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  1. I thought it was called a thunder. So a group of dragons would be called a thunder of dragons. *shrugs*
  2. I could see underground towns being safer but far more work to achieve, and above towns being much easier to build and more accessible. So perhaps, it will just depend on how much work one wishes to put into it along with what intent you have to get out of it?
  3. Given their rather upstanding postures and such from some of the pictures, I'm more hoping for a rowdy swashbuckler personality with witty retorts or something ala Monkey Island.
  4. By cutting off their supplies, I would think. Sure, their home base will be safe so you can't destroy what they have already collected... but much like seiged cities of olden times, I figure you can still choke guilds out by cutting off their supplies from Campaigns. Eventually they would run low or out of much needed materials which is what I assume you're aiming for. I know, it's not as direct a method as just crushing them outright but you probably can still slowly squeeze the life out of them with the right placement of troops in campaigns.
  5. Ahhhhh, the good old fashion "Quoting a join date" response... cute as ever. That earns you another!
  6. That I can definitely agree with, they tend to get a lot more interesting options when it comes to jewelry too. Males though tend to get the cooler looking heavy armors, and the more practical (and thus to me more attractive) looking ones as well. Still not a fan of Chainmail Bikinis on any anatomy of any kind.
  7. Maybe you're right and I'm missing the point. Why do they have to explain it away as looking cool or having a better animation? To me, that is more of seeking a justification then just saying you like female butts. People just prefer different shapes, especially when it comes to the anatomy of things they're attracted to (sexually or otherwise). There's no need to explain it away as something more detailed then it is. They like the look of female butts (or other female anatomy) more then male butts (or other male anatomy), so they would rather.look at a female butt (or other female anatomy).
  8. Again, I think you read into it too much. Who says they're justifying it with this argument? How do you explain that you prefer something without saying flat out that you prefer something? Is stating your preference for something a justification to you? Do you feel it is justifying when you eat a fruit and have to explain you prefer eating fruit whenever someone asks why you eat fruit? Can these people not just say that they prefer something without it coming off as a justification?
  9. Ah, but that "macho" argument could go both ways. Who uncomfortable enough in their masculinity to the degree you seem to imply would prefer to represent themselves to other people online as a non-macho avatar? You read too much into it by tying terms like "macho" to these individuals, I think.
  10. They did not say it was wrong, nor did I. I believe i said that they preferred it, no? They just prefer the female anatomy over the male anatomy of a humanoid's hind quarters. Can't say I disagree with that myself as a heterosexual male human myself.
  11. Thanks mate. Hope to see more of you in the future.
  12. Why is it weird? Is sexuality such a weird concept to you that you must question people's preference for it? Do you question ancient Greek statues or paintings of half naked ancient gods and call them weird for the artists preference? Perhaps, but it is what it is. A preference is just that, a preference. It is neither weird, nor good, nor evil, nor any other moral definition. You prefer what you prefer.
  13. No more so then I am from looking at paintings of notably naked art pieces. It's a representation of known anatomy. It's not any weirder to associate a preference on it then any other piece of art or decoration you have in your life. If anything, I find it weirder people worry about it being weird.
  14. Usually it's a preference thing. Some guys I know just prefer that if they have to look at a character's backside for hours that it be a female modeled one at least. Or maybe they like the style of a race but would rather play as their gender in that race. It is a tad disappointing when you find a combat style you really like but are unable to customize the user of that combat style to a personally preferred level of appeal, so I understand it. Personally I play either genders depending on my mood though so gender locking is generally not a big deal to me.
  15. Actually... kind of funny you should say that... http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/real-life-stories/woman-who-genetically-man-gives-5075269
  16. The Sapphire Problem to me is that it jumps from half a near minimum wage jobs paycheck into an entire near minimum wage paycheck. And sorry, but I got bills to pay. That pay off for doubling up at that price range just does not outweight making a car payment to me.
  17. Strategic structures that regenerate nearby troops. Would add a significant building to protect in large battles.
  18. Don't forget having more materials and likely better gear unless someone takes them under their wings to gear them up.
  19. While I agree it could be a fun thing to change up your Promotion, I guess I just inherently view Promotions as a mutation of the Archtype. They may have some variations but to me they are still part of the Archtype, only expanded. Thus why I personally would find it as odd changing your promotion as it would be to change your Archetype all together. But for me I recognize that comes from preceding experience I've had in a number of games with branching class systems. I thoroughly recognize that as a personal preference.
  20. I would not mind such a dip your toes in to get them a little wet before jumping in... Nor would I mind just letting us dive in head first and figuring out how deep the water goes on our own. Both have their merits and their thrills in their own way. I guess it just depends how much of a gambler and adrenaline junky you are? Personally, I tend to dive in head first, smack my head on the bottom, and then go with a more cautious approach the second time. Always gotta get that first bang on the head though for funsies.
  21. Love the references, by the way. XD Personally I view myself as an Odysseus. I will not claim unparralelled battle prowess nor do I claim supreme tactical command, but I do enjoy pursuiting both. SO either way, I am content to see and nod my head recognizing both the pros and cons of systems designs the developers make for their game until I can actually feel the game in practice. I have seen many games do the same mechanics differently with different results, so I will love to see the results in action before I jump on the "Change it NOW!" bandwagon. Heavy patching is a option for whateve
  22. *shrugs* Depends on context. Harassing is aggressive pressure on another person, so if he sees your constant rebuttals as aggressive pressuring then yes... it is a form of harassment. Usually that can be avoided with some mutual points of understanding being drawn though. Constantly calling someone's point of view "nonsense" tends to be highly aggravating for even the most well meaning individual.
  23. Alright mate, if there's some history there I'll step off in that regard.
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