some time soon. I was Mithias with Hand of Set back in the day.
  11. Blackheart RP-PVP Guild http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/7280-blackheart/ Glad to see RP here is alive and well!
  12. I mentioned earlier about our guild and its support for the RP community, along with our goals. I included the link to our recruitment post in GUILDS. Check us out if you are interested in joining us! BLACKHEART http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/7280-blackheart/
  13. I don't just think, I KNOW RPers will have a tremendous influence in Crowfall. Like Werda said, we plan for our guild's EK to be a center of RP and Commerce (we have a ton of Amber and Sapphire KS members to boot). That means that if we have RPers who want to spend the bulk of their time RPing, it is fine--but contribute somehow (i.e. crafting). If RPers are the crafters, then leave it to the PVPers of the guild to collect the materials and resources. Having dedicated crafters seems to be not only recommended for success, but required. More to come on our guild later, but know that we
  14. Nempo is right by everything I have read: Templar (Paladin) = Tank (Dodge) While I love the "agile tank" concept, it scares me to death... Except for City of Heroes (even that is debatable), a dodge-based tank has always become second fiddle to a mitigation tank as the life of the game carried on. It came to a point where very few tanks were of the "dodge" variety at the end of the day. Because the systems of effectiveness are so dramatically different, balance will require loads of testing. I am hoping ACE can do it justice (pardon the pun).
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